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Maher Arar's Rendition to Torture

By jimstaro - Posted on 17 June 2010

Canadian RCMP Conducting Criminal Investigation of U.S. and Syrian Officials for Maher Arar's Rendition to Torture


June 14, 2010 Today, following the announcement by the U.S. Supreme Court that it had refused to hear the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) case on behalf of Canadian citizen and rendition victim Maher Arar against U.S. officials for their role in sending him to Syria to be tortured and detained for a year, Mr. Arar made a startling announcement. According to Mr. Arar and his attorneys, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has been conducting a criminal investigation into U.S. as well as Syrian officials for their role in his rendition to torture.


To their knowledge, this is the first time the existence of the RCMP's criminal investigation of U.S officials has been made public. Mr. Arar has met with the RCMP in conjunction with the investigation.

Said CCR Senior Attorney Maria LaHood, "The U.S. should be conducting its own criminal investigation of the officials responsible for sending an innocent man to Syria for a year to be interrogated under torture, not covering for them. Continued

Arar working with RCMP as it probes his overseas torture


As U.S. courts throw out his suit, Syrian-Canadian says he’s now co-operating with RCMP detectives probing his overseas torture

Jun. 15, 2010 Canada’s federal police, long faulted for a role in the overseas torture of Canadian Maher Arar, appear to be trying to build a criminal case against the foreign officials who orchestrated his interrogation.

Mr. Arar and his legal team revealed Monday they are co-operating with an RCMP investigation. The probe, known as Project Prism, now involves a team of four detectives said to be jet-setting around the globe to gather evidence.

Unlike past probes focusing on the actions of Canadian officials, these RCMP detectives are targeting Syrian and, to a lesser extent, American officials, according to Mr. Arar’s lawyer.

After Mr. Arar lost a civil suit against the U.S. government on Monday, Paul Champ revealed that both he and his client have lately had many fruitful conversations with the Mounties. “The RCMP investigators have really gone to great lengths to build trust,” he said, adding that “we speak to the RCMP investigators almost every other week.” Continued

Arar speaks with Democracy Now Watch Video



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