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NBC Investigative Unit Says U.S. Military is Spying on Peace Groups

The NBC Nightly News investigative unit reported tonight that they have obtained a database from military intelligence which shows the U.S. military has been actively spying on peace groups inside the United States. The report focused on a group in Florida, which expressed shock at the documents obtained by NBC.

Keith Olbermann breaks the news online:
Is the Pentagon spying on Americans? Secret database obtained by NBC News tracks ‘suspicious’ domestic groups


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The gap is slowly closing. *sigh*

Words Echelon Looks For

[Echelon is an automated word-screening and data mining program that monitors all email and cell phone communications worldwide for certain keywords. Echelon can however be defeated by getting large numbers of people to include the Echelon key word list in every email they send. If a high percentage of emails cell phone calls contain the keywords, their value for data screening purposes is nullified. It is like sprinkling tons of iron particles in a field where someone is looking for a single nail with a metal detector. Cut and past the following list of words into the bottom of every email you send. Just a field can be "salted" so can the internet. To protect our privacy from these, and other similarly disgusting surveillance techniques, we need to make this kind of "Big Brother" intrusion a complete waste of time and resources. –

This website gives a complete list of all the words.

Duh . . . What part of the so-called "Patriot Act" don't you get???
What part of the origins of the "Grand Old Party" don't you get??? The PNAC-AIPAC NEO CONS want ROME with a master/slave social system and FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE over the world. . . that's all. ;-)

Back in the day, these NEO CON fascists came up with "MK-CHAOS" and "COINTEL-PRO", which at the time were highly illegal because they violated the US Constitution's Bill of Rights. Nixon's boyz got in a lot of trouble over this, but the core shadow cabal was never really exposed except by those of us on "the lunatic fringe."

To any Machiavellian fascist system, a "Pretext" must be established to put one segment of the population at odds with another. "Divide and Conquer." It must be "Sentimental" and "Patriotic" to make the ignorant and suffering feel "SPECIAL" and elite. So seductive is this "praising" of external validation from "authority", this class can easily be used as a weapon against the "liberal middle class."

Hitler used Nordic Heritage and Norse Mythology. The PNAC-AIPAC alliance chose for their "good old days" a return to "Puritanism" under the alliance with the 1980s "Moral Majority Movement" which led to the nation wide "Fundamentalist Movement" under the Appocalyptic Doctrines that these are "END TIMES" . . . Y2K, we're all gonna die and "LIBERALS ARE EVIL."

So, now the PNAC-AIPAC alliance had their "Pretext" and a pyschological warfare model that worked to infilitrate, disrupt and "neutralize" the opposition, they just needed to make it "legal."

The PNAC-AIPAC alliance made sure to cover their butts on this by first testing the waters with the CALEA Act of 1994. (For the Newbies, CALEA stands for "Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act") This was railroaded through after a massive propaganda campaign targeted at "Church Ladies" and "Soccer Moms" as a needed tool to keep their kidz away from that "Devil's Weed" as part of the "WAR ON DRUGS." Unlike the 1937 propaganda film "Reefer Madness", they now had that great Research Triangle Institute Reagan Drug study to "JUSTIFY" why the US Constitution no longer applied to these "BAD PEOPLE." Hey, if the "authorities" say it is true and it is backed up by "science", it must be true, no? ;-)

This coupled with the overturn of media "Fairness Doctrine" (RIP - 1949 to 1987) and the demise of the 7-7-7 Media Ownership Game Rules by the Telecommunications Act of 1996 set the stage for the greatest propaganda venture ever attempted. . . a coup d'tat of the US Government. All that was needed was a "Modern Pearl Harbor"

9/11 was described by "Bohemian Grover" frat brat George W. Bush as the "modern Pearl Harbor." He is also fully in charge of all the FEMA statutes . . . (if you ever want to scare yourself shitless, read these sometime to see just how much POWER this dysfunctional alcoholic really has these days IF we let him get away with it.)

No one ever questions why these guys from the PNAC-AIPAC alliance "just happened" to have a plan, the Patriot Act, all laid out and ready for a vote right after 9/11. No one ever questions why EVERYONE voted for it in the middle of the night without even reading it.

Back when I had a job, it was my responsibility to consult to business, military, intelligence, etc. not only how these modern communication systems worked (the nuts & bolts), but also what the communication laws were in various countries. I taught classes on CALEA and the Patriot Act . ..

. . .and guess what kidz? Everything that the military, FBI, and CIA are currently doing is now pretty much "LEGAL" . . . jes' like everything Hitler did was "legal." Does it make it "RIGHT?" Well, if you have a multi-billion dollar media industry defining "SUBJECTIVE TRUTH" as "RIGHT & GOOD" to the masses, sure it does.

Is is Constitutional??? HELL NO!! But, as Dubya recently said, the US Constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper anyway. How many NEO CONs have you heard over the last few years describe the US Constitution as a "out-dated document?" Even dear ol' Ann Coulter says she isn't a big fan of the First Ammendment.

For the historians, this epoch will go down in history as the first great COMMUNICATIONS WAR ever fought. OBJECTIVE TRUTH vs. SUBJECTIVE TRUTH. They have the Main Steam Media, Organized Fundamentalism, and Pro Sports (distraction of the masses), but we have the streets and the Internet, kidz. You want a Free Country and Justice for ALL? . . . FIGHT FOR IT!!!

"You say you'll change the constitution
Well, you know
We all want to change your head
You tell me it's the institution
Well, you know
You better free you mind instead
But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao
You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow
Don't you know it's gonna be all right"
- Revolution by The Beatles


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