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National PTSD Awareness Day Arrives

By jimstaro - Posted on 27 June 2010

This is going to be short.

Meant to inform of this day, to send you to one extremely dedicated individuals own post, to hopefully send some to search out even more {if you haven't followed the real issues}, for the trolls who won't see these issues on conservative blogs or news? sites, and we probably won't hear a peep on any of the Sunday Morning empty blab shows or news outlets.

30 Years in the Making, National PTSD Awareness Day Arrives

June 27, 2010 This past week, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution submitted by Sen. Kent Conrad [D-ND] marking today, June 27, as National PTSD Awareness Day. Boy, have we come a long way. It's been three decades since post-traumatic stress disorder was first listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III). Since then, the study of trauma has taken off, reflected in academic publications such as the Journal of Traumatic Stress. In February, in fact, JTS devoted an entire issue specifically to combat PTSD as it has affected veterans and military families embroiled in our current wars in the Middle East. A few stats from the issue's editorial [pdf]: Continued with Backlinks and Video's

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Since Oct 1968 i have had to deal with PTSD. i didn't know i had it till 1980; but all the symptoms were there, and still are 24/7. FLASH BACKS,Volatile,all senses are intensified ! sense of self destruction, mistrust, - very few places to call level ground... Now we have day for it - that should pretty much clear it up and be done with it. Just kidding.

It affects everyone differently... i look back and know i would like to change some of my actions that were steeped in PTSD... and others actions (for justice and accountability) have been relentless due in part to PTSD.
i ask myself "would i be like this had i not spent a year in the bloody rice paddies of the Mekong Delta with an M-16? Probably not.

Interestingly enough it can give one a heightened sense of Justice... or diminish one's self worth.
PTSD compounds itself thru dysfunctions that already existed... early life drama and up bringing has a strong voice in how PTSD manifests itself.

If you can't name it and claim it, it owns you.

oh well, fuck it all
time to make a
Perimeter check,



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