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Protest Washington Post Coverage of Downing Street Minutes

Public pressure has reversed the Post's public position, moving this story from one the paper would not cover (and declared in an editorial was not news) to one that's on the front page. But it's just a start, and citizens in DC are still taking action:

When: Weds. June 29, 5Pm til...

Where: Wash Post 15th and L

Who: NoVA peace, DAWN, Gold Star Family members, assorted other activist

Why: Read below... (note that Wash Post on 6-28 DID finally give it a
front page news story, but we want more *news* coverage and no more Dana
Milbank smear peices)

Why Isn’t the Washington Post Fully Covering This Story?


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I am one of the 560,000, signatures demanding fair and balanced news....Funny Mr. Milbank didn't mention the half million plus signed letters that the President address these issues and his coldness to the families of Gold Star was insufferable. He needs to apologize to them NOW!!!!!!!!

What is the matter with this guy? It wasn't enough that he add to the buckets of urine being poured on Rep Conyers for being the only member of our national legislature doing his duty; he turns the whole thing into a story that attempts to associate Downing Streeters with anti-Semitism! Is this guy completely insane or what, and how does he manage to get a column in the Washington Post?

Perhaps there should be protest that Milbank be fired not just for coverage of the DSM.

just speculating...might he be found on Karl Rove's payroll,like so many others?

By Grace Reid
June 28, 2005

Am I supposed to be celebrating the fact that after 58 days the Washington Post has condescended to cover the DSM story? And they still have not addressed Michael Smith's May 29 article "RAF Bombing to Provoke Saddam Into War" which is part of the Downing Street Memos, the plan to "wrongfoot" Saddam.

No, Michael Getler said on the 14th of May that coverage of this story was "journalistically mandatory" That was six weeks ago. This is not progress, this is retrograde. This is not reporting, this is regurgitaion. After 58 days we turn to the Washington Post for a rewrite of Michael Smith's articles from the last two years.

The only way to get the news is to follow the leaders.. dKos, RAWSTORY, and some news blogs like Why Are We Back In Iraq? I am so mad I could spit! The only thing to do is to get Walter Pincus to register as a new user to dKos, and after I finish this rant, I am going to write to Michael Getler and to Walter and give them the low-down on this story as it has been covered here.

See: WTF MSM? WaPo, A Demo & Bush's Speech

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