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Time for Them to Go

By Jim Oberg

As an American today, I find myself terribly ashamed of my country. Daily, in new revelations about the actions of my government, I learn about the unspeakable things being done in my name. The America I grew up loving, I must admit, has become the purveyor of terrible horrors against the world and our own citizens, and is steadily depriving we, the people, of our constitutional rights, our freedoms and our democratic process.

How did my country become a torturer, and a defender of our right to use torture in our ‘defense’? Why has my country claimed it to be our right to preemptively and illegally invade and occupy another country, one that was no imminent threat to us or to any other country, and killing thousands of innocents in the process? When did my country become unwilling to respond with aid and compassion when disaster strikes its own citizens, as happened when Katrina struck with such fury? What has brought my country to establish a network of secret prisons around the world, where unknown numbers may be held without charge and with no way to monitor their treatment? Who authorized these crimes and carries them out in my name when I never, ever would have provided my assent for these horrific actions?

Across America, we are now beginning to awaken to the tragedy that has befallen our beloved country, a travesty brought upon us by an illegitimate, unaccountable regime that has stolen elections and arrogantly claims a mandate to rule us with absolute disdain for all dissent against their criminal agenda. Moving inexorably towards establishing a fascist theocracy that will rule us for generations, they enact daily a program that enriches the few at the expense of most in the world, and place their cronies in positions of power in every institution established to protect us from corporate and governmental abuses. Their global domination project drains our treasury and undermines our ability to meet the needs of our citizens, while putting future generations into unimaginable debt. We are being taken over a cliff to our material and moral doom by this regime, and many of us are simply not going to take it any longer.

In January, George Bush will deliver his next State of the Union address, and all across America, citizens who are part of a new movement for change will gather to proclaim that we in fact face a state of emergency in this country. We then will drown out his speech with noise of all kinds, music and bells and car horns and our voices, calling on everyone to wake up to the possibility of a new direction for our country. This regime clearly does not represent the majority of Americans, as recent polls show, with only 28% believing we are being led in the right direction. It is time for us all to tell our leaders that they must stop this madness that has overtaken our country.

It is time for them to go, we must say loudly, and to take their failed program with them. We must come to the streets in our millions to show them that their attempt to steal our democracy has failed, and that we, the people, are now demanding that our government again stand with us in responding to the real priorities we must face together. We are entering a challenging period ahead, with our oil running out and the impact of our environmental abuse about to crash down upon us. The world can’t wait for this regime to continue to destroy our country and our chance for a future that will permit us to responsibly face these crises together.

Join with me, with your friends and your neighbors, and come to the streets as Bush offers us more of their failed and destructive agenda, and together let us demand loudly that BUSH, STEP DOWN, AND TAKE YOUR WHOLE PROGRAM WITH YOU!

Jim Oberg is a retired Engineer who lives in Wilsonville, OR, with his wife and two cats, and is volunteering with the World Can’t Wait movement to help mobilize the response to the abuses of this regime. He can be reached at

(For more information about the actions taking place around the State of the Union address and how you can assist with this effort, go to the website.)


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Bushco is giving us the opportunity we need to take back America, reestablish the rule of law and the sovereignty of the people, uphold the Constitution, and restore reason and wisdom to our government.

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