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And They STILL Don't Call This Criminal Terrorism

By jimstaro - Posted on 16 June 2010

This is just coming across the wires:

Explosives Found in Vehicle at Georgia Army Base


Anthony Todd Saxon, 34, Arrested With Explosives In Vehicle At Fort Gordon, But No Terror Threat Seen

June 16, 2010 The FBI was investigating after a civilian was arrested with explosives in his vehicle on an Army base in Georgia that is headquarters to the service's global communication and information systems, authorities said Wednesday.


Military authorities were not treating the case as a terrorist threat, said Buz Yarnell, a spokesman for Fort Gordon near Augusta.

The arrest Tuesday came a day after an AWOL serviceman was arrested in Florida for trying to enter an Air Force base there with fake ID and weapons, although authorities did not link the two and the Florida case was also deemed not terrorism.

Yarnell gave few other details. A news conference was scheduled at Fort Gordon later Wednesday. Continued

Label it for what it is or suspected to be, or is it because they're white, and possible second amendment misuser's and not of a certain religious ideology, praise God?!!

I used to live in Georgia. Half the cars and trucks on the road are better armed than the National Guard.

Back when I was young, I was working construction in Georgia. One day I was driving around in the bosses pickup truck getting stuff for the job. The job was a sewer line for a future trailer park, but at this time it was really just a hole in the woods. So, at the end of the day, my boss starts talking with the other contractor on the site about guns. Then they start doing show and tell.

Turns out I'd been driving around all day on top of a machine gun, a full length shot gun, a sawed off shotgun, and a couple of pistols under the seats of the pickup truck. Been nice if he'd warned me so I did the speed limit! And the other contractor won the toy contest having more toys in his pickup truck.

I'd never be surprised again at what a search of a Georgia pickup truck might turn up.

Of course, if the driver of the car hadn't been white, the reaction would have been very different.


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