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Marcy Winograd Weighs In On Tuesday's Primaries: No Caving To The Right

Dear Friends,

This past week’s primary elections prove that Democratic voters want real Democrats in Washington. They want us to stand firmly for our values, not cave to the right. That wave of resentment against incumbents toppled at least one faux-Democratic Senator, Arlen Specter, and appears about to retire Blanche Lincoln.

Now you can help rid Washington of another Democrat who sells us out time and again: Jane Harman, one of the worst of the pro-corporate, pro-war Democrats.

I’m Marcy Winograd and I’m within reach of bringing real change to Washington. I’ve always fought for the people, and I’m proud that my people-powered campaign refuses to take a dime of corporate money.

Please donate no later than Wednesday to help us achieve our goal of $50,000.

Jane Harman, is the self-proclaimed "best Republican in the Democratic party." She has spent 15 long years pushing for war, bailing out Wall Street, and making excuses for the Bush administration's crimes.

I will not allow this to continue.

Polls show Harman’s support at just 43%--far below the 50% comfort level for an incumbent. We must continue to get our message out to the people and there isn't much time left before election day, June 8

Let's set a fund raising record and show the country that we will not stand for Harman's politics as usual.

Please donate no later than Wednesday to help us achieve our goal of $50,000.

It's always hard against an incumbent, and Jane Harman is one of the richest members of Congress to boot. She has the support of big corporations - while I have only the support of hard working individuals.

That's what's going to make victory even sweeter.

Please consider donating on or before Wednesday, May 26th so that we can ambush the airwaves and get rid of another Blue Dog!

If we band together, we can continue the success of Halter, Sestak, Donna Edwards, and others.

Onward to Victory!

Marcy Winograd

To donate, please click here.
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