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Kucinich Re: Karzai Aide on CIA Payroll

Washington D.C. (August 25, 2010) – Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today issued the following statement in response to breaking news from The New York Times that a top Karzai aide, embroiled in several corruption investigations, has been on the CIA payroll for years:

“We are paying all sides to fight all sides and to betray all sides, making this a spy versus spy versus spy carnival of corruption. This is further evidence that the United States must remove all its troops and assets out of Afghanistan. The tragedy is rapidly becoming a farce. They call it intelligence, but it is actually an innovative way to steal tens of billions of dollars from the U.S. taxpayers,” said Kucinich.


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Not quite high enough. It's more like hundreds of billions; already having exceeded one trillion.

But it's a funny statement that he made. Yet, there's a lot more to the dark nature of the war than this matter that Dennis Kucinich is criticizing. Hamid Karzai once was on CIA payroll, if recalling correctly; and he at least was an employee of a U.S. oil corporation, Chevron, I believe. The latter certainly wasn't for exploration of oil in the U.S., but it's another small part of the extremely dark nature of this war.

Nevertheless, Dennis Kucinich is right about this war needing to be ended and for the U.S. to stop employing puppets in the U.S. puppet regime in Afghanistan. These puppets are criminals, but everyone accepting to be a puppet of the U.S. is criminal even if their sole crime is to accept to be a puppet. That act, alone, is a national crime in the affected countries; but the puppets in the government of Afghanistan are all criminals and were before this war began. Some, if not many, of them, were extreme criminals.

The CIA has a long history of getting people in other countries and who are willing to become traitors there on its payroll, secretly. It's part of the agency's M.O.

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