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Cindy Sheehan Goes to Downing Street

By David Swanson

Today Cindy Sheehan, Brian Haw, and a crowd of other peace activists paid a visit to #10 Downing Street, the home of British Prime Minister Tony Blair -- and birthplace of the Downing Street Minutes. Sheehan is known around the world as the mother whose campaign has demanded an explanation from George Bush for her son's death in Iraq. Haw is known to all of Britain as the man who has lived in Parliament Square for the past four years, demanding an end to the war, and even running for Parliament from an address of the sidewalk across from Parliament.

Haw had not previously visited Blair's house and asked to meet with him, although it's only a three block walk from Parliament.

Brian Haw

Photo Album

In fact, there is a large area around Parliament in which the government has banned demonstrations. Brian has prevailed in court and is the one person who has the right to free speech in the area. But marches are strictly verboten, as is stopping with a huge crowd in front of the gates to Downing Street and demanding a meeting. But the police clearly did not want to arrest us. They warned us several times that we would have to leave, but they just kept warning us.

They were also good enough to take a letter from Cindy and Brian into #10, from which they returned saying that Blair was not home at the moment.

Brian is an amazing guy, and his heart is fully involved in stopping the war. He's had his nose broken twice but made a million friends and allies, brothers and sisters, during his stay in the square. A couple of days ago the police arrested him, but the complaints came in so quickly that they dropped the charges and let him out within the hour. They have, however, forbidden him to use a megaphone any more.

Brian with George Galloway, MP

Brian Haw and Cindy Sheehan meeting for the first time

Photo Album

We gathered in Parliament Square before marching to Downing Street, and when we marched, we took over the street, and we chanted and sang. At Downing Street we sang "We Shall Overcome," and "We Shall Not Be Moved," as the police kept asking us very politely to move along.

Marching to Downing Street

At Downing Street

Photo Album

Cindy's own account.

Brian's website.

Story about Brian on front page of Dec. 10, 2005, Independent.

Story about Cindy in the Herald (Scotland), Dec. 11, 2005

BBC story about Dec. 10th International Peace Conference.

Photo album from International Peace Conference.

Text of my speech at the conference.

Cindy's Trip to Scotland, with photos.

Partying with the Mayor of London, with photos.

Code Pink.

A Sunday Times story today about a young British man who landed a contract worth millions to put bogus US propoganda in Iraqi newspapers. The story mentions that he got into the Washington, DC, social scene through Jennifer 8 Lee, but fails to note that she's a New York Times reporter, or that the people at her parties are media and political bigwhigs.

Notes I made a couple of days ago on labor and the peace movement in Britain.

Scotland Today article about Cindy.

Herald article about Cindy.

Guardian article about Cindy.

Reuters article about new Dario Fo play about Cindy.

Guardian article about the play.

BBC article about Cindy and Brian.

Sunday Mail (Scotland) article about Cindy.

A.P. article about Peace Conference, apparently written without actually attending the conference.

CNN article on hostages, which quotes Cindy at conference. But as far as I know, CNN did not cover the conference.

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It is so neat how Cindy gets along so well with the people of the UK!
She would make a wonderful US ambassador for America to patch up this terrible reputation Bushco has done to us.


Help keep America beautiful! STAY IN ENGLAND!!!!!!!!

I don't know how she got over there, but Cindy is like the American ambassador for common sense in foreign policy now. We have Clinton speaking in Montreal. Karen Hughes may as well just go back to Washington and content herself with writing press releases and making occasional appearances on the O'Reilly Factor.

Cindy should go to Iraq with her message. She could singlehandedly show the world that the war is the offspring of Bush's government and not of the Iraqis or the American people.

I can feel her pain and she thinks that she is helping, but the truth is she hurting the efforts of all of the men and women over there! It's is really shameful the way she is acting and she needs to go back to the books and do some more research on what she is talking about...
My heart goes out to her loss but she should not make more people pay for her ignorance, she cannot bring back her son and in the end she is shaming her son for what he was service he country for FREEDOM.....


I am sorry for her loss of her son, So lets see was their a draft or did he sign-up, no draft so he signed up, also how would he fill if he could see his mother and what she is doing ,he might think that his mother was acting unbelievable and acting strange ,it would have been different if their was a war and drafted ,Iraq I believe that if they would attack us how would we fill, I am so sorry for every ones loss in Iraq and in other wars

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