By Elaine C.Smith, Sunday Mail (Scotland)

LIKE most people, I despair at the rising death toll and violence in Iraq.

I have been in two minds about whether troops should stay and at one point I did feel that leaving could only make things worse for the Iraqis.

On Thursday, I chaired a meeting in Glasgow for the Stop the War coalition and had much of that opinion changed.

I was completely moved and humbled by the reality of this war for three women - Rose Gentle, from Glasgow, who lost her son Gordon, Sue Smith, from Birmingham, who lost her son Philip and Cindy Sheehan, from the USA, who lost her son Casey.

The loss these women have suffered is a mother's worst nightmare. They have come under severe pressure from the military here and in America to stop speaking out but they refuse.

It is the only way they can make sense of their sons' deaths because fighting and dying in an illegal war based on lies and deception leaves them with little else to hold on to That's what made Cindy set up camp outside George Bush's Texas pile in the summer. She wanted him to look her in the eye. He never did.

What is worse is that this world-renowned peace activist was in Scotland yesterday at our Parliament and First Minister Jack McConnell said that he was too busy to meet her.

MoD figures published in the Daily Telegraph (hardly an anti-war paper) stated more than 71 per cent of Iraqis want the troops out and 46 per cent thought attacks on our soldiers were legitimate.

As the old saying goes, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

There are no winners in this conflict, except those sharing the spoils from the oil contracts. Meanwhile the mothers of the US, UK, Iraq and Afghanistan weep for the children they have lost

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... the one other than the profiteers, is the one whos members exult in their power to cause death and destruction, and the world is being run by some of the worst of them right now, and being run with no relief in sight. So, mothers (and fathers) of the world, be ready to weep for the children you might lose for some time to come.

Either that, or get ready to stand up and fight for them.

Isn't child sacrifice the CORE of Patriarhcal Fascism? For 6000 years, these tyrants have demanded the children and claimed it as their "right" to sacrifice them to their great "Power Systems", otherwise known as "Moloch." (Hey, kidz! Read "The Source" by James Michener sometime, then watch Fritz Lang's film "Metropolis . .. can you see the BushCo "Bohemian Grove" pattern??)

We Hippies, Yippies, Black Panthers, Weathermen and Flower Children were the first generation of Kidz in recorded history to ever stand up TOGETHER and yell "BULLSHIT!!!" to these insane Grown-Ups. HELL NO!! WE WON'T GO!!! And we scared the shit out of them. Sure, our parents disowned us, the "Citadel of Teachers, Preachers and Scientists" created entire new moral codes and laws to discredit and demonize us with their "Irrational Rationalism", and the Pinkerton Cops made our "crimes-of-being" their highest priority while the Shadow Assassins went after our leadership.

The Citadel has even invented a new "disease" to discribe us, Attention-Deficit-Disorder (ADD), so they could force drug the New Kidz at earlier and earlier ages since our society would no longer allow the insane Grown-Ups to BEAT the "evil exuberance" out of us to BREAK us like slaves. But, we have survived . .. that which does not destroy you makes you stronger. As the man said, "I send you out among wolves. Be as gentle as doves, but as clever as serpents."

I agree with brother Applegate here, " .. .be ready to weep for the children you might lose for some time to come. Either that, or get ready to stand up and fight for them."

Don't be an Insane Grown-Up that is willing to sacrifice your own children and the children of others for the twisted archaic dreams and flawed science of these dysfunctional "Little Caesars." Be an Older Kid willing to fight for the rights of the Younger Kidz. These Younger Kidz need your love and knowledge if they are to have any chance of Freedom, Liberty and Happiness in their lives. Right now, you Middle-Class Saturdaze Kidz have a combined resource and power base GREATER than these "Rich Ruling Class" fascists, but it is erroding fast. As the old saying goes, "either USE IT or LOSE IT!!!"

"Come mothers and fathers all over this land
And don't criticize what you can't understand
Your sons and your daughter are beyond your command
Your old role is rapidly aging
Please get out of the new one if you can't lend a hand
For the times they are a changing"
- The Times They Are A'Changing by Bob Dylan


...was in the 3rd grade when I was sent off to someplace in SE Asia (I think it was Laos, but they never would tell us). I was in an Engineer Battalion, and we were doing what they called 'Flood Control' work there. To this day, what I think we were there for was to provoke an incident. Anyway, this was in 61-62. Before that, we were on the island of Guam, upgrading AF runways to handle B-52 traffic - the B-52s that were used to carpetbomb Nam. Some of my sister's classmates were blasted in Nam. She graduated high school in 70 or 71.

What I'm trying to get to with this is that these things (Vietnam, Iraq, Whatever's next) don't just happen. They take a lot of ploting and planing, and it takes a lot of the kind of things you '...Hippies, Yippies, Black Panthers, etc...' were doing to get them stopped.

So, thanks for your post, and for the support, Old Kid.

R Ap

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