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More Evidence David Broder is Right! Right! Right!


Last week I wrote a letter to David Broder about this exchange between him and Tim Russert on Meet the Press:

MR. RUSSERT: David Broder, is it possible for official Washington--the president, Democratic leaders, Republican leaders--to arrive at common ground, a consensus position on Iraq?

MR. DAVID BRODER: It's possible, Tim, but they won't get there by arguing about who did what three years ago. And this whole debate about whether there was just a mistake or misrepresentation or so on is, I think, from the public point of view largely irrelevant. The public's moved past that.

In my letter I inquired what the evidence was for Mr. Broder's assertion. Mr. Broder hasn't seen fit to respond, but I think that's only fair, since it was such a stupid question. Every passing day brings more evidence no one cares about this dumb issue—for instance, this NY Times/CBS poll released yesterday (pdf):

58. How important do you think it is right now for members of Congress to question the Bush Administration about the way the intelligence was used in order to make the case for going to war inIraq-- do you think it is very important, somewhat important, not too important, or not important at all?

56% Very
24% Somewhat
9% Not too
9% Not at all

You see? An overwhelming 18% majority of the population think this should be ignored, while a tiny 80% minority disagree. The danger, of course, is that this small, irrelevant 80% minority will somehow gain influence in our political process. However, I think we can sleep soundly with heroes such as David Broder protecting our great republic.


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It's called wishful thinking (the substitution of preferred imaginary viewpoints for "reality-based" observation and analysis) and it's a mandatory job skill for all politicians and their associates, regardless of party affiliation.

I also wrote him an email about this, and likewise, no response.
Can't say I expected it, but at least he got some backlash for his comments and knows people are listening.

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