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July 20th - On the 3-Month Anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster - Join us to kick-off a week of actions that support people and the planet over corporate polluters like BP.

The BP blowout disaster began with an explosion that killed 11 workers on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. This disaster has since devastated livelihoods and the future for people in the Gulf, as well as the ecosystem of fish, birds and other wildlife in this wounded region of the U.S.

July 20th also represents the 41st anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.

Two historic events, one an example of American aspiration and ingenuity, and the other of corporate polluters' undermining our economy, environment and democracy.

Just as landing a man on the moon within a decade was set as a national goal 50 years ago, we must demand that the federal government get serious about a similarly ambitious goal of breaking our fossil fuel addiction this decade, including the restoration of the Gulf of Mexico and threatened coastal communities to pre-oil-exploitation sustainability.

As long as dirty energy interests continue to shower regulators and lawmakers with enormous contributions, decisions made about safety, environmental protection and energy policy will prioritize the bottom line of polluters, not the necessary protection of people and the planet. BP's oil spill disaster is the ultimate example of corporate influence and self-regulation run amok.

We are calling for local actions across the country to mark these two anniversaries. July 20th will kick-off actions with the clear messages:

-We call for a Strong Climate Bill that Reduces Carbon and Promotes Clean Energy!

-We call for Dirty Energy Money out of Politics!

Initiating Organizations:


Center for Biological Diversity
Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Climate Crisis Coalition

Energy Action Coalition

Friends of the Earth


Gulf Restoration Network

Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters, JPIC

Mobilization for Climate Justice West


Oil Change International

Price Carbon Campaign

Progressive Democrats of America

Public Citizen

Shalom Center

We urge local organizers to take the initiative to organize "Congress: You've Got Oil On Your Hands" events, to be held in front of the offices of members of the Senate or the House around the country who have taken a large amount of money from Big Oil or who have refused to support strong action on climate. You can find out about Big Oil campaign contributions at

At the events, people would hold up large, black, "oil-covered" hands to represent how the target is too close to Big Oil. People could also cover their own hands in black body paint, shoe polish, chocolate syrup, or anything that would reinforce the "oily hands" imagery.

Time is short until July 20th, but there's enough time for dedicated organizers to do effective actions, and our national coalition will help you. For more information write to


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