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US Senate Passes 60Bn Dollar Funding for Afghan War

Michael Munk commented on the Senate's passage of $60 Billion funding package for the Afghanistan-Pakistan occupation:

The vote to send another $60B of taxpapyers' money to pay for Obama's AfPak occupation was 67-28-5. But almost all the no votes were conservative Republicans. Only two Democrats, Feingold (WI) and Wyden (OR) voted against. Three Republicans and Lincoln (AR) and McCaskill (MO) did not vote.

To their shame, the other 15 Dems and Sanders, who voted for the weak but significant Feingold effort to put an end date for the occupation, wound up votiing the money to pay for an open-ended war.

US Senate Passes 60bn Dollar Funding for Afghan War | A Daily Newspaper

The US Senate has passed a supplementary funding bill worth some 60 billion dollars to finance the conflict in Afghanistan and other key projects including aid to quake-hit Hait.

The measure approved late Thursday by a 67-28 margin offers 33 billion dollars to fund President Barack Obama’s surge of 30,000 more troops into the Afghan conflict, announced in December.

Lawmakers also passed an economic and military aid package worth a total of 349 million dollars for Pakistan.

For Haiti, the 2.8-billion-dollar package, including 913 million dollars in economic aid, is destined to support the impoverished Caribbean nation that remains in desperate straits after the January earthquake, which left more than 1.3 million people homeless and claimed up to 300,000 lives.

In the wake of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, senators approved an amendment from Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu to expedite coastal development projects that are already in the works.

Amid warnings that 2010 could bring one of the worst hurricane seasons on record, the bill also provided 5.1 billion dollars to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which is responsible for managing the response to natural disasters. The House of Representatives must still adopt its own version of the bill, and the two texts must be merged before being sent to Obama for his signature.

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I got a beer in one hand, and a writing pen in the other. This is what I came up with. But before I show you, just wanted to say that of all the things that have been done by the American people with out them knowing the truth, is just sickening;

The Bush Years hiring the most corrupt people for positions on the supreme court, doubling gas prices, raising ciggerette taxes a dollar, changing daylight savings time, spying on our phones email and banking records, killing thousands of people in middle east oil wars, using depleted uranium in these wars and phousporus, financial schemes with record bailout steals, not taking care of the people in Louisiana during hurricane.

Then the Obama years of the same spying and wars and in the same fashion, getting a peace prize, hiring the same financial thieves that caused the mess to fix it, continued and escalated war spending, helping Israel in ways that spells treason, helping Israel financially and politically with it;s holocaust in Gaza, allowing strupid lax regulation in business to include the oil spill in the Gulf, making laws that allow business to fund as much as they want for a political candidate (as if things are not bad enough), hiring more corrupt supreme justices, creating a cold war with missiles in Poland, starting a cold war by starting the Osseta / Georgia humanitarian wars, making humanitarian aid to Hatia into a place where our Clinton gets a phone company out of the deal and her military exercises there, and then more bail outs, and then more funding for wars (did I forget to mention funding for space wars too (as if pressure on Russia for a new cold war is not enough.

Who ever works for these people, profiting on this; I am really not liking you right now and could care less about you making money to feed your children. One day, you will have to meet us, and you will not like the majority response.

The people who are not neck deep in the middle of this, profiting to the ears; now we need to get you motivated. You are not alone, and the time is now to speak up and demand that they other group (the profiteers, the middle class) stay out of our way and back off. I mean, how much can one stand to sit by and watch. Is this not all against our common interest. What WOULD it take for the reader to get involved?

So I wrote this poem showing how it feels to take all the weight of your responsibility on just the few of us, on our back so you can go enjoy the weekend as you pretend nothing is wrong. Jim Morrison would call you a coward and ask you to leave the counterculture. Fred Hampton would say to grab your guns and follow me. Thomas jefferson would spit at us.


Never wrote a poem, never about how politics that affect me now,
Would like to tell you though, because it is the biggest thing I don't know,

I use to believe, and stood tall in all regard,
But now I see, and as scared as one can be,

I have tried to teach what I know, and no one seems to care,
That all this is up, up in the air,

Tried to be an example, costing more to be real with others,
But it seems, to have only frozen me,

The cost is high, but silence costs more,
And I don't know, what to do anymore,

It is so hard to see what is happening and no one cares,
But I must continue on, people are counting on some to be strong,

It is so hard to deal with this, and all that too,
But I must, I must,

Who else cares like me, there must be more,
If you saw what I have, you would speak too,

I am glad that I know, well sometimes I am scared,
What has made most men great, is what I change into now,

I can be one who just goes along, or one that does not look,
But who am I fooling, I am in this story book,

So I will try my best, with this and that,
And when I get down, please understand the world is no longer round,

I am caught in the middle, of what is to be,
And I am suffering because there is no place yet for me,

I love more than ever, care more than my future or me,
But give me a break, because this feels like I just got lashed,

No one wants to know, that we are going to have to change,
And for once, we will have to help out our neighbors,

But we live in a world, where there is no other important than me,
So I will show others that we, are far better than me,

Until then, I will suffer,
For all those who stay quite, as I fight their battle too,

You forget, that I am more broken already than most,
But this gift of being broken, lets me see what you do not,

I would give it all to another, as soon as say,
But afraid you will not like it, and would give it back soon as see,

So let me hold it all, my shoulders can cary allot,
Just please, please pick me up, when I fall or what not.

World Trade Center 7 housed the CIA and the Secret Service among other notables. It was not hit by a plane, yet at 5:20 pm on Sept 11th, 2001 collapsed into its own footprint in 6.5 seconds.

Ready to wake up yet?

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