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Warning: US Troops in Costa Rica

United for Peace & Justice

The outrageous announcement that 46 US warships and
7000 Marines are heading for Costa Rica to "fight
drugs" should alert all peace and justice organizations
to the real significance of this action. Such a move
will raise legitimate alarm in the Caribbean, Central
and Latin America of the real intent of the United
States and react accordingly.

Regardless whether this was done with the connivance of
the Costa Rica government or not, as peace and justice
activists, we are opposed to the extension of US
military force, especially, at these times, when our
Brothers and Sisters in the South are moving forward in
their struggle for national sovereignty and
independence from US influence.

Endorse the "Declaration Against US Military Forces in
Costa Rica, the Declaration against Invasion and
Military Impunity":

- We the undersigned and organizations of our support
network, categorically reject the U.S. military ships
entering Costa Rican territory, as well as any further
increase of militarism to attempt to solve conflicts in
global politics.

- We oppose the permission granted by the Costa Rican
Legislature, which allows for joint patrols against
trafficking of drugs into Costa Rica with up to 46
warships, 200 helicopters, 10 AV-8B Harrier aircraft
and 7,000 marines.

- With this action, the government of Costa Rica aims
to join the U.S. military agenda in Latin America. The
solution to drug trafficking is social, not military.

- Costa Rica, with its neutral and pacifist tradition,
cannot allow its territory to be used for a military
objective that violates their sovereignty. This U.S.
military contingent will be able to move freely
throughout Costa Rican territory with immunity for its
troops. Such a military presence in a country without
an army is unacceptable.

- We call on our respective governments and peoples to
jointly promote all possible action to defend Costa
Rican sovereignty, and to reject this military action.

Call to Action: United for Peace & Justice encourages
UFPJ Member Groups and other organizations to
individually endorse this declaration and communicate
it to Hendrik Voss, School of the Americas Watch, To support endorsement, we encourage
that issue information and calls to action be forwarded
to member group constituencies.


We Love Costa Rica article, 46 US Warships Plus 7,000
US Marines On Route To Costa Rica?

Global Post Article, 7,000 US Marines Landing on the
beaches of Costa Rica

Thank You, We are.... United for Peace & Justice

Help us continue to do this critical work: Make a
donation to UFPJ today.

PO Box 607
Times Square Station
New York, NY 10108


Are We Now at War in Costa Rica Too?

New York Peace Network
July 19, 2010

Dear Peace Activists and Friends,

On July 1, 2010, the Costa Rica Legislative Assembly
voted 31-8 to grant the U.S. military full in-country
access through the end of 2010 to help fight drug
trafficking and for "humanitarian missions." 46
warships and 7,000 U.S. Marines have been stationed in
Costa Rica, a country that ranks among the most

We have not been told what they are actually doing. Are
they using the same failed techniques being
administered in Colombia? Spending millions of dollars
to fight their failed war on drugs? We deserve to know
what is really going on!

Urge your representatives to demand more information,
and sign this petition telling the Costa Rica Congress
to withdraw the authorization of U.S. Marines:


Matt Resnick
Peace Action Fund of New York State


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