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Video: Prophecy: The Human Cost of War

By davidswanson - Posted on 12 June 2010

And here's a new review:

"Prophecy itself, despite the theatrical legacy, is as explosive as this week’s headlines—literally. This is because, besides Iraq, the play has the temerity to give voice to a pro-Palestinian stance—and we know what happens to people who take such positions: They’re reviled and drummed out of the press corps, as veteran reporter Helen Thomas was, after a crotchety answer to an on-the-spot question, which no one needed a Ph.D. to realize wasn't going to work. But, besides Helen’s senior moment, being sympathetic to Palestinians also gets booed at the Academy Awards; in 1978, Vanessa Redgrave had her career marked by the affiliation, and, unless they do them themselves, playwrights don't get their plays involving the subject produced in America—Malpede’s fate."

Bob Shuman needs to develop some better human sense or perception.


Capriciously stubborn or eccentric; perverse."

Helen Thomas was none of those things or traits when she said that Jews need to get the hell out of Palestine and return to where they originate from because they definitely don't have more right to be there than Palestinians living on their long-ancestral land and Palestinians the Israeli Jews criminally, hegemonically, hypocritically, imperialistically, colonialistically, and hellbentedly refuse to allow the right of return to.

There's absolutely nothing capricious, stubborn, eccentric or perverse about her statement, which, au contraire, was very reality-based and anchored in or on JUSTICE, human rights, ....

A lot of Americans are taking their variably "flavored" whacks at Helen Thomas for those words she [understandably] stated, but surely few people elsewhere would do this. Americans, too many, have developed into variably pompous, self-righteous, narrow-minded, ... individuals. There's a lot of it in the culture in the US, which has been highly dehumanized and even peace activists, people who call themselves this anyway, illustrate some of the traits; pompous, et cetera.

Amy Goodman illustrated her witch-hunt character earlier this week when she interviewed a former Dakota, North I think, member of Congress or the Senate and who's Arab about what Helen Thomas said; and his response was great, excellent, down-to-earth, rooted in REALITY or realism, et cetera. However, Amy Goodman didn't ease up until she had succeeded in getting the guest to start to abandon his initially excellent response because Goodman would NOT relent. She had a witch hunt to conduct and evidently wasn't going to let up until she won some ground, for the sake of appearances anyway.

Now she was crotchety.

I believe the director of the play is off-base when she says that the guy playing a US war veteran, I guess, in the play was the "sweetest" of persons and the war turned him into a killer. She added that it's something that could happen to any of us if we went to serve in the war zone, which I think is true to some degree, but also seeing some exaggeration in the way she says it. It neglects a couple of facts, if not more than a couple.

*) Perhaps not most, but nevertheless enough US troops in the Iraq war didn't wrongfully or criminally kill Iraqis, and some who worked in the US torture prisons there didn't torture Iraqis. Of both, some provided their eyewitness accounts, including photographic evidence, of crimes committed by US forces.

Some Iraq war veterans who became members of IVAW and have provided their personal accounts of or on what they experienced and witnessed, as well as what they committed, for US war crimes did commit some war crimes; but some did a little of this and then evidently stopped doing it because they had and have a [conscience]. Meanwhile, we have troops who are also American youth and they like killing "hajis", "sand dogs", ..., as well as raping young girls, and so on.

All US troops went through the same military training, but, and f.e., not all of them accepted to treat Iraqis and Afghans in disgusting racial ways. Not all of them committed rape against Iraqi women and girls, though there's been a lot of rapes among US military servicewomen in the war zone and these rapes surely aren't committed by just a handful of guys.

Et cetera.

*) Some initially committed crimes and after realizing that the war was bogus, either because the US leadership didn't provid enough of what troops in a war zone need for protection, food, first aide, et cetera, or due to the war having been based on lies, they conducted fake or mock patrols while reporting in as if on real patrols. I'm assuming these troops initially committed crimes, but maybe they are among those who didn't.

Others obeyed the orders to conduct patrols.

These above examples illustrate that American youth are NOT all the same and this surely reflects on differences between families in the US, how families raise and educate, or don't, their children. The above differences usually are not due to what American youth learn in schools, and home education is very important, but is too commonly neglected, which is saying the least that can be said about the problem.

Judging based on appearances is never good and this is also true about sweetness, as well as apparent lack of it. Just because some American youth can appear sweet doesn't mean that they are truly of good character. A person can be heinous towards people of other races, religions, et cetera, while sweet as can be with friends and family. US culture is like this to a serious extent. Meanwhile, someone can appear nasty and actually be of very good character; just that he or she is lacking the exterior appearance of sweetness.

Being sweet does not mean the same thing as being of serious conscience, principle, .... Sometimes it means the opposite of those [real] qualities.

Too many Americans have this naive view of American youth. If they were all so sweet, then, and f.e., NONE would accept to enter US military recruitment trailors or facilities to try out arcade-like war games "shooting up" alleged enemies, et cetera; and psychopathically used for trying to entice youth into enlisting and thereby commit a great disservice to themselves and humanity by making themselves servants complicit in war crimes, et cetera. But plenty of American youth have done this and I believe it is still going on to some degree.

Perhaps it's less today than over the past few years, but that's nevertheless very recent and less today would mean it's still going on. NO sweet person would ever accept to try out these psychopatically, malevolantly, ... created and govt-requested "games". Otherwise, sweet is rotten and dumb.


The play director would need to elaborate on this, for I agree that we need to keep in mind the stress, fear, ... that US troops are under or experience in the war zones, but does she also mean that we need to forgive the war makers and criminal allies? If she does, then she's hitting a wall with me; it'd be a stretch of forgiveness that I'm not going to accept. The war makers need to be indicted, prosecuted, and convicted; and the prison sentences need to be very long.

I believe that her lack of elaboration about the forgiveness leaves it too general.

Anyway, parts of this play evidently would put me to sleep. George Carlin, now he definitely would keep me wide awake.

Principles aren't sweet, but they're [essential] and the latter is not.


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