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Republicans attack 'weak' Democrats

By E.J. Dionne, Jr. - Washington Post Writers Group

12.13.05 - WASHINGTON — After this week's elections in Iraq, will our national debate be about what the United States should do to salvage the best outcome it can from a war policy that has been riddled with errors and miscalculations? Or will we mostly discuss how politicians should position themselves on the war?

Here's a bet on the triumph of spin. Politicians, especially Democrats, will be discouraged from saying what they really believe about Iraq for fear of offending “swing voters.


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Hey, Hasteart. In the words of your Fuhrer. . ."BRING IT ON"! Surrender from what, asshole? We started a war of choice and occupied a sovereign nation. WE SHOULD GET THE HELL OUT AND NOW!

It is Iraq's oil not that of Bush, Haliburton, Bechtel, Chevron , Exxon-Mobil and any other megacorps you wish to list. You, Rep. Hasteart are a disgrace and should be recalled. You have presided over the House with shame and dishonor. I'M CALLING YOU OUT, HERE AND NOW. YOU ARE CRIMINAL, YOU ARE A FARCE, YOU ARE FAILING TO ACT FOR THE WHOLE OF AMERICA. You are bought by the megacorps with their money and are delivering our tax monies, no you are stealing Americans blind and then spoon feeding bullshit about surrender.

Well, asshole, you can't bullshit me and the rest of the patriots who, by the way, find nothing patriotic about the so-called Patriot Act. I do not claim to be a Constitutional lawyer but I studied enough "con law" in civics classes, college and finally in law school. You know the smell test, don't you Dennis? Let me tell you we can smell your bullshit all the way up here in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Get ready to see your local puppet, Charlie Dent get his ass wiped come November, 2006. Your's and his bullshit about Iraq is not going to carry the day around here and I dare say not in most of the nation where real, middle class, intelligent, working Americans who can't be frightened off with racial bigotry nor bought off with cheap tax tricks.

We are PISSED, GET THAT DENNIS, P I S S E D OFF at you and the rest of the Repugnant Repulsives! Once the people rid our, yes OUR, government of the likes of you and Charlie and God knows who else, then the people are going to demand, yes Dennis, DEMAND, that our federal judiciary be restored to a balance of views which promote justice, not the economic injustice now hoisted upon the people by the "conservative" judiciary.

Beware Dennis, Iraq is not an issue upon which to tout Republican successes. There is no honor in attacking a sovereign nation upon a foundation of false premises. Your party of war mongers cooked up this mess and you own it with Bush and Co.! The cheap talk of VICTORY may strike some of the more sheepish among the populace as a rallying call. However, the polls clearly indicate that your party has lost the forces of public opinion. Your leader in the White House does not care about anything but his "legacy" as a "war president". That means he doesn't care what happens to Congress in November, 2006. Think about that as you go on the verbal bullshit offensive, and I do mean OFFENSIVE!

Right now, in my 53rd year on this planet, and as a life long American, I can say without a shred of doubt, this is the worst time in American history! I studied American history from colonial times through the early 70's and have lived American history since 1974 when I graduated college and 1978 when I graduated law school. This is worse than the Vietnam era. This cheap whore of a president has wreaked 5 years of havoc on us. It is going to stop! I was in the streets of DC on 9/24/05 along with several hundred thousand others protesting the Iraq war. You clowns knew all about it even though you pretended not to notice.

A distinguished Pennsylvanian, John Murtha, came out in November and clearly implied all of your awareness of the magnitude of the protests then and since. Rep. Murtha stated "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE WAY AHEAD OF US ON THIS"! Rep. Murtha is so right about we the people being way ahead of you in Congress.

The bottom line Dennis is that no amount of your's or W's bullshit is going to change the tide of public opinion about this mess of a war in Iraq. Keep trying and watch the poll numbers continue to go down, down, down!

America is going to come back as soon as the fascist pig Repugnant Repulsives are weeded out and hopefully thrown in jail for a long time.

I would just like to say I don't think Democrats are weak, they just don't like all the killing that is happening. There was a couple on Hannity and Combs just now where their Son was killed in Iraq 6 weeks ago and they went to meet his body and his body was with the luggage, If that is respect I never heard of it. It's for sure the White House didn't care, but that's nothing new. Two year's go fast, THANK GOD

The Vice has done his best, but alas we remain without backbone. Yes, we will continue to play the Republican's game. We need a third party to scare us.

Why are we so reluctant to consider after nearly three years of real progress that we may need more than minor course corrections, and that our present ideas about winning may not be realistic? Iraq is now our bastard child. Life for her will continue to be tough, but she must find her own way. If she continues to resist power sharing and centralized authority she will self-destruct. As Murtha has said, our military has done what it can. We and the Iraqis now need a timetable for redeployment over the horizon. Staying the course just means more die for an unrealistic ideology.

While all the self-serving cowards in Washington wrangle for what they hope is the right position on the war, and while each side of the aisle cherishes every opportunity to trash the other, innocent American kids and Iraqis continue to die for a war that has no purpose, other than to keep defense contractors and other corporate cronies swimming in profit, and a small criminal cabal (that happens to have control of all aspects of American government) swimming in a cesspool of cash, oil and arrogant lust.

Earth to Capitol Hill:


The MAJORITY OF AMERICANS think this war was a mistake.

The MAJORITY OF AMERICANS think Bush deliberately lied to them.

The MAJORITY OF AMERICANS think Bush has no real plan for victory.

The MAJORITY OF AMERICANS disapprove of the way this war is being handled.

The MAJORITY OF IRAQIS want us to leave, because they understand that we are the cause of the death and destruction that haunts their daily lives.

Put down your juvenile politics and do the job that the taxpayers pay you to do. End this unnecessary, unjust, unconstitutional, illegal, immmoral war, and impeach the criminals who started it.

John Perry

Republicans attack 'weak'Democrats?! What?!! Democrats should be attacking and running out of office all those spineless jellyfish that have been playing footises with the neocons.
A pox on both their houses.

I agree. The spineless moderate Democrats like my own reprsentative (a blue dog democrat, Allen Boyd) have let the American people down. We need leaders on the Iraq War, not fence sitters or bridge builders. We need strong action on this and the end of the Patriot act and stand firm on following the Geneva convention as it pertains to prisoners of war. Sick sick sick people who can even defend the idea that torture in any form to any human (or animal, IMHO) is "all's fair".

The Democrats get their money from big business too. They are not gonna stand up because they want to see their financing dry up.

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