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Cindy Going to Ireland

Cindy Sheehan is on her way to Ireland to meet tomorrow with the Irish Minister for Foriegn Affairs Dermmot Ahern, and with other Irish officials, including several Members of Parliament. Ireland is a land of writers -- let's hope for a good report!

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Somehow, I am getting the feeling that, on the day that the war begins with Iran, the headlines on this group will be something along the lines of "Cindy Sheehan goes to an anti-war dentist".

There has been increased sabre-rattling between Israel and Iran over the past week, with reports that Israel will attempt to 'resolve' this issue by the end of March, 2006 militarily if it is not resolved diplomatically before then. And these were followed, of course, by denials...sort of. But anyone who has been following the story should be able to see the improbability of any diplomatic resolution; so....

But it appears that the 'anti-war' and 'alternative' political and news sites on the Internet are, for all practical purposes, obsessed and distracted by things that have happened mostly in the past--things like 9/11 and any number of other things whose significance will evaporate into thin air when (probably not if) the war breaks out with Iran. Not to underestimate the seriousness of such issues at the present time; but a war with Iran will change these things in ways simply unimaginable.

It is almost a rule of thumb that, when the MSM (main stream media) FINALLY becomes aware of the significance of any particular story, it is already too late; those in positions of power have merely moved on to the next complication. In fact, it is almost as if the MSM has merely taken the bait, are feeding hungrily on a juicy piece of meat, while much more momentous things are occurring without any response at all by the media.

At first, the story about Cindy Sheehan was quite significant. It appears she gave the MSM the excuse they needed to begin to address the problem of Iraq with some seriousness. But it is reasonable to ask just how long that can be considered to be the most important story. The situation has changed significantly from what it was before she arrived on the scene. This must then be taken into consideration when trying to determine whether there is not something much more pressing. Otherwise, there is a danger of the whole problem being reduced to nothing more than 'the continuing saga of...(supply the name)".

At the moment, 'the hand-writing is on the wall' about Iran.

Problem is, people are not even so much as looking at the wall, let alone reading the hand-writing.


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