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Protest to Target Washington Post Under-Reporting of Downing Street Papers

JUNE 27, 2005


Members of a growing list of organizations concerned about the continued failure by the Washington Post, in particular, and much of the mainstream media, in general, to adequately cover the eight "Downing Street Papers", will conduct a peaceful protest in front of the Washington, D. C. offices of the Washington Post from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Wednesday, June 29.

The demonstration has already been endorsed by the Progressive Democrats of America, Code Pink,,, Northern Virginians United for Peace and Justice, with more groups signing on every day. Members of the DC Anti-War Network (DAWN), Gold Star Families for Peace, and other organizations will also participate in the demonstration.

The eight documents in question are the private briefing papers, letters and minutes of meetings of the top-level of the British Government, including Prime Minister Tony Blair and Britain’s foreign secretary, head of intelligence and ambassador to the U.S., among others, in March, 2002, and July, 2002. Their authenticity is not in question—the British Foreign Office has confirmed they are all genuine. Their reliability is also not in question, as they are the private beliefs and statements of the named individuals at the highest level of America’s closest ally.

The story they reveal is shocking, far from the “old news


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Just found a website that is going to make govt reports available.

We have well over 500,000 people who signed Conyers letter.

Pick 7-10 of the most prominent W.P. advertisers and let them know that we will not purchase their products if W.P. continues its reportings ways.

It needs to be an organized assault.

Then, do the same to ABC, NBC, and CBS.

"We Will Contact Your Advertisers"

"We Will Contact Your Advertisers"

This is a very good start, but it requires large numbers of e-mails.

Another action, perhaps more effective, is just to stop buying the paper in the the Metro or from the corner on the street. Why support a paper that does not provide complete news and publishes only one-sided commentary.

Subscribers should drop their subscription for the same reason. When contacted by the subscription department they should say:

"I dropped my subscription. Please inform your editorial department that in my opinion The Post is not what it used to be. I might as well get the Washington Times from now on."

St. Germain 6.10.05
Through Mike Quinsey

Every day will give you opportunities to spread the Light, and even without realizing it you affect the train of thought of another. You have a love of talking and as you come together so you express your ideas and opinions. All of the time you are re-assessing your position on matters, and the media also greatly influences you. It is almost entirely under the influence and control of the Illuminati who dictate what you should be made known to you. More importantly, they decide what you should not know about and this is where your problem lies. For many decades you have been deceived and often fed outright lies, all to condition you so that you can be manipulated and kept in place.

In the circumstances, it has been left to many individuals to pursue their own line of investigation, and mainly through your Internet the findings can be made public. Fortunately there are always people even in high places that are not prepared to toe the line, and they will find ways of leaking information that is essential to your understanding of the truth. As you are aware, the difficulty in some areas such as politics is that you endanger yourself once you are seen to go against the establishment. Reputations have been reduced to tatters, and jobs have been lost because people have had the audacity to speak out.

It is regrettable that some of the professional bodies are amongst the most closeted and vociferous, when they turn upon their own. Fortunately you have free thinking people that will stand up for what they believe. Truth has a ring about it that speaks true when you hear it, and this is where your intuition plays a big part. You often speak of something “feeling

St. Germain 06.25.05

The tide of evidence against the perpetrators of 9/11 is gathering momentum, and no amount of threats against those that hold compelling stories will keep them from coming into the public domain. It is no thanks to your media and this is why in the near future they will have to change. They have a duty to report and investigate the truth, and not be involved in censorship of matters of vital interest and importance. Censorship and outright cover ups are not what is expected in a free society. The dam of lies and denial of the truth is breaking up, and soon the pressure from people to have matters addressed will cause a massive explosion of facts surrounding the truth. Already more evidence is coming to light, and the protection placed around those who were guilty of the acts of atrocity is now paper thin.

