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If Republicans Oppose War Escalation Because Funding for Teachers Included, Only 40 Democrats Will Be Needed to Kill It

By davidswanson - Posted on 15 May 2010

Remember that in June we only needed 40 Democrats to block the war funding in the House, because all the Republicans voted no, due to the inclusion of bailouts for European bankers (which the Republicans mistook for something offensively useful). Now it looks like the same drama could play out, with funds for teachers in U.S. schools playing the role of banker bailouts. Here's what Boehner has to say. Read that whole thing, and you'll see that there's even the possibility that the Republicans could try to block the funding of any federal worker who watches pornography, which I think would be a lovely way to end the war. The right wingers will notice the financial cost right on queue if there's a danger that someone might get a better education than they did. They will NOT stand for funding teachers, which just might help us refrain from funding the escalation of a war.

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