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By davidswanson - Posted on 12 May 2010

Arrest of 13 CIA Agents Sought in Spain

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possible or hypthetically possible prosecution of them in Germany, and the article concludes about the convictions of or against the 21 US CIA or intelligence agents and two other Americans, who had fled Italy, but who were simply prosecuted while in absentia for having kidnapped and extraordinarily renditioned another man.

Interesting numbers, but the same needs to be done with a lot of other U.S officials; the C-in-C, VP, Sec. of Def., and war criminal military commanders, and probably more CIA people.

They could also be prosecuted for internationally trafficking opium, heroin anyway, and cocaine, fueling the violence in Mexico, protecting poppy crops to, they claim, prevent Al Qaida from profiting, but while doing a lot more than that; for they literally see to ensuring that the drugs are trafficked and that only they and their selection of drug and war lords can profit.

Their planes and ships don't pass through inspections upon returning to the U.S., and the same is surely true anywhere they dock or land. First, the heroin goes to European streets and, I guess anyway, some European elites get a "piece of the action", that is, profits; and then it's smuggled into the U.S., for "domestic distributions", say. Fortunately, it seems that around 80% of "drug" consumers in the U.S. are mainly or only marijuana consumers, but the profits from heroin and cocaine are still huge, and morphine is another opiate, so it's made from opium; but that's a legal drug, so I guess it's less profitable than heroin.

In a recent interview that's a five-part video at Youtube, either Max Keiser or Bob Chapman and Alex Jones spoke a lot about the economic crisis and that we apparently need to realise that it's most likely going to become much worse, but they also spoke of the major profits international banksters make from the heroin trade, turning what the UN estimate reported to be around $120bn (I thinks is said in the interview) in street value into around $6 trillion, with the profits from money laundering. I'm not sure if those are the numbers stated in the interview, but the profit from banks laundering the street value amount is HUGE; [many] times more than the estimated street value.

Both of those men were recently interviewed on the Alex Jones Show and both apparently have very important and disturbing information on economic problems, but I'm pretty sure it's only one of the two who spoke about the huge profits for the large international banks from laundering the money from the drug trade.

This, anyway, is why or the main reason why the drugs are not decriminalized in the U.S. and other countries. It's a huge racket that the gov'ts are responsible or guilty for, and the CIA is a top thug or enforcer, along with the U.S military. The banksters are perhaps the more influetial group among these criminals, but if that's true, then the gov'ts still are very criminally behind the drug trade while using the method of deception of phony or hypocritical prohibition.

These international bankers and the politicians, generals, etcetera are therefore investigable and prosecutable for their military wars of aggression as well as their international drug trafficking, and related violent crimes, like the extremely bad violence in Mexico, f.e.

In one of the last couple or few interviews on the Alex Jones Show (videos at Youtube) former Gov. Jesse Ventura describes the situation of violent crimes related to the drug runners or gangs in Mexico or the northern part of it near the border with California as highly being the fault of the U.S. and CIA. He spends a lot of time in Mexico, because he likes to surf the ocean waves, so I guess this gives him a better chance of being more informed than northerners. Anyway, he said that around 17,000 people were victims of violent death due to this criminal gang activity since either the start of this year, or over the past year.

And that is beyond any reasonable doubt the fault of the gov't of the U.S., the CIA, and the gov't of Mexico that can't stand for long against empire USA.

So courts of law should also prosecute the U.S elites for these crimes of the phony drug war of the U.S elites.


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