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Read "The People v. Bush" by Charlotte Dennett

By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 26 May 2010

War Criminals Watch Recommended reading online: "The People v. Bush" by Charlotte Dennett - one lawyer's campaign to bring Bush to justice and the national grassroots movements she encounters along the way.


I'd support prosecuting Bush, but this'd be a joke if Cheney isn't also prosecuted. It'd be a joke, and a very serious crime against the USA, Iraq, Afghans, and others, if only Bush was prosecuted.

About the only real proof of wrongdoing that there is about Bush is that he was an idiot and stooge for the real criminal leaders. Cheney was one of them and we do have concrete proof that he had ordered stand-down for the attacks of 9/11.

The cover-up 9/11 Commission committed the omission of Cheney's stand-down order, but we nevertheless have proof of it from the testimony of then National Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. The operator who asked Cheney if the order still stood when AA 77 was only 10 miles from the Pentagon or Capitol surely would also come forward to testify about Cheney having said that the order definitely still stood and that it indeed was about stand-down. While Cheney was busy seeing to stand-down, the real criminal rulers sent Bush down to read "My Pet Goat" with a classroom of elementary school children in Florida, to get him out of the way.

Perhaps the stand-down order initially was related to interceptor jets, but when AA 77 was ten miles from the Pentagon or Capitol, then Michael Green, in the article linked further below, explains very well that the order had to then be related to the anti-aircraft missile defense systems at the Pentagon and White House, which retired USAF Lt Col. Robert M. Bowman and Ray McGovern have both said to be heavily armed with these defenses. They said this about the Pentagon anyway; but I've also learned through other sources that the White House also has such defenses.

None were used to stop AA 77. None fired, at all. Yet these defense systems are either automatic or quasi. The system at the Pentagon should have fired or been fired, especially since there were no interceptor jets on the job; but Cheney commanded to do nothing.

He made and maintained the stand-down order and this is high treason. Bush had no leading role in this or anything else as President, even if he was the person made to officially carry the title of President and C-in-C. He didn't appoint himself to the Presidency; other people did. He likely was clueless enough about that, but the others certainly weren't.

I forget who the person is but was either reading an article or listening to a video over the past week and all I recall, for now anyway, is that this is a reputable and knowledgeble individual. He says that Cheney can and should be indicted on over 20 offenses, high ones. They are known, provably crimes that he committed. There is no doubt.

Bush was a clown, just a go-along character. Cheney was the real leader; him and others, military chiefs and probably others, were and are certainly guilty along with Cheney.

So Bush is guilty of having criminally gone along with the real directors, and the latter are guilty of more and greater crimes. They're much more important to prosecute than dummy Bush is.

But maybe starting with him and requiring that he be interrogated [without] Cheney's presence this time would help to get some additional names. We don't need this to be able to nail Cheney for over 20 high offenses though.

The following article provides a strong explanation for Cheney's stand-down order having related to the anti-aircraft defense systems on 9/11; when AA 77 was only 10 miles from the Capitol; and it's clear that he had given the order earlier. Norman Mineta did not witness who had initially given the order, but he did witness Cheney giving the order to maintain the order previously given and that had to have been first stated by him. I think that that is probably when the operator had told him that AA 77 was 50 miles from the Capitol. Perhaps the following article mentions when the operator first said 50 miles, then said 30 or 20, and lastly said 10. If recalling correctly, the stand-down order was given in the first case, or else it was being maintained all three times, for it was maintained in the second and last cases.

"How They Get Away With It"

by Michael Green, June 28, 2006, originally June 18th

Ray McGovern has also stated that he does not perceive Cheney as someone incapable of having orchestrated the 9/11 attacks; or having been among the people who did. He said this in an interview on, I believe, The Real News last August. Few people who really understand the actual role that Cheney played are unaware that he was the one mainly in charge and that Bush was only or mostly a dummy go-along character, going along with whatever he was told to go along with, clearly nothing good.

Cheney was the real war leader, not Bush. But since Bush officially wore the titles of President and C-in-C, then he officially must be prosecuted, as well. Otherwise, he was just a dummy, like puppets are.


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