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Bombs for Moms 2010

Bombs for Moms 2010
By Donna Smith | PDA

We Americans like to bomb moms. Whether it’s in a far away country where we send our children to kill other mothers and their children or whether it’s here at home where we drop economic and cultural and sexist bombs on moms, we definitely like to bomb moms.

Then we like to show the First Lady tearfully honoring her own mother from a position of power and privilege in beautiful party dresses in a china and lace-draped dining room in the White House—like a well choreographed ballet of national proof one day every year that we love our mothers. Doesn’t really matter which First Lady we chat about here. Each of them plays their dutiful role in the annual Mother’s Day dance of pride.

We don’t love mothers. We bomb mothers. Read more.

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As tempting as she might seem to be, and she is, she is VERY DANGEROUS.

She works for "The Boys", and check out what these assholes not only have been doing, but what they are doing. This is Max Keiser on Alex Jones, May 10th, and you need to be seated well, for this. This is the first time I've heard of Max Keiser, but he certainly seems to know what he's talking about, Alex Jones is not exaggerating anything Max says, feature contributors have been warning for a long time, already, that the economic situation is actually worse than reported, and now we get this new information from Max Keiser, and we should be [seated] for this.

You might also want to wear a helmet to try to prevent your mind from exploding. It might not work, but won't hurt ... to wear the helmet, that is. ROCK & ROLL, yah, you will be rocked and rolled, and not in a good way. This is incredibly bad sh*t.

I like sexy women, but don't like anyone being used to sell war, and the sob's who choose to do otherwise, and myself, we disagree, and I would like to take this disagreement to fulfilment, but these cowards don't show their faces. They hide and that is a nuisance.

Come out and walk on our streets like we do.

The bastards will not do this.

See who they are, and Max Kleiser has mentioned several names.

Watch for those people on the streets and don't let petty gov't law bother you. WE have business to attend to and no politicians have any right to stand in our way; any who try can be mowed.

This is how bad the situation is. It isn't new. The situation has been this bad for years. But it's now beyond question. Anyone who stands in the way of citizens arresting gov't officials is now officially criminal. The gov't is now in the hands of The People. NO elected officials have any say more than any citizen does!

Any law enforcment officer who opposes citizen actions is brown-shirt and arrestable. Citizens must do what we can to take action and I don't know what we can do, and know most of us can't do anything, because we're outpowered, but we should try to do whatever we can. It's little, but ... better than nothing.

We have full out WAR situation.

The war has always been against the USA, but we were fooled into beleiving that the war was all about foreign enemies, which was always false, while the real enemies have partied and are screwing us more today than before.
I said, WAR.

The enemy has NOT been foreign.

Now, if the enemy is real and is not foreign, then where are they located? In the U.S. I'd say at home, but it makes me gauf. No, NOT in my home. Any sob in my home who could betray anywone, let alone country, would be dead meat in little time. I don't support any traitors and if we want to crucify me because I like women, the jump off of cliffs, because I'm not going to stop liking women. If you are gay, then that is your problem and don't make it mine, because I'll make you visit a cliff. Don't pester me with bs. But you wage wars and place cute ladies on ugly bombs, and then you want me to be friendly?

Think again.

Get that sexy ladie off that bomb that I will then shove up your ass while I have ... some pasta dish and then we'll talk this over very politely.

Well, that's if I did not blow off your head first. Okay, we have a race. Which will happen first? The race has been launched, btw. The second I see your face, .... Siyounara babe.

Like they say, sh*t happens.


That is all mumbo jumbo to say that I'm angry. I don't like the way things, society, .., are run, and don't appreciate sexy babes sitting on bombs. NO, I really do not appreciate this. BUT, NO, I am not making any threats. As pissed off as I am, I am not making any real threats. YET, I would like us to wake up. That is the message. I want us to WAKE UP.

Can we please wake up!

I BEG us all to wake up!

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