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Pentagon Claims Iran ‘Continues’ Nuclear Weapons Program

Pentagon Claims Iran ‘Continues’ Nuclear Weapons Program
Admits No Evidence They Have Even Decided to Make Them
By Jason Ditz | AntiWar

Accusing Iran of working on a nuclear weapon is something done with very little ceremony, its almost a matter of course for most US officials when discussing the nation. So much so, it seems, that they don’t even proof their own reports to make sure they’re internally consistent in that regard.

So it seems a bit strange when the Pentagon made the usual accusations and simultaneously insisted that they haven’t even determined if Iran has decided to make such a weapon.

Iran has been working to expand their civilian nuclear program for quite some time, and it is this program which is being cited exclusively in the claims about Iran’s non-existent “nuclear weapons” ambitions. Yet the IAEA continues to verify the non-diversion of nuclear materials from this program, and none of this uranium is being enriched beyond 20 percent, with most only being enriched to 3.5 percent. Nuclear weapons, to compare, would require 90+ percent enriched uranium. Read more.

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If they were people of good will, Constitutional honorability, etcetera, then they'd cease all of this criminal badgering, say, of or against Iran, and it is unquestionably [criminal] what they're doing and have been doing for a few or several years, now, towards Iran on the nuclear matter.

Instead, they would focus on the need for a new and independent, as well as thorough, investigation of the 9/11 attacks, which they of course don't want to do, for some of them would be found to have been criminally complicit and wittingly so, in the 9/11 attacks.

Like former USMC Major General Smedley Butler wrote, "WAR IS A RACKET". The same is true with all of this criminal badgering against Iran for its nuclear programmes, and other U.S., and European, hegemony and hypocrisy vis-a-vis Iran. The U.S. State Dept has Iran listed as a terrorist state or sponsoror of terrorism, and this is highly bs, a lie, etcetera, and the U.S. elites know this; but it again is about warfare for RACKET reasons. It's political warfare, for the time being, but it was a little worse than this when the USN shot down an Iranian passenger airliner ... what, back in the 1980s, if not more recently than this, and the U.S. military claimed that they did not know it was a commercial airliner, when it could not possibly be mistaken for a military aircraft! That was far more an act of war that Iranian leadership did not militarily react to or retaliate against, than only having been political warfare. Thankfully, the Iranian leadership, unlike the U.S. leadership and the elites they work for, doesn't want war.

The Iranian leadership isn't holy, but then there is no or hardly any national leadership that is. Comparitively, U.S. leadership is supremely psychopathic, and when, or in instances when it's not quite this bad, then it nevertheless is extremely sociopathic. The U.S. State Dept is both psychopathic and sociopathic, only depending on what the current and secret, though discernible, agenda is at any given time.

We don't need to conduct any discernment exercises to try to determine whether the U.S. and its European allies against Iran are wrong, criminally wrong too, for it's obvious that what they've been doing vis-a-vis Iran for a few or more years now is very clearly criminal!

The Pentagon and Washington elites should, instead, focus on the 9/11 attacks and making sure that there's a well-funded and independently conducted investigation into the 9/11 attacks, but they won't and strategically can't do this, for it'd drastically cut into the extreme profiteering of Wall Street, the Big Banks, the MIC, the Oil sector, etcetera, because the results of the investigation would be totally and strongly incriminating for the U.S. leadership and this would mean that the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, with the extension into northern Pakistan would all need to be stopped with all troops and foreign contractors withdrawn. And this just doesn't fit with their war-for-racket agenda.

We don't need to perform any special discernment exercises to understand the latter either; for it's all rather quite obvious.

Mike Corbeil

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