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Looking Up: War Is Over (if you want it)

By davidswanson - Posted on 18 June 2010

The tide is turning against war. 
We've permanently shut down the Army Experience Center!
We've kept student information from recruiters in Maryland!
The war escalation supplemental funding has stalled!
The attack on Kandahar has been stalled!
The majority of the public is on our side!
Even our puppet president doesn't want the war!
Dozens of reports and experts are on our side!
The economic and political crises are on our side!
Torture protesters have been acquitted!
Australians are with us!
The Israeli blockade of Gaza is breaking!
Petraeus has fainted in the face of congressional skepticism!
A congresswoman, under tough pressure from us, just told Petraeus he's making us less safe!
A reporter asked the President when we'll get out "and spare us the Bushisms".
In an unprecedented act, a congressman just asked us to lobby his colleagues against war funding!
80 congressional candidates are opposing war funding!
The Pentagon has been reduced to making up stories about minerals!
U.S. soldiers have been charged with murder!
The International Criminal Court has defied the U.S. and put aggression on the list of offenses to be tried!
Brown Bag Lunch Vigils are growing!
Wikileaks is planning a new Afghanistan video release!
Resolutions against war spending are being passed by political parties, towns, cities, and labor councils.
Cities are putting Cost of War counters on city hall.
The new car smell is wearing off the new emperor, and people are snapping out of their dazed subservience! has more bloggers and increased traffic on the site, on Facebook and Youtube and (the place to stay up to the minute) Twitter!
Afghanistan War Weekly is posted every week!
The peace movement (this cannot be assumed) is turning against the war escalation funding!
Resources and whiplist are available at
Nationalistic competitive spectators can turn to soccer instead of war!

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"Australians are with us!" is very interesting. They blocked the road to and shut down "power and satellites" at a secret, or once secret, Australian military base, the article says. It's the first time I've heard or read of activists doing something like this, and successfully too. GREAT!

The following video is an example of what I guess is very little-known activism in Canada. I just came across the video yesterday and the first part of it is for a sarcastic but comical rephrasing of the Beatitudes that were spoken by Jesus; rewording them for describing war makers and profiteers, imperialist and predatory capitalists, et cetera. That part is followed by a very good or excellent speech or talk, sermon (whatever) by American Jesuit priest and anti-war, ... activist Minister John Dear from when he spoke at an anti-School of the Americas rally in 2006 in, I guess, Georgia, near this "school".

"Military Coop Out of Catholic High Schools" (9:18)

RFHallSocialJustice, Apr 12 2009

According to the channel page, RFHall is the Robert F Hall Catholic Secondary School in Caledon East Ontario and they have two, three or more activism committees.

One of the group's activist campaigns is to put an end to Canadian Armed Forces working in Canadian Catholic high schools; to try to stop this military "informational", which is to say promotional, "business".

In this video, Rev. John Dear stated good (or excellent) and welcome words about military recruiters working in Catholic high schools in the U.S. too. He didn't mention anything about Canadian schools, but speaking from a Christian standpoint, what he says really applies for all Catholic and other Christian schools worldwide.

And based on the text with the video, I think RFHallSocialJustice's campaign is a continuing one, today.

On some things, non-religious and religious people share or have similar views, and getting the military out of high schools seems to be an example.

The ruling is reported as not taking effect until 2017, which is not seven years too late, as some people say; it'll be 16 years too late.

But like Denis Halliday has correctly said in his strong criticism and debunking of the UN Security Council, very much the same is true about the ICC. He correctly and strongly criticized the corrupt UNSC, but also correctly said that as long as the UNSC is not seriously or drastically reformed, the ICC is ... what I'll treat or interpret as a FALSE hope. The ICC will never be a real court of law until the UNSC is drastically reformed, and Denis Halliday provides an excellent explanation for what the reform should consist of.

"VIDEO: The United Nations' Role in Peace and War
Global Research Public Lecture, Montreal, Dec 1, 2009" (23:33)

by Denis Halliday, Jan. 6, 2010

"As you may have guessed – this is not intended to be a ‘feel good’ review of the UN. We are here to think, and consider something different, something better. Something representative, something respectful of international law: committed to equality of nations and people. An organization that really believes in a single standard of behaviour and treatment for all... and not double standards as of now."

For full transcript of Denis Halliday's presentation, click here.

Camera and editing by Pierre-Etienne Bordeleau

A Production of Global Research TV

The full transcript is the following page.

The only question I'd raise about a very little of what he said is wherein he spoke of Costa Rica. That country's govt has been considerably aligned with the U.S., over the past year or so anyway. It was during the military coup d'etat crisis in Honduras anyway. It then [publicly] was not solely aligned with the U.S. elites, but it nevertheless considerably was.

Denis Halliday is technically, say, right in this respect and it's just that I would not want the Costa Rican govt's serious alignment with the U.S. during the Honduran crisis to be neglected.

In any case, the ICC is NOT a court we can realistically consider as non-double standards, as [hopeful], until the UNSC is drastically reformed; and the western imperialist, ... elites are certainly not going to let this happen co-operatively, or in any other manner.

His name is not mentioned in the above article, but "In an unprecedented act, a congressman just asked us to lobby his colleagues against war funding!" links to the following page about him and I made my post in that page about something that he has clearly done or said and which is a matter of serious concern to or for me.

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