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Massey Energy's Don Blankenship Threatens to Kill Cameraman

By davidswanson - Posted on 12 May 2010

well we have seen it all- Bush in Iraq killing on lies,Rumsfeld watching slaughter and indifferent, Cheney smirking because he got away with everything, Wall Street Ceo's refusing to connect with the damage they have done, CEO of Massey
going violent ,acting strange at "Tea Parties", Miners dead, Gulf oil spill, either someone wants to destry us or we have a bunch of Sociopaths running amuck.
They have to be stopped and tried if they broke the law and this has to be done by an intelligent electorate,angry yes, but smarter than they are. This is the result of the erosion of the moral compass over decades and coming to full
horror in Bush -Cheney - Rove. They need full punishment by law and so do the others.

there is very little said and a total press black out on the icc proceedings why? is the hague going to be the next terrorist we attack or will justice finaly be done? to bad it wasent done here doj was offered to start proceedings but the new doj and pres just laughed them off they charged us with war of aggression at the hague our rep there said doj wanted the written definition of agression. the icc said after a reveiw of the rome statue they would give us one. i think they said it would be in may or june. I wonder if john yoo will be brought back to circumnavigate the definition of aggression like call it forced regeim change,or maybe you are a demockrocy and you will like it or we will kill you , or this is what happens when you dont go along with opec price hikes, or fu we are taking it anyway . the possabilitys are endless but in the end the preveus administration and current one will know what went though the nazis minds befor they were hung may god have mercy on your souls becaus im one american that will piss on your graves

an abc colon inspection in tecna color with stereo suround sound that reporter should go back to get the good shots as far as theatening to kill him well i didnt see that on this video but i did see some one that was about to get his ass kiked thats not the same as theatening to kill him that is sort of the same press that we have seen for the past 9 years now isnt it?


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