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Did Pat Tillman Reach Out from the Grave?

By jimstaro - Posted on 24 June 2010



Why would a general want to leave a command, especially one as challenging as Afghanistan? Think of it, no more meetings with President Karzai. Picture yourself, sitting in Kabul. Still in Kabul, looking south at failure. Long ago, when Paul Wolfowitz and Karl Rove, called “Dog Boy and Turd Blossom” by President Bush, were selecting the worst possible weaklings and con men to act as American puppets, the new governments of, first Afghanistan and then Iraq, the names Hamed Karzai and Ahjmed Chalibi were, not just the short list, they were the only list.

The task was simple, as outlined by Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The candidates had to be weak, corrupt, useless, conniving and distrusted by their own people. Their tasks were clear. They had to set up a puppet dictatorship, a platform for a war their incompetence would turn into years of civil war and low intensity conflicts, an environment for a seemingly endless entangling failure. With billions in no-bid contracts to pay off political allies and opponents alike, each nation would sink into poverty, ethnic, regional and sectarian violence, warlordism and militias would abound. Continue

Who is Gordon:


Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, grunt and 100% disabled vet.

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Pat Tillman was trying to blow the lid on America's subsidizing the opium trade. In his letters, he wrote that was what they did when they got there. He left sports to guard opium. And in the spin of todays words, his died from "friendly fire". Is there not one area, where advertising PR slogans are not used to tell us that what is bad, is really good. If you were to land on this planet, you would fair far better, to do just the opposite of what you hear, and see others do. The spin is that bad. Tillman was a hero before we went in, and then he became a bigger hero. And they were worried about him, because he had a spine, he was willing to put in on the line for what is true (over come the ideology). Just as Jim Morrison's dad did years later, he acknowledged that his ways in the military were wrong, and his son was brave and did not comprise to the end. Now his dad deserves some recondition for admitting this.

Pat Tillman said No to Drugs, and tried to get our military away from our governments addiction to other people's substances.


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