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General Mosley Flying Under Radar?

By Shakespeare's Sister

Following up on yesterday’s post about the general who confirmed in a 2003 briefing the secret air war, known as the "spikes of activity" which preceded Congressional authorization for the Iraq War, we come to find out, care of Spoof News editor JJ, that the same general, Gen. T. Michael Moseley, was nominated by Bush on May 16 as chief of staff of the Air Force to succeed Gen. John P. Jumper who has served in the position since September 2001.

Call me crazy (I know you will), but I think Wednesday's confirmation hearing would be the perfect place to question Gen, Moseley, who served as the Combined Forces Air Component Commander for operations Southern Watch, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom, about the "spikes of activity" that were alleged in the Downing Street Memos to have been designed to provoke Saddam.

Bush and Cheney and Rove and McClellan may be able to dodge questions about the DSMs posed by a still rather complacent media, and Sensenbrenner and the other GOP jackholes might be able to relegate Congressman Conyers to a basement, and perhaps the Dems will never be able to secure the formal inquiry based on the Memos that they warrant, but surely, surely, Gen, Moseley cannot be appointed to serve as chief of staff of the Air Force while there are unanswered questions about the legality of a military action which was executed under his command.

Wouldn’t it be swell if some enterprising reporter asked the president about all this?



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Take it one step further than just some reporter asking a question you know would be shrugged off by W. I think this time in our country is the perfect time for some enterprising people to put together a news station that actually reports news. I can't tell you how heavy my heart is these days that I see more than just a little right lean in every single cable news station. It used to be that just FOX news was obviously where every right wing journalist went to hang their unwavering support and completely unprofessionally biased opinions toward the Bush administration. Now I see CNN starting to go soft on Bush, and NPR is not even giving the DSM a whiff of air time. I don't expect the press to lean one way or another. I grew up under the idea that journalists were supposed to be neutral and that even if they had strong feelings one way or another about something that they were to keep it to themselves and to just report the facts. Well, that is gone from America. We need to restore the concepts of fairness in this country. We can start by impeaching Bush and his crew, and in the process, perhaps the American press will be able to clean up its act.

you know, I think the media's failure to report the truth on this, taxes,enviornment,Bush's complicity in corporate scandals,etc,etc,scares me more than anything else.many reporters have been found on the payroll of Bush's strategists. they are just sellout scum. what REALLY scares me is the thought that there are reporters who want the truth to come out but have had the FEAR OF GOD put into them by the administration.Howard Stern (not my favorite person)staunchly supported Bush,and bush thought he was the bee's knees. Stern did some reading,followed up with some research,and did a "180"-came out against bush and Iraq- next thing you know, he and any station airing his show are being hit with millions in fines...hmmm- I firmly believe that Rather was set up with those falsified (BUT NOT FALSE!)documents-look what happened to him. Disgraceful. Newsweek's story on guantanamo? ditto- never mind that the toilet thing came from an FBI report, and that there are many corroborating stories. who knows what kind of threats have been made? we've seen this administration ruthlessly bully congress, foreign governments and global bodies,(not to mention afganistan and iraq ) we know how this administration does things, and they've made it clear that they'll follow through.there are still a few with the courage to address these issues peter werbe{see}does a radio show with a live steam-worth checking out.

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