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Machobama Man

By davidswanson - Posted on 20 May 2010


Bombing...wanna feel my bombing?
Bombing...such a thrill my bombing
Bombing...wanna touch my bombing?'s too much my bombing
Check it out my bombing, bombing.
Don't you doubt my bombing, bombing.
talkin' bout my bombing, bombing,
check it out my bombing

Every man wants to be a machobama man
to have the kind of bombing, always in demand
Missiles in the mornings, go drones go
blasting people with a joystick, muscles glow
You can best believe that, he's machobama man
ready to get down with, any neocon he can

Kill! Kill! Kill, kill, kill!
Machobama man
I've got to be machobama man
Machobama man
I've got to be machobama man! Ow....

Machobama man
I've got to be machobama man
Machobama man (yeah, yeah)
I've got to be machobama!

Bombing, its so hot, my bombing,
Bombing, laws can't stop my bombing,
Bombing, made to please my bombing,
Bombing, don't you tease my bombing,
Bombing, cut you at the knees my bombing,
Bombing, incurable disease my bombing,
Bombing, made by God, my bombing,
Bombing, the Christian one, my bombing

You can tell machobama, he has a funky walk
Hawaian shirts and leather, always look so boss
Funky with his bombing, a four-year king
call him Mister Eagle, dig his flag
You can best believe that, he's machobama man
likes to be the leader, he never reads Mirand - ah

Kill! Kill! Kill, kill, kill!
Machobama man
I've got to be machobama man
Machobama man
I've got to be machobama man! (all right)

Machobama man (yeah, yeah)
I've got to be machobama man
Machobama man
I've got to be machobama man! All Right!

Bombing, bombing, bombing wanna feel my bombing,
Bombing, bombing, bombing know you will my bombing,
Bombing, bombing, bombing don'tcha stop my bombing,
Bombing, bombing, bombing it's so hot my bombing,

Every man ought to be a machobama man,
They hate us for our freedom, machobamas make a stand,
Defend our life style and ideals,
Assassinate with Reapers, war's a game,
You can best believe he's a machobama man
He's a peace prize bomb into anybody's land.

Kill! Kill! Kill, kill, kill!
Machobama man (machobama man)
I've got to be machobama man
Machobama man
I've got to be machobama man! (dig the hair on my chest)

Machobama man (second term: a mustache)
I've got to be, machobama man
Machobama man
I've got to be a machobama! (Dig broad shoulders)

Machobama man (dig my muscles!)
I've got to be, machobama man
Machobama man
I've got to be a machobama!

Machobama man
I've got to be machobama man
Machobama man
I've got to be a machobama! DIE!

More songs.

Just found these links to the lyrics of some older folk songs about people uniting. I skimmed through the list, and really liked these songs, and hope you do as well.

1. Workers of the world, awaken! - Melody
2. The worker's flag is deepest red / The Red Flag - Melody
3. Arise, you prisoners of starvation! The Internationale - Melody
4. Oh, say can you hear / The Banner of Labor - Melody
5. Ye sons of toil, awake to glory! / The Workers' Marseillaise - Melody
6. We're spending billions every year / Should I Ever be a Soldier - Melody
7. We are coming home, John Farmer / Harvest War Song - Melody
8. We want all the workers in the world to organize / What We Want - Melody
9. Conditions they are bad / Workingman, Unite! - Melody
10. You may ramble 'round the country anywhere you will / Scissor Bill - Melody
11. One day as I lay dreaming / A Dream - Melody
12. If you all will shut your trap / The Tramp - Melody
13. Workers, the World! / We Come - Melody
14. Long-haired preachers come out every night / The Preacher and the Slave - Melody
15. There is a bunch of honest workingmen / They Are All Fighters - Melody
16. Would you have freedom from wage slavery / There Is Power in a Union - Melody
17. I had a job once threshing wheat / Ta-Ra-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay - Melody
18. We meet today in Freedom's cause / Hold the Fort - Melody
19. There are ninety and nine that work and die / Ninety and Nine - Melody
20. Now, workingmen, you know you live a life of misery / The Road to Emancipation - Melody
21. Please give me your attention / Mr. Block - Melody
22. Stand up! Stand up! Ye workers - Melody
23. Onward, Christian soldiers! / Christians At War - Melody
24. Stand up, ye toilers, why crouch ye like cravens? / Workers of the World - Melody
25. When the Union's inspiration / Solidarity Forever - Melody
26. One little girl, fair as a pearl / The White Slave - Melody
27. One day as I was walking along the railroad track / Overalls and Snuff - Melody
28. A little girl with her father stayed / Don't Take My Papa Away From Me - Melody
29. If you dam up the river of progress / The Hope of the Ages - Melody
30. When I was hiking 'round the town / Stung Right - Melody
31. We'll sing the praise of future days / The Optimistic Laborites - Melody
32. He built the road / The Blanket Stiff - Melody
33. The Workers on the S. P. Line / Casey Jones - The Union Scab - Melody
33a. Sing a song in praise of toiling masses / It is the Union - Melody
34. We will sing one song of the meek and humble slave - Melody
35. Courage and honor to him who's jailed / We're Ready - Melody
36. There are women of many descriptions / The Rebel Girl - Melody
36a. We have seen the reaper toiling / Wage Workers, Come Join the Union - Melody
37. Parasites in this fair country / The Parasites - Melody
37a. Up from your knees, ye cringing serfmen! - Melody
38. Are you poor, forlorn and hungry? / Dump the Bosses Off Your Back - Melody
39. Hark! the battle-cry is ringing! - Melody
40. Fellow workers, can't you hear / Everybody's Joining It - Melody
41. Bill Brown was a worker in a great big shop / A. F. of L. Sympathy - Melody
42. In Lawrence, when the starving masses / John Golden and the Lawrence Strike - Melody
43. I wander up and down the street / Workers of the World, Unite - Melody
45. The Workers of the World are now awaking - Melody
46. Come with us, you workingmen / Paint 'Er Red - Melody
47. Gone are the days, when the master class could say - Melody
48. Yes, we'll rally from the mines, boys / The Workers' Battle Cry for Freedom - Melody
49. Down in Lawrence, Massachusetts / Come Join Theme Big Union, Do - Melody
50. In this blessed land of freedom / Walking Once Grass - Melody
53. Fellow workers pay attention / Where the Fraser River Flows - Melody
61. We broke the yoke of a pitiless class / Liberty Forever - Melody
62. Mr. Slave, Mr. Slave, listen to the call / The Bonehead Working Man - Melody
64. Bring the good old red book, boys / One Big Industrial Union - Melody
66. They've shot Joe Hill, his life has fled / November Nineteenth - Melody

You Say You Want a Velvet Revolution?

Václav Havel: The Power of the Powerless


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