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Stop This Horseshit: Don't Send the 3rd Armored Cavalry to Iraq

Attention Central Texas Area Activists:

There are only a few days left before actions kick off at Fort Hood Aug. 22 opposing the deployment of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment to Iraq.

We will be engaging in radical direct action of which optional elements may risk minor legal ramifications. This is a multi-faceted action with various degrees of potential risk, and individuals unable to take on such risks are as needed as those who are. However, we have never won anything without sacrifice. We have never influenced our government by behaving submissively.

Only weeks after announcing the 2nd “end” of combat operations in Iraq, the U.S. is preparing to deploy a combat unit to Iraq yet again. We know their claims are a semantics game; a rebranding of the same old bloody occupation. This time, however, we say “No More!”

Thus far, all of our cleverly worded signs and chants have unsurprisingly failed to halt the biggest war machine in history. It is long past time we move beyond protest to resistance. We now ask not only for your signs and banners but for your bodies and your raised fists. Please stand with us at Fort Hood as we engage in direct action to jam the gears of the US Empire's War Machine.

There will be a final organizing meeting the evening of Saturday, August 21st at 8pm in the Killeen, Texas, area. Following this meeting, all participants will need to remain in the area for the next 24 hours. Contact with your name, a brief bio and the degree to which you are interested in participating for more information and to learn the location of the meeting. Lodging can be provided on a first come, first serve basis. Contact us now to RSVP.

This struggle must be waged here in our military community. Marches in Washington and New York can only do so much. Our Soldiers must see us in THEIR streets waging just struggle in the defense of human life. Only then will they find the courage to disobey Fort Hood.

In struggle,

The Disobedient

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leaving 50,000 or so troops. Why is the U.S. sending or preparing to send more troops there?

Flip a coin and ask Obama if he knows what side is up. He evidently can't tell the difference between "heads or tails".

I got the link for the following article from a copy at, the second article is from a link in the following one, and I'll quote both in full, except that they both have links to supporting articles and I'm not reproducing those links.

"Odierno Raises Prospect of US Troops ‘Returning’ to Iraq
Insists US Will Consider Staying Past 2011"

by Jason Ditz, August 22, 2010

Though the Obama Administration’s claims that the war in Iraq is “over” is a myth to begin with, top US Commander in Iraq Gen. Ray Odierno today detailed the possibility of US forces “returning” to Iraq in larger numbers.

Odierno insists this would “only” happen if Iraq’s security forces suffer a complete failure in the ability to provide security in Iraq. And while Odierno insists “we don’t see that happening,” the reality on the ground makes this all the more plausible.

Locals are already getting fed up with the Iraqi Army’s inability to provide security, and that is with 52,000-plus US troops on the ground helping them out. July saw the worst death toll for Iraqi civilians in over two years, and attacks have continued apace in August.

Odierno added that he was certain the US would consider staying in Iraq beyond 2011 if asked by the Iraqi government. But clearly as the situation worsens on the ground the question of spinning the drawdown as the “end” of the war will transition more into the question of “reinvading” Iraq, an invasion which will no doubt depend largely on America’s ability to spare large numbers of additional troops as it continues to escalate the war in Afghanistan.

"Locals Slam Security Forces in Wake of Baghdad Attack
Massive Attack at Army Recruitment Center Damages Credibility"

by Jason Ditz, August 17, 2010

Iraqis are still reeling from the latest in a long line of massive suicide attacks today, after a pre-dawn attack on a Baghdad Army Recruitment center left at least 61 killed and 125 others wounded.

The attack has sparked public condemnation, not so much against the militants but against the Iraqi Army, which promises massive security gains but can’t even protect its own recruitment centers.

“We were promised security in this country, but we were cheated,” one local was quoted as saying. Others expressed frustration at the “empty” promises of the government security forces.

July was the deadliest month in over two years in Iraq, and violence has been increasing more or less steadily throughout the year. Despite the massive death tolls US officials shrugged off today’s killings and insisted that “progress” was being made.

To get the U.S. to finally withdraw from Iraq and really stop the war on Iraq, people clearly will have to be willing to do more than mildly protest or demonstrate, as David Swanson says is needed.

Hopefully, Iraqi Resistance is not responsible for these violent actions in Iraq this summer. Such actions will cause many victims and for the U.S. staying in Iraq for a very long time. Iraqis need to try to resolve their disagreements in ways that won't be unjust and won't cause the U.S. to stay, but I'm not certain that these latest violent attacks were actually committed by any Iraqi Resistance forces. It's possible that it's not them. "Salvador Option" type operations were committed during the war on Iraq and these weren't committed by Iraqi Resistance. We're too far away to be able to know who's responsible and locals often or usually don't know who's responsible. The only thing we all know is that there've been violent actions and that this always prolongs U.S. presence.

But there's evidence that "Salvador Option" type operations were committed during this war in or on Iraq. And every time the U.S. talks about draw-down, then violent actions erupt. That's not profitable or beneficial for Iraqis, but it is for western ruling elites. It's essential to carefully keep in mind that violent actions in Iraq are not always due to Iraqi Resistance or real sectarian fighting. It hasn't always been and there likely will be more actions of this kind.

Maybe the latest acts of violence were all committed by some Iraqi Resistance forces or groups, persons, but we don't know this. We don't really know who's responsible.

Two UK, SAS soldiers were caught in the process of conducting "Salvador Option", black covert ops in Iraq in, I believe, September 2006, and they certainly weren't the first two to do or try to do this, and probably weren't the last. There's a lot of hell with such wars.

Salvador Option, Operation Phoenix, Gladio, and so on. Remember. The ruling elites certainly do.

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