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Mullen "blood on the hands": Wikileaks

By jimstaro - Posted on 31 July 2010

And They Claim 'christianity'


This is just the recent but think back these years and all read and heard or watched, this is what a big part of recruitment looks like {and rise of hatreds and thus blowback}, add in the killing, maiming, destruction and creating refugees from their homes and countries, and while in these theaters demeaning those that live there and their neighbors and not only in theater but across this country!

That brings the "blood on the hands!", add torture while supporting same and condemning others of doing, add renditions and then torture again of innocents and act surprised then condemning when released, as to no proof they ever were what we called them, that they pick up arms against the occupiers of their countries or their families, friends and countrymen and women already have!

This all coming from the same type of mindset towards others, claiming a religious ideology, that those doing condemn the others of doing, just change some word labels!

That's a big part of recruitment thus expansions of hatreds, that's "blood on the hands!"!!

Speaking of which........

WikiLeaks 'has blood on its hands' over Afghan war logs, claim US officials


Defence secretary describes leak as 'potentially dangerous' 'Loose' intelligence policy in US army to be reviewed

Julian Assange said WikiLeaks tried to follow a request to redact some names but the US refused to help. Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian

30 July 2010 He said in a statement: "Secretary Gates speaks about hypothetical blood, but the grounds of Iraq and Afghanistan are covered with real blood."

Thousands of children and adults had been killed and the US could have announced a broad inquiry into these killings, "but he decided to treat these issues with contempt''.

He said: "This behaviour is unacceptable. We will continue to expose abuses by this administration and others."

Meanwhile, both US and UK authorities remained silent about the disclosures in the 92,000 war log files that hundreds of civilians have been killed or wounded by coalition forces in unreported or previously under-reported incidents. The Ministry of Defence withdrew promises to make an official statement about US allegations that two units of British troops had caused exceptional loss of civilian life. Continued

Jesus Christ is Prince of Peace, and taught us to love one another and to turn the other cheek.

And fully agree. No one sane could disagree less or more. Love each other. Do no harm to your neighbors. Et cetera. Who could disagree with that?

Isn't just the video or recent rhetoric, it's the whole past years of same and growth of while sounded exactly like those they condemn! It also isn't about 'turning the other cheek', the Jesus, as well as all the established true religious ideologies, teach Tolerance and true believers of any follow that!

I could not make much sense of what you said.

Isn't just the video or recent rhetoric, it's the whole past years of same and growth of while sounded exactly like those they condemn! It also isn't about 'turning the other cheek', the Jesus, as well as all the established true religious ideologies, teach Tolerance and true believers of any follow that!

I understand the part about "exactly like those they condemn", but not the rest. Actually, I think to understand much of the rest, but not the beginning.

But I think to understand that you're angry and if that's right, then I guess that I can only agree with you. It's just that you would have oddly expressed yourself. It might be actually right for phrasing, but struck me as oddly worded. Maybe. I'm not sure, but the wording seems a little odd. I try to make straight sense of the wording and it doesn't seem to fit, but if I massage the text a little, then it makes sense.

I think you're angry in the way that I think you're angry, but I could be totally wrong, in which case it would not be good news. But I think we're saying the same thing, differently.

I don't believe that anyone at ADS is supporting the govt. Some of us can still be doing that, but most of us should not. We shouldn't.

I understand about Jesus having taught to love each other, to be for real peace and justice, to be tolerant even when it's tempting to not be tolerant, but I don't understand the rest of what you said.

You leave me bewildered.

Jesus, as well all the established true religious ideologies, teach LOVE (not just 'tolerating', or literally just putting up with the people you think are different). Love is a manifestation of compassion and empathy, it is more pro-active when it comes to social justice and humanitarian endeavors. "Turning the other cheek" is extremely important to all the teachings of the established true religious ideologies as well, that is the basis for non-violent civil disobedience!

PS I wanted to put a disclaimer, "pro-active" is one of those words I loathe, it is well, you know, one of those words that dumb people use to sound smart ;-)
So if I use it its because I can't think of a better word.
I guess I am just trying to say that true religions are about being kind to one another, simple as that!

The problem is not so much that these people claim to be Christian.

The problem is that Christianity claims that the doctrines that it teaches are the Doctrines that Jesus taught; when, in fact, Paul turned upside down the Doctrines that Jesus taught, beginning with the Teaching of Jesus that the "resurrection" is a Doctrine of 'Rebirth'.

So it does not offend me at all that they claim to be Christian. The offense is claiming that they are followers of Jesus when they are not.

Michael Cecil

Paul might be an apostate. But in the end, when we put all of the pieces of this puzzle together, then we might have a true story, whatever it is.

We don't know what the true story is. We really don't. We have belief. We have beliefs, but we have no truly proven history. And that's something that any real Christian knows. We know that our faith is faith, not fact. Any Christian who is not aware of this is uneducated. We don't know. We don't have facts!

We believe in a God of Mercy, Love, Compassion. We don't have facts. We don't, never did, never will. We have what's supposed to be Mercy, Love, Compassion. Do we really have those qualities? Most people don't. But it's a Christian's obligation to work on having these qualities. Do we though? Not usually.

We [seldom] exhibit those qualities.

I'm not worried about Islam at all. Why are we talking about harmless Islam?

It may be something, I suppose, but what?

Islamic religion is no big deal. It's important, but not a menace. I am Christian, sort of anyway, and I don't see Islam as a menace at all. You people need to [relax].

Islam is very okay. We could talk about Judaism, but I'll leave that topic for another post. Meanwhile, Islam is okay.

Leave it in [peace]. Don't hurt Islam. They are my brothers and sisters! I am Christian, but they are my brothers and sisters. That's the way Jesus would have it and so be it. Don't mess with my brothers and sisters. I'm brother James, or John, or Matthew, or Luke, or ... whatever their (or our) names are.

I'm a drunkard and you don't know it; until now anyway. I'm a drunkard. I wander about drunk out of my mind about how hellbent this world is and I never wake up from this hellbent world. Why are we as hellbent as we are? I don't know why we're hellbent, but realize that we are. We're hellbent.

I leave that question to you. I know that we'll get answers like we're not hellbent, but only want real answers. Why are we really hellbent?


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