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War Crimes: The Posse Gathers

By Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith | December 2, 2005
Editor: John Gershman, IRC
Foreign Policy In Focus

Diverse forces are assembling to bring Bush administration officials to account for war crimes. Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Mother for Peace, insists: “We cannot have these people pardoned. They need to be tried on war crimes and go to jail.


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Accusing Bush and his cabal of war crimes is not being anti-American, and I am sure neither the American public nor the international community would take that view. With the amount of evidence that is now in the public domain, I am sure the American public will see that a call for justice to be done, both on their behalf and on the behalf of the Iraqis, would be more than justified. It is Bush and his war cabal that are being anti-American, and are making people anti-American, by presenting to Iraq and the world, an immoral and illegal war in which most known crimes against humanity have been perpetrated. Bush, his cabal, and all those who have helped in creating this war must be brought to justice and made to face their ignoble actions. The media which gave it’s support to the war effort should also be brought to account, they failed the American public just as much as Bush and his cohorts. And let us not forget those members of congress who, despite the uncovering of what was taking place, week by week, and the mounting evidence of war crimes, and the total disregard for international law, still gave Bush their support. It was congress who allowed Bush to undermine the constitution and remove the rights of American citizens who they were elected to represent. This is not so much a failing of American citizens, it’s a gross failing of the American governing system and it’s corporate owners who have grossly failed and grossly lied to the citizenship.

It is a paradox, but nevertheless true, the bigger the lie the more believable it becomes. 9/11 was a big enough lie for any honest citizen to believe. Who would ever have suspected their own governments complicity in the murder of American citizens in such a way and on such a scale. The accusations of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and Condoleeza Rice with her spectre of a mushroom cloud, who would have believed that their government would have lied them into an illegal war in which their loved one would have to sacrifice their lives. Either one of these lies on their own would have been enough to gain public support. Place the plethora of lies into one whole, feed it to the public via the media, and have a well thought of figure, such as Colin Powell, address the United Nations with claims of irrefutable proof, and what else can the American public think. America and Iraq are both victims of this illegal and immoral war.. Iraq has had its country shattered and the American public have had their trust in government shattered. The British prime minister, Tony Blair is also as much to blame as Bush. Blair is a knowing and willing accomplice in the plethora of lies and deceit; he also should be brought to justice for his contribution to this murderous scheme.

Instead of jail, I suggest that if Dumbya the Lying Elephant, Karl the Rogue Elephant,Dick Ball and Chain-y, Donald 'Beat the War Drums'feld, Kinda Sleazy Rice, Colin Polyp, John Dolton, et al should be found guilty of war crimes, they should be stripped of all their assets and be forced to live in those little white trailers purchased by FEMA.


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