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Velvet Revolution Seeks Justice for Victims - Calls for Blankenship / Massey Energy Criminal Prosecution

Last Monday, our spokesman and attorney, Kevin Zeese, wrote a letter to Attorney General Holder demanding a full scale criminal racketeering investigation against Massey Energy CEO and U.S. Chamber of Commerce director Don Blankenship for creating the safety hazards that led to the deaths of 29 miners in West Virginia. We followed with two press releases and, within hours, the disaster was no longer called β€œan accident,” but instead, the intentional and preventable act of a callous corporate CEO.

We were inundated with press inquires and Kevin gave interviews to the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, Huffington Post and even Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC, where Kevin appeared with Arianna Huffington and said that there would be no accountability or real reform without criminal prosecution of Blankenship. We posted that interview on YouTube and you can watch it here.

Since our PR blitz, dozens of articles and editorials have followed our call for criminal charges against Blankenship. In fact, even the head of several unions have called for criminal prosecution.

We now need to keep the pressure on to convince the Attorney General to launch a criminal probe into the actions of Massey Energy and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. We need to let all those in Congress understand that there is no more business as usual and that they must stop meeting with and doing the bidding of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, an organization that opposes worker safety and environmental protection.

You can help us with a sustained PR campaign consisting of dozens of press releases, online ads and lots of media appearances by our terrific spokespersons β€” attorney Kevin Zeese, best selling author David Swanson and award winning writer Brad Friedman. Please donate to this campaign here.

Here is the ad our campaign started running today:

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All The Best,

We can't do this without you!

Help us push this campaign into the media by writing letters to the editor, linking to it on your websites and Facebook pages, and Twittering. Donate to VR today to increase the volume on this campaign!

If you prefer to send check or money order, you can mail it to:
Velvet Revolution
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Washington DC, 20016

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Multiply that times many industries and you get a sense of the criminality of Capitalism....including the health insurance industry which allows 48,000 people a year to die, for their profits, by denying health care, or just raising costs, so no one can use health care: THANKS TO THE DUPLICIOUTS APPEASING CORPORATE, FASCIST ASS, OBAMA, WHO LET THE CORPORATIONS RUN THE SHOW. SMASH THE PONZI STRUCTURE OF CAPITALISM.

I plan to be there to support the miners and their families. Will post more later.
Perfect1, Do you ever feel a compulsion not to post? Nah, never mind, silly question.
Peace, Rain

I am also looking for a universal language to cut through the spliced and diced issues that require endless energy. These issues are all linked to a common failure.

Universal approaches needed, larger strategies needed.

It is in my DNA, and apparently yours. I don't post much here anymore or even bother reading the comments because I get you and the other saying the same nothing new stuff, post after post.
Am sure you are right about universal approaches and larger strategies, but all the postings (WITH THEIR INEVITABLE CAPS) have kept newbies and real old timers like me from posting at all, so connections, which we need, are not being made. Unless you were a lurker before you came on as Perfect1 (what made you name yourself that?) you don't even know what a vibrant community we were (are, though not here), so take a deep breath before posting again. You, if you really care about getting people involved, should cool it with posts. If you are happy with seeing your name in the comment section after almost every post, I feel sorry for you.
Peace, Rain

AfterDowningStreet promotes social justice through nonviolence. perfect1, can you make your points without the demands to "smash it" which sounds like a violent action?

Another poster recently explained that your repetitive memes, including the use of CAPS, is distracting and counter productive.

Your search for "a universal language to cut through the spliced and diced issues that require endless energy" effectively reduces your duplicative comments to superfluous mundane ideological burps that are neither persuasive or informative.

One thoughtful, well-constructed post that explains or demonstrates the pervasive interconnections, influences and ramifications of military fascism would be much more highly valued by readers.

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