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Downing Street Minutes to Hit House Floor

Congressman John Conyers, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and Congresswoman Barbara Lee are asking their colleagues in the House of Representatives to join them on the evening of June 28 to discuss the Downing Street Minutes on the floor of the House.

They need our help. Please contact your Congress Member right away and ask them to contact the Judiciary Committee staff and commit to taking part.
Phone: 1-877-762-8762

Below is a letter that has been circulated to Congress members:

Join the 'Out of Iraq' Caucus
On June 28, 2005 for an Hour of Special Order on the Downing Street Minutes

June 24, 2005
Dear Democratic Colleague:

Please join the 'Out of Iraq' Caucus this Tuesday, June 28th for a Special Order hour on the Downing Street Minutes. The Democratic hour for these remarks is scheduled for the second hour of the Special Orders, which will commence immediately after votes for the day have ended

Over the past month, 128 Members of Congress, along with some 560,000 citizens have sent letters to the President demanding a response to reports of a pre-war deal between Great Britain and the United States and to evidence that pre-war intelligence was intentionally manipulated. All of these letters have gone unanswered.

Given the importance of these matters, we believe it is incumbent upon Congress to discuss these issues in a public and forthright manner. We hope you will join us in this hour of Special Orders.

To reserve time during the Special Order, please contact Stacey Dansky or Adam Cohen of the Judiciary Committee staff at 225-6906. Thank you.


John Conyers, Jr.

Ranking Member, Committee on the Judiciary

Maxine Waters

Member, Committee on the Judiciary

Barbara Lee

Member, Committee on International Relations


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Give em hell Conyers!

"I never give them hell; I just tell them the truth and they think it is hell."

Harry S Truman

June 27, 2005

Dear Congressman _________,

The White House is currently working on a new message on Iraq based on the following points:

1. "Progress is being made politically and economically" in Iraq.

2. But the casualties could get worse over the next six months, and fighting could go on for "five, six, eight, 12 years."

3. And we have never miscalculated, erred, or misled you.

Do we go deeper into the foreign quagmire or do we shine the light of truth on the obvious miscalculation of post war instability, the errors in rushing to war, and the misleading spin on pre-war WMD.

I hope you will be able to join Congressman John Conyers, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and Congresswoman Barbara Lee on the evening of June 28 to discuss the Downing Street Minutes on the floor of the House.

Only a full inquiry into the pre-war actions can move our nation ahead. How will our nation be able to make real “Progress

Excellent. I hope my Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be there. I think he will be.

One thing to note is that Pres. Bush has already responded to the DSMemo. It's now our turn to counter his argument with fact lie this =>

Also, make sure discuss about what kind of inquiry should we kickoff, and how we get there. I think an inquiry should begin with a subpoena to Rycroft and/or Dearlove

- Cleveland, OH

Please don't just hope Congressman Kucinich comes. ;-)


Living in Georgia, Red-state-hell, is no fun..actually, it is frustrating as hell. I have been writing the fools down here for over two years now, about the lies and deception of the Bush government. They must be in on it, because all I ever get is placating letters, from clod-kicking, spitting, rich-guys (just like W.)

I plan on moving from this hell hole as soon as possible. When martial law is declared, the last place I want to be is anywhere in the deep South, my birth-place, and the arm-pit of the country.

RaginBlue 6:
As a lefty, we're all in this together. We're people first, then what our parties are. We have ALL been lied to!!
Now, we've got to band together and get the truth out!!!

As John Lennon put it, "Come together, yeah....!!"

It's worse for me.
Frist is my senator.
It's so embarrassing.
I pray (in my own strange fashion) that we can replace him with a person of integrity.

Is C-SPAN going to be covering this? I'd like to watch it on tv or stream if possible. PLEASE, anyone who knows whether it will be on tv or not...

Please call C-Span and ask them and report back.

Speeches will be posted within 15 mins at and linked to from

I called and they said that sched. is not available yet for all of tomorrow, and to call back in the morning. I will do that and let you know. She said the latest info she has currently is for the House of Representatives at 10am.

Cspan is very good at covering requested events. Contact them at
and click on "suggested events"

there is NO WAY in hell any Republican will show up for this open session. They don't want to hear the truth...that much is blatently obvious by their very acts since this 'war' began. They will march lock-step as they always do.

