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Video: $33 Billion to Sink Deeper into Vietghanistan

By davidswanson - Posted on 18 May 2010

33 billion for Afghan war

Swanson: Congress set to pass emergency funding for war  May 18, 2010

You talk and present the views of many Americans.Myself included.
I see what our elected officials are doing and saying in a totally different light. For instance, First let's check out what Webster's Dictionary says about a "LIE": an UNTRUE statement that has the intent to "Mislead" or "Deceive". Now let's go one step further. A "LIAR" is defined by Mr Webster as: ANYONE who makes or repeats an UNTRUE statement with the intent to Mislead or Deceive. Mr Webster does not exclude ANYONE from these definitions.
It appears to me that "The Government", {all elected officials}, continue to make statements to merely cloud what real issues are, and how they can continue to avoid what the real truths actually are.
I beleive that the real issues are decided far before the public is made aware of any debates, or discussions. What "The Government" is doing is nothing more than a pre-planned political game for show only.
Now for the main concern I have. "Corporate America", has already contributed billions of dollars to the election process of who they prefer to get elected, for Corporate America's benefit. And the re-election of those officials who already owe C.A. campaign debts. These debts are paid back by those elected officials' votes on issues that will benefit C.A.
"The Government" isn't going to change this reality. The News Media isn't going to change this reality. C.A. owns both.
I personally beleive that after discussing many issues with my friends and neighbors, that issues that directly effect the people are surpressed with the intent to mislead and deceive the realities of what is actually happening in Washington. I also beleive that NO-ONE is accountable to the people or the Constitution any longer. Trust, Honesty, Common Sense, are not a part of "The Government" any longer. If it doesn't benefit "The Government", it is ignored.
War funding is simply a way of life for many bought elected officials, and will never change. I hope I'm wrong, but, past actions say no way will it change. C.A.'s strangle hold on "The Government" is too tight.


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