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When Your Ostensible Ally Says That Blowing Up Your Troops Shouldn't Be Called Terrorism, It's Time to Head Home

By Dave Lindorff,

If anything should have Americans of all political stripes calling for an immediate return of all US troops from Iraq, it would be the Iraqi summit conference in Egypt earlier this week, hosted by Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, at which it was decided that attacking and blowing up US, British and other occupation troops should not be called "terrorism," but rather "acts of resistance."

That's pretty shocking, wouldn't you say?

And yet, there has been nothing but silence from the right-wing yak shows, little in the mainstream media, and nothing from the White House.

And how about the "support our troops" crowd? So far, not a word.

And what about the "noble mission" for which over 2100 American soldiers have so far died--the one Bush keeps citing as a reason to keep on sending more soldiers over to die?

Turns out our troops aren't being killed by terrorists, as President Bush and Vice President Cheney have been saying, but by noble Iraqi resistance fighters. Take it from the Iraqi leaders who we have installed as Iraq's puppet government.

According to them, it's only terrorism if you blow up other Iraqi citizens. Blowing up Americans or Brits is okay. It's even patriotic, apparently.

Man, if I was an American soldier in Iraq right now, I'd be ready to pack it up. I mean, doing your duty is understandable to a point, but this is getting rediculous.

What I want to know is, where's the outrage?

I want to hear now from some of the parents of active-duty troops in Iraq who were trashing Cindy Sheehan for saying not one more mother's son should die in Iraq, now that they know how much the Iraqis want their sons and daughters over there.


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The outrage should be that America commenced a war of aggression and then an occupation on a country that it had brought to its knees with sanctions for ten years. Of course, the Iraqis want us out of there. Would we want Iraqis running our country? I don't think so.

"To it's knees" is right... I spoke to a young , however very mature, returning Iraq vet at a peace rally. He said he was stationed at one of Saddam's old bases when he arrived in Iraq. He suspected that WMD's was a lie before he left the states, but he said he had no idea how BIG a lie it was until he was based at Saddam's old military base (sorry, I can't recall where he said it was). He said the base had been abandoned for quite awhile, planes and vehicles had flat tires, jeeps were rusted, every light bulb and piece of electronic equipment had been ripped off by local Iraqui villagers, wires were hanging out of sockets in all the buildings. He told me he figured out the BIG LIE in less than 48 hours after he arrived at that Iraqui base. This American soldier said Saddam couldn't lob a bomb to his next door neighbors , let alone a "mushroom cloud" to America!


Not sure what the point is here.
WHAT is shocking?

I've never considered "their" actions as anything BUT "acts of resistance". Someone has spoken the truth. It doesn't matter if it was spoken in Egypt or Tralfamador.

But here in the land of the car magnet, enough people seem to be okay that "they" are labeled insurgents or terrorists and "we" are labeled the earnest ones in the white hats...with yellow ribbons.

This is just more of the Corporate Branding strategy we're all so conditioned by in the "civilized, capitalized, insensitized, mesmerized, sanitized, infantilized, commercialized world".

"Be kind. Don't hurt. Death is coming for all of us anyway,
and it is better to be Lot's wife looking back through salty
eyes than the Deity that destroyed those cities of the plain
in order to save them." - Robert Scholes

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