True, but self preservation is stronger than the herd instinct. They need to feel the sting of your email. Eventually they will come.

I always suspected and hoped that something would come out that would finally lead to an investigation and quite frankly I'm disappointed it has taken so long. It seems like anyone who asks questions of our new government gets in trouble somehow, so I understand the fear. Ever since the agent reported there was no truth to trumped up intelligence about Uranium being sold to Iraq from South Africa, and then his wife's subsequent CIA exposure. We never did find out who leaked that information. If this were a Democratic administration, independent counsel would have been all over it a long time ago. If the 'right wing' can do that, then why can't the 'left'? Why has it taken so long? You can't beat em by laying down and letting them run over you! Stand up and fight, damn it. At least Howard Dean has got some moxie! I applaud his voice and his right to have it. Imagine that! We cannot lie down and let Bush get away with dismissing this as nonsense.

The congress and the press all but crucified President Clinton for MUCH less. It's about time this President paid the piper, so I say THANK YOU John Conyers and Barbara Lee! Thank you for speaking up, standing up and fighting for the truth. Let's get down to it.

I just called Rob Simmons office and said that I hoped he would be there. I won't hold my breath, but Rob is up for a tough re-election in Blue State Connecticut.

I just called Rob Simmons office and said I hoped he would be there. I won't hold my breath but Rob is up for a tough re-election in Blue Connecticut.

Okay folks, if we want this to evolve into impeachment, let's all prepare for a long full-court press. Call your congressman. Write to your local newspapers. Tune in to Air America. Pay attention. Start talking to everybody you see. This is not going to be a quick process. This transparently corrupt Republican Party is going to be a really vicious animal once its under attack, so get ready for a long, ugly fight with a blatantly unethical foe.


I have written to every single Republican House member requesting an explanation of why they didn't sign Rep. Conyers' petition (excluding Tom DeLay because he's not worth the price of a stamp). I informed them that they should cooperate with the Democrats' investigation or we'd elect a Congress in 2006 that will. In addition, I sent copies of all 231 letters to the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times asking that they stop dismissing this story because - contrary to their reporting - Americans are not complacent. In fact, we're outraged.

So let's stay on track and make sure the Democrats keep focused. Let's make the Republicans understand that they need to get on board or they'll need to start looking for new employment in November 2006.

I can't afford a large amount of stamps and because of the Ricin thing (is the FBI investigating this? What happened to the investigation of the weapons grade Anthrax that could only have come from US Military Labs sent to Congress and the Media?)

I will try to keep email and I guess we know now what the cornered animals will do with the bombing of London for their media telling the truth and MI5 releasing the Downing Street Memos. Is there any International group with the authority to stop the Bush Regime from making more attacks on innocent people?

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2 Tape SIGN To Your Local... Street, Road, Highway Sign - NOW – Repeat

3 Hang - DOWNING ST. - Sign Under Your Mail Box

4 Downing Street - On A Stick - As A Yard Sign - What-Ever

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We know that we have had constant, persistent, evasive, outrageous lies since this guy took office. WHY can't he be made to answer for ANYTHING he does, as Clinton was made to answer for EVERYTHING he did??????? or as John Kerry was made to answer for every move he has made since birth. The mainstream media seems to be huddling near the center and being very careful not to make anyone mad. Dan Rather was brave and he is gone. PBS is now controlled by and has a President (?) who was a Republican party leader because someone complained. WHY can't we get action like that. Why are we feeling powerless? Obviously, I don't know a good answer. Do we feel secure about where we stand on things - are we just too nice (because we are nice) and they are NOT nice? I am depressed.

St. Germain 6.10.05

Every day will give you opportunities to spread the Light, and even without realizing it you affect the train of thought of another. You have a love of talking and as you come together so you express your ideas and opinions. All of the time you are re-assessing your position on matters, and the media also greatly influences you. It is almost entirely under the influence and control of the Illuminati who dictate what you should be made known to you. More importantly, they decide what you should not know about and this is where your problem lies. For many decades you have been deceived and often fed outright lies, all to condition you so that you can be manipulated and kept in place.