There is no longer any escape for those guilty ones, who had hoped to bury the truth with the remains of the Twin Towers . Through their arrogance and belief in their own infallibility they are about to fall flat on their faces. One of the most audacious and evil attacks on the people cannot be buried by the official version of the truth. Many souls are pondering their part in the cover up, and their conscience is at odds with their actions. The truth is like new shoots pushing their way up through the slime and dirt, and breaking forth into the light. Once this break through occurs, there is no stopping its quickening growth.

When a government has shown itself to have no regard for the sanctity of life, and its treasonous acts are against their own people it is time for a showdown. We help those brave souls that stand forth at no small risk to themselves, as you have pleaded with us for the truth to be allowed to come out. There are thousands of people who were touched by the murder of their loved ones, and they rightfully demand to have answers to their questions. The pain, sorrow and anguish will not go away until those guilty ones are brought to account for their actions. All through your history those in power have used people like pawns on a chessboard, and have not looked beyond their own greed and selfishness. Power and money are two hypnotic ingredients in the quest for control over other people.

People under oath for security reasons are now questioning their allegiance, and once the main culprits responsible for 9/11 are apprehended they will feel free to give their evidence. So much depends on events that are now in progress, and a delicate operation is in hand to provide the means to once and for all remove your last cabal. This action is planned to ensure that a halt is brought to warlike preparations that already exist to extend the activities in the Middle East . This one action will bring the release of the people from the express train of death and oblivion, and it will be halted in its tracks. The Light of peace will shine all over the world, and for the first time in recorded history there will be total peace.

You cannot have peace where there is chaos and confusion, and this is why our actions are designed to bring changes in a specific way so as to avoid it. It has been a long time since you first reached that point of conscious awareness that you had the power to bring about changes yourself. You have realized that you are not simply subject to the authority of those in power, that there is a higher one to which you have your allegiance and no one can take that away from you. Those in power have normally obtained their position through your grace and should honor it by fully representing you. If they do not honor and serve you, it is perfectly correct for you to have them removed. Government is for the people, and not to provide exalted positions for those in power so that they may use it against you.

We know what is required to bring in the changes that will see a fair and just distribution of your wealth. We know that many draconian laws need to be removed to restore your freedom and sovereignty. All is in preparation and ready to be instigated, and our strength and forces of good are primed and eager to bring you the changes that are necessary. It might be unthinkable that anyone would stand in the way of changes for the better, but those who are very materialistic and self centered are reluctant to give up their exalted positions. In a fair and just society there is no room for the aggrandizement of the few who hold wealth way beyond their needs at the expense of others. The distinctions that are made between people that are based upon their wealth will disappear, and equality and respect will be the order of the day.

I am St. Germain and I want you to understand that your needs are fully understood. The loose ends of Karma are being played out, and it will not be long now before it will be the right time to bring this period to a close. The change over to one of freedom from your past will happen very quickly, and you will see the benefits quite rapidly, and these will embrace the whole world. There will be a wonderful coming together of all people, in a new found trust and friendship, and you will truly become One. As always a great Love and Light is with you, and you may draw upon it for your needs.

Thank you St. Germain

Mike Quinsey

The editors who conspire with the government to cover up impeachable offenses are guilty of conspiracy and fraud, if not treason. The cover up would not be possible without their knowing support.

These editors have committed (and are still committing) crimes, and they should be formally charged and put on trial.

I agree with you,but I think this is a hard one to prove.
But if there caught,and theres a power that knows all,and I mean all,it is treason! Special K 1955,that's alot of evidence!
I recommend they start doing there job in a hurry,but it's there chose!

While I agree they appear to be guilty of covering up impeachable offenses, I doubt that they could legally be charged with conspiracy and fraud. I hope I can be proven wrong and some legal action is taken.
They deserve no less.

On Mike Malloy's program on AAR a caller said that the WP was supposed to have a front page story today on the Downing Street Minutes.

Should be interesting....

Probably more cover for the Bush cabal.

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