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Civilian Trauma {PTSD} from Disasters

By jimstaro - Posted on 14 July 2010

July 13: Corey Hebert, WDSU medical editor, talks with Keith Olbermann about attention being paid to Gulf Coast residents whose health is affected by the BP oil disaster.



Keith Olbermann says a fisherman killed himself last week and when saying where he was from it sounds like it's Anabana or Anabama, a little like that anyway, and I've never heard of any town or city with this name, but know of Alabama. So I guess it's a fisherman from that state, but Olbermann doesn't say that the death or suicide was due to the situation in the Gulf; only leaving it inferred that this is the cause and that it therefore was a suicide due to the loss of business because of the catastrophe in the Gulf. But it's entirely left inferred, instead of being backed up with a suicide note in which the fisherman would've said that he was killing himself because of this loss of business and this catastrophe being the cause of the loss of business.

It's very weak news reporting. Listeners are left only guessing that the fisherman apparently decided to commit suicide for the above reason.

Alabama has virtually no coastline, so what's the suicide toll among Gulf fishermen in the states with a lot of coastline on the Gulf? If none, then it's hardly credible that the fisherman in Alabama killed himself because of the catastrophe all of these other fishermen are also suffering from. It's possible that he killed himself for that reason, but hardly credible without real proof; like a suicide letter in which he would've written that he was taking his life because of this environmental and fishing industry catastrophe, f.e.

Re. 100% increase in suicides

Dr. Corey Hebert says they're experiencing a 100% increase in the suicide rate, but this is very, very vague. 2 is 100% more than 1. 200 is 100% more than 100. The former does not impress, but the latter definitely would when speaking of suicides. So when Dr. Herbert says the suicide rate has risen by 100%, what kind of numbers does this really involve?

I don't need the answer, only saying that giving percentage increases and decreases doesn't really mean much unless we're also told what the actual numbers are.


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