In the circumstances, it has been left to many individuals to pursue their own line of investigation, and mainly through your Internet the findings can be made public. Fortunately there are always people even in high places that are not prepared to toe the line, and they will find ways of leaking information that is essential to your understanding of the truth. As you are aware, the difficulty in some areas such as politics is that you endanger yourself once you are seen to go against the establishment. Reputations have been reduced to tatters, and jobs have been lost because people have had the audacity to speak out.

It is regrettable that some of the professional bodies are amongst the most closeted and vociferous, when they turn upon their own. Fortunately you have free thinking people that will stand up for what they believe. Truth has a ring about it that speaks true when you hear it, and this is where your intuition plays a big part. You often speak of something “feeling

Keep up the good work!

It is a real shame that our Great country has sunk so low that
a mans sexual misconduct is cause for impeachment hearings, but
another mans deception and wrong motives that takes our country
into a war which is very costly in lives, money, and world opinion is embraced with glee by 50% of our country.

Folks need to wake up and open their eyes instead of blindly following their hallowed leader. You notice I said theirs not ours.

when are we going to get coverage by the networks about downing street?
why have we not heard from john kerry about this,

Watch C-SPAN
(see his speech on the floor of the Senate; check C-SPAN archives)

Read his op-ed piece in today's (6/28/05) New York Times:

June 28, 2005
The Speech the President Should Give

TONIGHT President Bush will discuss the situation in Iraq. It's long past time to get it right in Iraq. The Bush administration is courting disaster with its current course - a course with no realistic strategy for reducing the risks to our soldiers and increasing the odds for success.

The reality is that the Bush administration's choices have made Iraq into what it wasn't before the war - a breeding ground for jihadists. Today there are 16,000 to 20,000 jihadists and the number is growing. The administration has put itself - and, tragically, our troops, who pay the price every day - in a box of its own making. Getting out of this box won't be easy, but we owe it to our soldiers to make our best effort.

Our mission in Iraq is harder because the administration ignored the advice of others, went in largely alone, underestimated the likelihood and power of the insurgency, sent in too few troops to secure the country, destroyed the Iraqi army through de-Baathification, failed to secure ammunition dumps, refused to recognize the urgency of training Iraqi security forces and did no postwar planning. A little humility would go a long way - coupled with a strategy to succeed.

So what should the president say tonight? The first thing he should do is tell the truth to the American people. Happy talk about the insurgency being in "the last throes" leads to frustrated expectations at home. It also encourages reluctant, sidelined nations that know better to turn their backs on their common interest in keeping Iraq from becoming a failed state.

The president must also announce immediately that the United States will not have a permanent military presence in Iraq. Erasing suspicions that the occupation is indefinite is critical to eroding support for the insurgency.

He should also say that the United States will insist that the Iraqis establish a truly inclusive political process and meet the deadlines for finishing the Constitution and holding elections in December. We're doing our part: our huge military presence stands between the Iraqi people and chaos, and our special forces protect Iraqi leaders. The Iraqis must now do theirs.

He also needs to put the training of Iraqi troops on a true six-month wartime footing and ensure that the Iraqi government has the budget needed to deploy them. The administration and the Iraqi government must stop using the requirement that troops be trained in-country as an excuse for refusing offers made by Egypt, Jordan, France and Germany to do more.

The administration must immediately draw up a detailed plan with clear milestones and deadlines for the transfer of military and police responsibilities to Iraqis after the December elections. The plan should be shared with Congress. The guideposts should take into account political and security needs and objectives and be linked to specific tasks and accomplishments. If Iraqis adopt a constitution and hold elections as planned, support for the insurgency should fall and Iraqi security forces should be able to take on more responsibility. It will also set the stage for American forces to begin to come home.

Iraq, of course, badly needs a unified national army, but until it has one - something that our generals now say could take two more years - it should make use of its tribal, religious and ethnic militias like the Kurdish pesh merga and the Shiite Badr Brigade to provide protection and help with reconstruction. Instead of single-mindedly focusing on training a national army, the administration should prod the Iraqi government to fill the current security gap by integrating these militias into a National Guard-type force that can provide security in their own areas.

