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Video: Vote No on Funding Escalation


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On Thursday, April 29, 2010, a "Teach-In on Capitol Hill," was held in Room 2168 of the Rayburn House Building, in Washington, D.C., dealing with the question of what the U.S. Congress must do to end the U.S. Wars and secure a peaceful Middle East. Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) served as the moderator. On the panel were: David Swanson, Chris Hedges, Ann Wright, Jeremy Scahill, and Josh Stieber. For more details on this event and its sponsors, go to:

Funding an escalation of war in Afghanistan with $33 billion is:
against the public will,
economically catastrophic,
counterproductive on its own terms, and
a cynically motivated intentional failure

Call Your Congress Member at (202) 224-3121 and tell them that you will vote against them if they vote to fund an escalation in Afghanistan.

Sure, their opponent could be worse, but not much, and decent representation will only be possible if representatives fear the public more than they fear the funders, media, and parties.

If they tell you they want to vote for aid to Haiti or some other lipstick included in the bill, tell them those things can pass separately and constitute no excuse.  You want a commitment now to vote No no matter what.

If they tell you it's the very last supplemental, tell them you didn't believe that BS last June and won't believe it now.

If they tell you they want to obey the president, ask them to read the U.S. Constitution and see what's in Article I.  Ask them why they think the framers put the war power in the Congress.

If they tell you they want to "support duh troops," tell them that a No vote merely avoids or undoes an escalation, thus preventing troops from being sent to risk their lives under illegal orders.

If they tell you they're voting for a toothless non-binding request for an exit time-table, tell them a growing causus opposing the funding sends a stronger message and builds toward the ability to actually end the war.  Tell them the exit strategy approach, last summer, was rightly delayed until after the funding vote, and then garnered 138 votes, to which the president merely gave a one-finger salute.  Let them know that ineffective rhetoric is no substitute for action.

Ask them to commit now to whipping their colleagues to vote No.  And report on what they tell you here: logo

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i have been against these wars from the beginning. We are on the wrong track.
I admire President Obama but i want him to listen to the Vice President,the Secretary of State ,and all the really fine public servants that are against this folly 10 Billion a month for what? Sacrificing blood and treasure? We need to raise taxes on individuals making over 1 million a year, close tax loopholes for wealthy corporations, and forget Bi Partisan ship. This Republican Party is lacking integrity. I will gladly fund opponents of candidates who are too bull headed, or too greedy for lobbying money to act as public servants. I am with you 100%. I am in the 7th district of Illinois,have met our President in homes here, probably gave him his first check for the Senate, and my intuition is that my first impression was right. He is a fine man but we dont always agree. I am still bewildered as to how Cheney ,Bush and Rove are walking around and our former Governor got into a political hornets nest not of his making but is not guilty. The charges are more than flimsy. I want Justice.
Muriel Schnierow

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