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Big Media finally wakes up to big fiascos


At last the media are waking up. Note the skepticism that greeted the president’s
“Success in Iraq


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Better than what? Are there any worthwhile standards left in America today? The relativism of this type of self-congratulation drives me to distraction.

Our torture methods are more "humane" than those who boil people alive. We should be thankful that our press is now becoming ever so slightly less cozy with the disgraceful cabal that soils the excutive branch of our government.

Bah! I need a stiff drink.

Yeah---maybe MSM is waking up.....just in time to report on the American Ship Of State sinking in the sea of the "bushies" lies, greed and bad that it is probably already far to late to salvage much from the wreckage....THANKS A LOT get to go to hell with the rest of us...

The MSM Czars were never asleep, they want war in the Mideast just as many democrats (e.g.Joe Lieberman) want this war to continue and to expand to Iran and Syria, which is what divides the democrats today. Not many politicians have the courage to stand up to the AIPAC and call a spade a spade as those below.
“For many years I have felt that the situation in the Middle East was very nearly hopeless. The fundamental problem for us is that we have lost our freedom of action an the Middle East and are committed to policies that promote neither our own national interest nor the cause of peace. AIPAC (the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee) and its allied organizations have effective working control of the electoral process. They can elector defeat nearly any congressman or senator that they wush, with their money and coordinated organization.

If the mainstream media is perceived to be "doing better" it is only because of what is happening on the Internet and in the blogesphere which are holding their feet to the fire. The media is so completely embedded in the corporate/congressional power structure that it is hopeless to think that they will be allowed reportage that conflicts
with those interests. Give your financial support to blogs & websites that are genuinely seeking the truth & doing first rate investigative reporting. Don't ever expect to get that sort of journalism from rotten old has-beens like the NY Times, LA Times and the Washington Post.

Yes, I agree that Main Stream Media is finally waking up to the serious problems we have facing us today. Here is my letter to the webmaster of the only Main Stream Media show that truly understands the situation . . . I am referring of course to that Prince of Journalistic Integrity . . . Stephen Colbert . . .

----(begin letter)----
Dear Webmaster,

Please forward this invitation to Mr. Cobert to come to North Carolina 7th District next in his exciting series on US Congressional Districts.

We have a sad case of a good North Carolina kid gone bad after drinking the PNAC NEO CON Kool-Aid with Democrat Congressman Mike McIntyre. Despite all of our efforts, he keeps voting for stupid things like the Patriot Act, Son of Patriot Act, Night of the Living Dead Patriot Act, etc.

When our Wilmington Peace Meetup group met with him last week, he just kept mumbling fascist catch phrases like, "Must stay the course . . . it will dishonor the troops to cut and run . . . it is a just and noble cause"

. . . well, that is if Jon Stewart won't call us back . . . BUT PLEASE HELP US!!!


Foolius follius,
- frederick c. blackburn

-----(end forwarded letter)-----

Of course, other than Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Tina Fey, we are on our own, "blogsters" . . . and as Abbie Hoffman used to say, "Survive! Fight! Liberate!"

"Some brimstone baritone anti-cyclone
rolling stone preacher from the east
He says, "Dethrone the dictaphone, hit it in its funny bone,
that's where they expect it least."
- Blinded by the Light by Bruce Springsteen


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