The administration must work with the Iraqi government to establish a multinational force to help protect its borders. Such a force, if sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council, could attract participation by Iraq's neighbors and countries like India.

The deployment of capable security forces is critical, but it alone will not end the insurgency, as the administration would have us believe. Hamstrung by its earlier lack of planning and overly optimistic predictions for rebuilding Iraq, the administration has failed to devote equal attention to working with the Iraqi government on the economic and political fronts. Consequently, reconstruction is lagging even in the relatively secure Shiite south and Kurdish north. If Iraqis, particularly Sunnis who fear being disenfranchised, see electricity flowing, jobs being created, roads and sewers being rebuilt and a democratic government being formed, the allure of the insurgency will decrease.

Iraq's Sunni neighbors, who complain they are left out, could do more to help. Even short-term improvements, like providing electricity and supplying diesel fuel - an offer that the Saudis have made but have yet to fulfill - will go a long way. But we need to give these nations a strategic plan for regional security, acknowledging their fears of an Iran-dominated crescent and their concerns about our fitful mediation between Israel and the Palestinians in return for their help in rebuilding Iraq, protecting its borders, and bringing its Sunnis into the political process.

The next months are critical to Iraq's future and our security. If Mr. Bush fails to take these steps, we will stumble along, our troops at greater risk, casualties rising, costs rising, the patience of the American people wearing thin, and the specter of quagmire staring us in the face. Our troops deserve better: they deserve leadership equal to their sacrifice.

John F. Kerry is a Democratic senator from Massachusetts.

Copyright 2005 The New York Times Company Home

That's not a RESPONSE!!! Standard Kerry jellyfish b.s.. "Our mission in Iraq." We didn't HAVE a mission in Iraq; the "mission" was a bunch of little boys who like to play with guns deciding to distract attention from the economy for the 2002 and 2004 election cycles by starting a "sweet" lil' war on false pretenses. What we need to hear is an apology from Sen Kerry for wilfully abdicating the warmaking powers that are supposed to lie with Congress. Make me vomit, Jack.

Oil and Drugs are what's leading this war on. and the sooner the people realize this and get rid of George Bush amd his administration
the better off they will be.
And the longer they let things go on like it is, then they will be in the poor house.
Because they are letting the Bush Adminstration take away their essential needs.
And he's going to be on tv tuesday night spinning his lies again, hoping the american people will believe him. (Some of them already did by voting for him.)

The great 20th century philosopher George Santayana wrote: Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. He also wrote: The working of great institutions is mainly the result of a vast mass of routine, petty malice, self-interest, carelessness, and sheer mistake. Only a residual fraction is thought.

It would be hard to find more pertinent or applicable quotes than these to cast at the current cast of Strangeloves presiding over the executive branch.

I was appalled at the first words I ever heard emerge from Bush's mouth. Now I am doubly appalled: he's a self-proclaimed so-called man of God. So, which God would that be? The one who encourages unconditional love, truth, peace and humility, or the one who rewards a sequence of lies and deceptions for self-dealing aggrandizement and the violent (mis)use power? If Iraq had even a small supply of WMD, or an indirect connection to 9/11 or Al Qaeda, then a case could have been credibly made for intervention. But with no iota of such evidence, the self-righteous sneering smugness of the perpetrators looks almost villainous, and the complete denial of accountability and the utter lack of humility is outrageous. Added to the hellhole cauldron bloodbath money pit of Iraq is the deep-in-the-red budget, grotesque trade deficits; no accountability at all for dropping the pre-9/11 ball, a demonstration of lethal incompetence if there ever was (unless it was not incompetence at all, but something far more sinister...); the incessant and insidious coercion of the media by those 'fair and balanced' dudes; the obscene giveaways of the bait-and-switch drug plan; the brazen but so far mercifully botched attempt to eviscerate Social Security (and steer those bazillions to the pimps of high finance who would be sure to keep the re-election coffers brimming for their sugar daddies); the ongoing attempts to castrate useful environmental laws that, oh, help to prevent asthma in millions of children, keep mercury out of food that pregnant women eat, and keep human waste out of our drinking water; 45 million Americans without health insurance, medical costs surpassing obscene, and not a credible word from the president about this crisis; the utter absence of an energy plan that has a shred of foreign policy sense or ecological credibility while oil climbs above $60 a barrel; a military budget that makes no hard choices at all between an entire roster of far overpriced weapons systems, not all of which will prove necessary (except to keep the K-Street lobbyists in expense accounts as they massage Rumsfeld and the Pentagon to continue to be allowed to corrupt our process and enrich weapons corp. stockholders); Senators and Representatives of the dominant party who besmirch and denigrate their colleagues across the aisle while they take great pains to hide their double-dealing, and so on.

