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The Lady Who Cried "Nigger!"

By dlindorff - Posted on 20 August 2010

By Linn Washington

So, psycho-babble specialist Dr. Laura Schlessinger spins her shamed retreat from nationally syndicated conservative talk radio with claims that she’s collateral damage in America’s N-word War.

Schlessinger sparked ire in some circles recently when she used the word “nigger” eleven times while scolding a caller to her radio show for lacking a “sense of humor” because that black caller objected to her white husband’s friends and family members constantly making racist remarks.

Schlessinger’s half-hearted apology for that radio rant evaporated quickly with a verbal offensive couching her decision to reject renewing the contract for her highly-rated radio show as a heroic act to regain First Amendment rights “to say what is on my mind” particularly for assailing “special interest groups [who decide] this is the time to silence a voice of dissent.”

Yes, Dr. Laura, too many are “hypersensitive about color” as you proclaimed during your crass responses to that caller who was clearly seeking compassion.

And yes, Dr. Laura, hypocrisy and craziness abound (among all races) around use of the word nigger, the long-standing racist slur now reduced to the sanitized, psychic-salving phrase: “the N-word.”
But please Dr. Laura, stop your BS about you being the real victim here!

Schlessinger adequately made her point about her beliefs regarding the duplicity of blacks excusing black comedians/rappers using the N-word after the third utterance of ‘nigger’ thus rendering her eight additional uses of that word unnecessary...even for added emphasis.

Curiously, the same Schlessinger who bashes black rappers for using the word nigger would never lash Patti Smith for her song titled “Rock N Roll Nigger” or John Lennon for “Woman is the Nigger of the World.”
Typical of dynamics inherent in N-word controversies the focus in this Schlessinger episode myopically centers on her use of the word instead of the wider frame.

Schlessinger’s worse offense was not uttering nigger eleven times but wrapping her epithet string within inaccurate and flat ignorant assertions like blaming “black activists” for manufacturing a racism problem in America and declaring blacks only voted for Obama because he “was half-black.”

The lingering damage in Schlessinger’s rant is its subliminal impact on listeners who accept such patent falsehoods as blacks being incapable of voting their own self-interest. Her rant will be taken as revealed truth by some because it comes from a person viewed in some circles as well-informed.

Blacks – exactly like Americans of other races – opposed the economy ruining policies of former President Bush and blacks – exactly like Americans of other races – rejected the promises of the bonkers and bigoted McCain-Palin ticket...

For the rest of this article by LINN WASHINGTON in ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent online newspaper of journalists, by journalists, and for you, please go to:ThisCantBeHappening!

I believe that "Doctor" Laura has the First Amendment right to use the N word.

She also should understand that one is responsible for their actions, their words and their choices. In fact she has preached this MANY MANY times to her less intelligent callers.

She is, has been and always will be a bitter old lady who is a bigot with an ego that is just slightly smaller than the Pacific Ocean.

But don't fear her ego will not let her fade away, she will have a revelation from God, who will instruct her to resume her "good" works and not let all the detractors keep her from "helping" all the "good" Americans in need of her "wisdom".

Are you sure that her ego is "smaller than the Pacific Ocean"?

But don't fear her ego will not let her fade away, she will have a revelation from God, who will instruct her to resume her "good" works and not let all the detractors keep her from "helping" all the "good" Americans in need of her "wisdom".

What? What good works? Why would God reveal anything to a dumb and savage animal like her? Okay, so God is merciful and gives people second chances; but hasn't she burned up her chances, yet? After all these years, I'd expect that she's worn out her "nine lives".

Re. the First Amendment:

I don't think she's within her First Amendment rights. While they guarantee, on paper anyway, freedom of speech, there are one or more other parts of the Constitution that guarantee, on paper again, personal safety, et cetera. That relates to not being physically or psychologically agressed, and calling Black Americans "niggers" is real aggression. It's an infringement on their rights.

Neither the First or any other amendments can be legitimately used in terms or ways that are against other parts of the Constitution. The Constitution must be integrally understood, upheld and defended. When our interpretations contradict other parts of the Constitution, then we have to correct this.

Law must be integral, or else it's bs.

It's not the same thing as when non-Blacks do this and the only reason Black Americans do this is because non-Blacks, whites anyway, have long done this. What they're basically doing is only mocking the whites who have labeled Blacks "niggers"; rather than actually, really calling themselves "niggers", or denigrating themselves. The Blacks who do this are definitely not denigrating themselves; they're mocking the stupid custom of calling Blacks "nigers".

"Negro" is another stupid term. A Ugandan or Nigerian I knew in 9th or 10th grade asked me if I knew what "negro" meant and I didn't. He, who had been a "child soldier" in his country of origin, said that where he came from anyway, "nego" meant to "never grow", people who "never grow". Iow, we're superior.

I don't know what "nigger" is supposed to mean, only knowing that it's derogatory and is illustrative of sick, stupid ignorance; except when Blacks say it, for their reason is very different.

Over recent years some Black Americans posted, online, saying that they reject being called African Americans, because, to them, it's like treating them as if they're not as fully American as other Americans; and I agree with them on principle. My only disagreement is that we all continue to genocide American Indians and profit from this extremely blood-soaked or -spilled land called the USA.

They prefer to be called Black Americans, rather than African Americans, and they're right. Meanwhile, I'm a French American, but not because of ancestry having come from France six centuries or more ago. My reason is because I was born in the U.S. of a French Canadian, Quebecois family, French is my mother tongue, we spoke mainly French at home, and this also drew gratuitous violence for me. It has nothing to do with France, even if my ancestors came from there during the 15th century.

Other people could say they're French Americans because they're originally from France and possibly hold dual citizenships, France and U.S. My reason is very different.

For most Black Americans born and raised in the U.S., it's different. In practical, say, terms, they have no close ties at all to Africa. They're as American as the rest of us; only the skin color differing. They don't speak any African languages; while I, and American relatives, are bilingual, our mother tongue and English.

Meanwhile, all Americans continue to genocide American Indians.

Have a "lovely" day.


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