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Find Your Favorite Lie

Iraq on the Record: A searchable collection of 237 specific misleading statements made by Bush Administration officials about the threat posed by Iraq.


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It's about the promotion of “democracy

If the President sincerely desires to liberate the oppressed peoples of the world why hasn't he produced a list of affected countries, from most oppressed to least, and told the American people we're going to go down that list, one country at a time, invading and nation-building. Certainly a credible list would not have started with Iraq; a likely candidate would be North Korea where, by the way, they brag about their nuclear weapons rather than truthfully denying them. If Iraq is the first and last country to which we spread democracy or if this policy only applies to the Middle East then it will join the list of other ludicrous reasons we invaded.

"The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."
Source: President Delivers "State of the Union", White House (1/28/2003).


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Ben in DC

Hope you won't mind.

"I'm going to chain myself to the fence!"

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