Ancient Rome collapsed not just because there were barbarians at the gate, but because their imbalanced tax-and-spend accounts, trade policies, and military budget, and the manpower, composition, morale and leadership of the armies had been allowed to spin out of control by senators who had succumbed to corruption and bickering. Does this sound familiar?

Now Bush is going to lecture us on how smart he really is, how all we have to do is stay the course. Hah! Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. I say the military-industrial-political perps of Vietnam never learned anything, and they have kept their heirs (including sons dubbed W) just as deaf, dumb and blind as they ever were. Not only is it time for a change of this leadership -- through impeachment if the will and momentum can be mustered -- but it is time for significant revisions in how the U.S. conducts business domestic and foreign. We're just spinning folks, and sooner rather than later the wheel will slow and we'll spiral down, and no one is prepared for that ugly ride. With leadership of this caliber American power is far from guaranteed.

Who remembers the early 1990s Fram oil filter commercial with the slimy car mechanic installing second-rate junk in your car?: "You can pay me now, or you can pay me later." The choice is ours. But the people should decide once and for all to no longer be bamboozled by media-made power-hungry charlatans who have all the answers for questions they refuse to understand.

BRAVO-I couldn't have said it better myself!!I'm glad to see there are people like me who think that this country under this dictator and his vote controlling Congress, will be in ruins for everybody except his kronies and campaign contributors when his term is over!!!Can you think of anything that will not be torn to shreds by the time this dumb ass is through? It reminds me of today's news about some of the former hostages in Iran recognizing the new president-elect of Iran.I'm reminded of how far a Republican will go to get the presidency(Do you remember the news about Reagan negociating with hardliners about kidnapping U.S. citizens at the embassy in exchange for getting the Shaw of Iran out?!Kind of like the deception of the "Swift Boat" people from the last election here!)Get that little prick out before we have no America left-there are still places I like to go to and photograph-where it's quiet!!!Mitch

it is SOOOO sad that 50% or more of the people of the US do not get what is happening to the world, and espaecially IRAQ......All done by The BUSH evidenced by all the lies and deceits.....PEOPLE we need to take back our inalienable rights.....

on other sites with URL.

I was so sick that Rep. Barbara Lee's A RESOLUTION FOR INQUIRY failed BY ONE VOTE! Who were the Congresspersons who backed out of sponsoring after they signed Conyers' and Kerry's letter. I hope it was not my Congressperson.

I am trying to let people know that Rep. Lee's Resolution of Inquiry would have been the beginning of Impeachment hearings which I did not know or would have emailed everyone in Congress instead of just a few. When can Rep. Lee introduce the Resolution again?

Please post on other sites and let them know what it means and also that Rep. McKinney mentioned Impeachment and it was stricken from the Congressional Record. This has to be illegal and a violation of the Congressional oath to protect the Contitution.

Rep. McKinney listed some of the ways FEMA BLOCKED AID to the NOLA
survivors - long list, long speech on bellaciao and since the left blogosphere ignores the most important speech in history in
which Rep. McKinney mentions Impeachment and that word was stricken from the Congressional record which she mentions in the transcripts of this speech on the above from 2 weeks ago but the Left Blogsphere has ignored it.

I thought it took only one Representative to call for impeachment to get the ball rolling but if they censor the Congressional Record...

Rep. McKinney should be invited to do article for DU or at least DU should do a story on this speech. ... The 'Impeach Bush Coalition'
A United Coalition of Blogs for the Impeachment of George W. Bush
'Impeach Bush' is the #1 searched term on Technocrati today

Katrina, Bush and Cheney
Grounds for Impeachment

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