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Pentagon Covering Up Tens of Thousands of U.S. Casualties In Official Reports


Seven Members of Congress issued a letter this week charging that the Pentagon is systematically “under-reporting casualties in Iraq by only reporting non-fatal casualties incurred in combat.” They asked for a full accounting of the accurate numbers.

Their letter cited a CBS News report:

The Pentagon declined to be interviewed, instead sending a letter that contained information not included in published casualty reports. “More than 15,000 troops with so-called ‘non-battle’ injuries and diseases have been evacuated from Iraq,” wrote the Department of Defense. John Pike, Director of told 60 Minutes in that segment that this uncounted casualty figure “would have to be somewhere in the ballpark of over 20, maybe 30,000.”

But that CBS report came in November 2004. Today, more than a year later, those numbers have risen significantly. This morning, published details of an October ‘05 Veterans Affairs report showing that 119,247 off-duty Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are receiving health care from the V.A.

[T]he statistics seem to show that a lot of those health problems are war-related. For example, nearly 37,000 have mental disorders, including nearly 16,000 who have been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder. Over 46,000 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan receiving benefits from the V.A. have musculoskeletal problems. These are all veterans who within the last four years were considered by the military to be mentally and physically fit enough to fight.

These men and women have suffered injuries that will impact them for the rest of their lives. The Bush calculation: better to have higher Iraq approval numbers than recognize their sacrifices.

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Does anyone doubt that they'd report U.S. casualties in exactly the same manner as they report Iraqi casualties (i.e., not at all) if they thought they could get away with it. To them, it's all just a big geopolitical game and pawns are pawns regardless of nationality.

In an age when the president claims the right to stage "pre-emptive" invasions, should we really be surprised when innocent citizens are "pre-emptively" murdered by his air marshalls?

The death toll in Iraq sure as hell is larger than the official number.
The cabal intentionally has lied to us about the deaths of soldiers who later died after medical evacuation out of the war zone in Iraq. There have been scores of dead who died in other out of theatre U.S. hospitals after sustaining lethal wounds in Iraq. The congress and the senate have aided and abetted the criminal UNDER REPORTING OF THE CASUALTIES and this must be ended. The american public deserve the truth.

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