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Dr. Flowers: “Healthcare is a Fundamental Right!”

By BillyClub - Posted on 13 June 2010

On Sunday morning, June 13, 2010, Dr. Margaret Flowers was one of the speakers at a rally “to prevent the corporate takeover of America.” It was held in Lafayette Park, opposite the White House. She is associated with Physicians for a National Health Program, check out for more information: PHNP. Dr. Flowers champions a Single Payer, Medicare for All Healthcare system. She underscored: “Healthcare is a fundamental right!” The event was sponsored by the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP). Dr. Flowers was introduced by Rabbi Michael Lerner. See: Spiritual Progressives Video©2010,Bill Hughes.

Margaret Flowers:

I, C, U: independence, clarity, uncompromising.


Now, here's what you've got in place at Empire keeping the rank and file--i.e., us working-class slobs--from realizing COMPREHENSIVE, ACCESSIBLE healthcare:


greed: the Lloyd Blankfeins, Jane Harmans, Max Baucus', etc., of this world are money-obsessed piggies whose collective conscience stops where the smell of capital begins.

rectum: Forwardlooking (and the overriding majority of legislators on Capitol Hill) has his head lodged inside AIPAC's arse, which fact is a hindrance to the rank and file realizing their God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness--let alone having what is perceived to be the more mundane reality of their health issues and concerns adequately addressed.

careerism: the vast body of elected officials here at Hell Central--the Good Ol' USA--are single-mindedly servicing their own narcissistic agenda, which prescinds from the greater collective of humanity who do not belong to their country club at the moment.

Margaret: when you engaged yourself in this cause you assumed "good faith," i.e., you assumed--because you, yourself, are a care-giver and a genuine humanist--that you would be dealing with elected officials and corporate representatives who valued their own integrity and self-respect.

Wrong! Lesson number 1: NEVER assume good faith when you enter the lion's den known as Washington, DC.

"Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me..."


Ethically speaking, I agree. It's fundamentally a right and essential, both.


The govt and its masters, or the empire's masters and their govt, are FAR from ethical; there isn't more than one or two drops of ethical blood in them. And they have, f.e., silently, non-publicly, ruled that the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, as well as all norms of decency are to be SHELVED and allowed to collect dust; at best. Oh, some of them have perhaps tried to flush all of this down toilets, but this hasn't yet been successful, so the Constitution, and so on, are sitting on some closeted shelf collecting dust, somewhere.

Don't ask me where that location is, for I don't know the answer; only knowing that it's not viewable.


FASCISM and corporatism! And under such rule, what are rights? We then have "pieces of paper", as President GW Bush referred to the Constitution, saying we have rights, but these papers are in some dark closet we aren't granted access to. So we're left with ethics, alone.

Well, that's something we can definitely possess within ourselves and which no one can take away from us; but there's a little bit of a problem with this. We are unable to implement, say, what our inarguably valid ethics indicate as being [essential] for society.

The fascists and corporatists don't need ethics. They have power and we know that they greedily and ruthelessly apply it.

The only way to win against them is through either a tremendous miracle, which I am not expecting to happen, though would greatly welcome it; or, for the legal, justice, and law enforcement system to become ethical and seriously so, on a national scale. If the latter happened, which'd evidently require another tremendous miracle, and I'm not expecting this one to happen, either, well, then they would be able to put a stop to the fascism and corporatist corruption of the govt.

The situation is a sort of apocalypse, of the "softer" kind, since there are no bombs being dropped on the U.S., armies massacring citizens, towns, and et cetera. The situation is due to the same kind of psychopathic, sociopathic and delusional "leadership" that causes the extremely violent apocalypses.

And it's been present throughout U.S. history. Throughout U.S. history, rights have been mostly writing on "just pieces of paper".

Trying to correct the situation is to try to achieve a monumental feat like none ever before. Efforts must be made, however. The question is what corrections to work on first. Many can be worked on in parallel, but if the Congress is not cleaned OUT of the rogues unfortunately or dishonourably elected to it, then I doubt nationwide corrections are going to be possible.

Ah, but I've read that some states have been talking about establishing state-wide universal health care, and if this happens and is not stopped by the fascist and corporatist federal govt, then this will be an excellent corrective measure.

I don't know what the current statuts of those talks are though and believe that the federal govt, of which the masters are of Corporate America, will be again used as their instrument to deny states' rights. It's happening in California with the feds going in like SS of Nazi Germany to force legal medical marijuana dispensaries to be closed. Kevin Booths' two documentary films and, especially, the more recent, 2010, one inform viewers, listeners plenty about this feds action; "American Drug War: The Last White Hope" (2007 or 2008, I believe), and "How Weed Won The West" (2010, or else 2009, but I am pretty sure it's a 2010 release).

ADW is freel available online (at Google I believe), and there are several or more clips from the films at either both websites, or certainly the more recent one anyway. How Weed Won The West has some goofball consumers in it and they should have been excluded, ideally, but the film is evidently important current events information, interviews some MD's, and is mostly non-goofball. The goofballs in it are harmless anyway; they're just dumb and stupidly give a bad image to the cause the film is about or for. I've consumed, but never been a goofball idiot about it and am "put off" by their stupidity in the film; because of the actual purpose of the film. Cheech & Chong were great, but not the idiots in How Weed Won The West. Nevertheless, they're stupidity is harmless, really not something society needs to be concerned about, and the film is evidently important.

It illustrates that the fascist and corporatist elites have the federal govt for their main power instrument, HAMMER, bludgeon, .... If state political leaders decide to be ethical for their populations, then the elite fascists and corporatists will use their federal govt as a WMD.

And Big Insurance is among those bastards.


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