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Obama Speech in Six Lines

By davidswanson - Posted on 15 June 2010

Ho Hum. Yet another problem we're handling brilliantly with the very top experts, so you riff raff can calm down.

It's perfectly safe to breathe the chemicals.

The national guard is busy elsewhere but we'll let the Navy run the crowd control, I mean cleanup.

BP will pay everybody, unless they refuse to. But no prosecutions while we're looking forward.

Except for in the deepest water for 6 months, it's drill baby drill.

Oil is going to kill us all. Anybody have any ideas?

open letter to ms. pelosi and the democratic congressional leadership in response to the speaker's "wake up call" posted to the dccc blog ( and emailed to everyone on the dccc mailing list:

wake up call indeed...

the jig is up. i see this effort as a transparently hypocritical and shameless pretense perpetrated by people whom the good citizens of the United States have entrusted to safeguard our future. in my opinion most of you so-called leaders, democrats and republicans alike, and this includes you ms. speaker, have failed and continue to fail miserably the sacred trust we gave to you when we put you into office. in my opinion you as a group are a free-thinking and truth-loving person's worst nightmare and have become, consciously or otherwise, enemies of Democracy and the Constitution you are under oath to protect.

i feel outraged that the dccc is calling for donations at this time to oppose those lost souls in congress who, compelled by their financial ties, continue to openly support the agenda of renegade corporations in what amounts to war against our precious earth and her free sovereign people.

don't misunderstand me, ms. speaker, i favor responsible capitalism, but this is capitalism gone horribly, horribly wrong, and you know it. fair, just, and intelligent government for all is our right, and the implementation of it is our elected officials' responsibility.

let me be clear: leading the implementation of just government for all is our elected officials' sacred duty, trust, and responsibility. there are a few brave and bright lights among your colleagues in the house who understand this-- kucinich, conyers, defazio, and other kindred souls. the rest of you would do well to pay more attention to them and give them your support... i believe they alone stand between you and the pitch forks...

yet the noble words of these exemplary few are daily drowned out by the sea of darker voices. and we the people continue to suffer heavily under a hopelessly corrupt system where political favors are now traded openly for money. i vomit at the thought of it. throwing more money at the problem will at best only make the problem worse, and will at worst only perpetuate the masquerade of false hopes you are peddling to a beleaguered people crying out for lasting reform.

in my opinion, responsible and just leaders would shift their focus to radical reform of the horribly abused relationship between money and politics. you could start with making all personal and business financial dealings of US congresspeople subject to immediate public disclosure on Facebook. made you squirm there didn't i? ;) then, to level the playing field, and restore a measure of legislative freedom, you could establish severe criminal penalties (say 10 years in prison) for all parties involved where a congressperson received more than a nominal amount (say $100) in any year from any one person, business, or organization. that would place a large crimp in the lobbying industry, wouldn't it? and it would restore much needed stability to our very wobbly democracy, until such time that we could replace most of you with people who deserved our trust and respect.

i also feel outraged that you choose to name your action a "wake up call".

here is your wake up call, ms. speaker:

as mr. brzezinski recently made clear in his address at the recent cfr meeting in montreal (, we the people are waking up to your lies and deceit, and the discontent among your constituents is growing daily. we are creating a new game plan. you will be removed from office in the next election if you persist in cutting deals to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

the people of the world are watching, ms. speaker... your move.

sign me as fed up in eugene, oregon
bodhi john goforth


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