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BluePrint for Accountability Live Streaming Now

By davidswanson - Posted on 07 June 2010

The livestream is supposed to start now here.

Live blog:

15 minutes in, at 7:45 pm ET, nothing has started yet.  Someone needs to be held accountable :-)

7:55 Started with Mariska and Liev.

7:57 Bringing out Warren, Sanchez, Scahill, Plame-Wilson, Suskind.

7:58 Warren speaks first.

8:00 Film clip about Nuremberg . . . and about Bush-Cheney crimes.

The Culture Project did this event that I was part of three years ago. More details here.  Videos supposed to be here but site not working.

8:05 Discussion underway.  Scahill points out that things have only gone for the worse since switching to Obama.  Other speakers focus on Bush-Cheney years. 

8:10 Suskind does note that nothing's been curtailed.

8:12 Sanchez thinks guidance has been established now (LAWS weren't enough???)  Scahill thankfully is there to inject sanity: points out that without prosecutions it's rhetoric.  --Applause--

8:19 They jumped to Matt Dillon reading from Naomi Wolfe's "Give Me Liberty" which he had obviously never read before reading it aloud to us.

The video lags way behind the audio, and both eat up all the processing my computer can handle.  This technology needs some improvements.  There's also a live-chat on the video site dominated by a bunch of nitwits hoping their favorite actress will come out and walk around.

8:21 Audio is of a film about the CIA.  Video is way behind.

8:26 Audio is of Bobby Kennedy Jr., who when asked about the CIA, speaks not about his uncle and father's murders, but about the overthrow of Allende.  Video is still stuck on Dillon.

I'm going to wait and watch the non-live video clips.  I can't imagine they wouldn't post those fairly rapidly.









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