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Fact That Drone Attacks Enrage People Slips Through onto TV

By davidswanson - Posted on 11 May 2010

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The clip opens with insider chat about Bush/McCain/Pelosi, then goes into the bombing in Times Square. Stahl goes into the education level of most terrorists, their belief in "the narrative" - that the US is out to kill Muslim leaders. At 3:40 into the video, Mika Brezinksi brings up the drone attacks in Pakistan, and Stahl comes right out and says that it's exactly the drone attacks that are stoking terrorism and infuriating people. Scarborough takes it from there:

"If Canada, or let's say, China, was launching drone attacks on Idaho - we'd be pretty angry too! We are launching attacks against a people who we're not at war with officially. Obviously, that's going to cause anger. ...

"It seems so easy. We laughed, and said, "of course" - but really, what is the difference between us being hit by drone attacks in Idaho, and Pakistanis being hit by drone attacks? I mean I understand about Al Quaeda being over there; I'm just saying, it's their country, and they're seeing American bombs fall on their country. ...

"Can you imagine, the thought that you're walking around over there, and these things can just come down and getcha. The bad guys, OK, we're glad you think that, but - y'know - there's more to it. ..

"You're going to have to explain to us, though, how interrogating somebody harshly is immoral, while dropping a bomb from a drone that kills a person and fifteen family members is not immoral! And you know what, the Agency is right, that was a lot cleaner, kicking in doors, risking American lives, bringing people out - but since that caused such, such heartache in America, now we're just dropping bombs and killing familes. ..

"I would rather us go after the terrorists, individual terrorists,drag 'em out, interrogate 'em, get information,
instead of dropping bombs that kill four-year old girls, that dismember grandmoms that happen to be in the family compounds. ... This is much more indiscriminate. When you're dropping bombs ... I hate the term "collateral damage," but we Americans think, oh this is clean, it's surgical. But it's not surgical. So now we're dropping these drone attacks all over the place, and killing a lot of innocent people. And creating a lot of ill will...

"By the way did you see the poll this weekend, Americans are turning against the Afghanistan war? Saying it's just not worth the fight. And we've been there for a decade now. A decade!"

nice job


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