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Take Action: Defeat Wall Street

Today, we FINALLY have a bill that we can call our own. This is our moment - the best chance for the biggest reform to Wall St, big corporations and political corruption in 80 years -- Senator Kaufman and Sherrod Brown have introduced the bold SAFE Banking Act that will break up the biggest banks and keep future banks from becoming too-big-to-fail ad infinitum... to end the bailouts and political handouts.

It's getting voted on next week, can you show your support for it right now?

I personally am giving this my all because this is a big chance to set a precedent for government and Wall St forever. Please, sign onto the petition with me and tell your friends and all the groups you know. We have two days left in this week.

Over a year of work and we may be a part of the slaying of the political corruption that undermines our democracy. If you support ending "too big to fail" banks please, please show your support:

1) Sign the petition we're doing with Progressive Change Campaign, you'll be asked to Whip Congress too!
2) Make it your job to forward this email to anyone you can think of who might want to know.

I promise this is not going to be just a petition, there's more coming. If you want to donate, we can do even more and we'll send you a batch of our yet unrevealed, new stickers, especially if you use Paypal.

Sign on today, fight concentrated power now. And best wishes,
Tiffiniy Cheng and Donny Shaw

Links to info on the bill: "Financial Scrutiny Renews Debate on Size", New York Times; "A Short Citizen's Guide to Reforming Wall Street", Robert Reich; "An Amendment to Break up the Banks", Open Congress; "The Bill/Political Corruption", ANWF; "Breaking up the Banks", Simon Johnson. More on Facebook and our blog.

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DonP of obfustication and hyperbole which translates into good news for Wall Street and bad news for us peons.Like Health Insurance Company enrichment before it, this bill written by (lobbyists for the banking industry)will only continue the practice of socialism for the rich and penury for the poor.

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