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Father John Dear: “End These Evil Wars!”

By BillyClub - Posted on 13 June 2010

On Sunday morning, June 13, 2010, Father John Dear, S.J., was one of the speakers at a rally “to prevent the corporate takeover of America.” It was held in Lafayette Park, opposite the White House. He is the author of “A Persistent Peace,” and a longtime Peace and Justice activist. Check out: FatherJohnDear. The event was sponsored by the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP). Father Dear was introduced by Rabbi Michael Lerner. See: Spiritual Progressives.

It's a very good speech or talk that minister Dear provided; very comprehensively covering all important issues and needs. He didn't explicitly refer to each of the issues, but his general statement about abolishing poverty and injustices infers all important issues.

I was surprised to hear that the Obama administration has allotted more money for making nuclear weapons than any other Presidential administration since the Reagan one in 1983, so in over 25 years.

I immediately knew that Obama's words about nuclear disarmament at the international conference (whatever) that he spoke at not long ago were full of more hellbent lies. And I posted comments about Russia [needing] to retain its nuclear arsenal as a deterrent against the major encroachment by the US and NATO that threatens Russia, as well as China, or all of Eurasia; certainly a lot of it anyway. The Russian leadership didn't need any advice from me, but I posted as an opposing voice to the idiot activists who pretended that Russia should trust the US in its intentions about supposedly disarming. It's something no intelligent person could believe!

The Russian leadership has known for years about the criminal and extreme encroachment by the US and NATO and they know the menace that this represents for Russia; or that whole region of the planet, the Asian continent and Eastern Europe. They're not dumb enough to believe the words of patholical liars like those of US "leadership".

And maybe it actually also threatens the rest of Europe. It actually does threaten Europe economically, as some people have written. The easiest way to see this is with respect to the fact that some European countries get oil from Russia.

Anyone in doubt about the major military encroachment by the US and NATO can just read articles by Rick Rozoff, who's highly dedicated to global US military build-up; as well as NATO.

It's an excellent speech by minister John Dear, though I am a little surprised about the crowd's petite size. Maybe it's because the event wasn't sufficiently made known; or wasn't made known long enough in advance. Small and tiny demonstrations aren't really going to bring about any needed changes, so activist events should be announced widely and early enough for people to learn about the events and then be able to prepare to attend; I believe.

That perhaps doesn't matter, for even when demonstrations are large, the news media downplays the scope or size of the events a lot anyway.


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