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Ten Senators Send Letter on Downing Street Minutes to Senate Intelligence Committee

Larisa Alexandrovna - Raw Story Staff

Senator Kerry (D - MA) sends letter to Senate Intelligence Committee pressing for answers on the Downing Street Memo and other Downing documents. The letter leaked to Raw Story, is also signed by Senators Johnson, Corzine, Reed, Lautenberg, Boxer, Kennedy, Harkin, Bingaman, and Durbin. The text of the letter is below.
June 22, 2005
The Honorable Pat Roberts, Chairman
The Honorable John D. Rockefeller, IV, Vice Chairman
United States Senate
Select Committee on Intelligence

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Roberts and Senator Rockefeller:

We write concerning your committee's vital examination of pre-war Iraq intelligence failures. In particular, we urge you to accelerate to completion the work of the so-called "Phase II" effort to assess how policy makers used the intelligence they received.

Last year your committee completed the first phase of a two-phased effort to review the pre-war intelligence on Iraq. Phase I-begun in the summer of 2003 and completed in the summer of 2004-examined the performance of the American intelligence community in the collection and analysis of intelligence prior to the war, including an examination of the quantity and quality of U.S. intelligence on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the intelligence on ties between Saddam Hussein's regime and terrorist groups. At the conclusion of Phase I, your committee issued an unclassified report that made an important contribution to the American public's understanding of the issues involved.

In February 2004-well over a year ago-the committee agreed to expand the scope of inquiry to include a second phase which would examine the use of intelligence by policy makers, the comparison of pre-war assessments and post-war findings, the activities of the Policy Counterterrorism Evaluation Group (PCTEG) and the Office of Special Plans in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, and the use of information provided by the Iraqi National Congress.

The committee's efforts have taken on renewed urgency given recent revelations in the United Kingdom regarding the apparent minutes of a July 23, 2002, meeting between Prime Minister Tony Blair and his senior national security advisors. These minutes-known as the "Downing Street Memo"-raise troubling questions about the use of intelligence by American policy makers-questions that your committee is uniquely situated to address.

The memo indicates that in the summer of 2002, at a time the White House was promising Congress and the American people that war would be their last resort, that they believed military action against Iraq was "inevitable."

The minutes reveal that President "Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

The American people took the warnings that the administration sounded seriously-warnings that were echoed at the United Nations and here in Congress as we voted to give the president the authority to go to war. For the sake of our democracy and our future national security, the public must know whether such warnings were driven by facts and responsible intelligence, or by political calculation.

These issues need to be addressed with urgency. This remains a dangerous world, with American forces engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan, and other challenges looming in Iran and North Korea. In this environment, the American public should have the highest confidence that policy makers are using intelligence objectively-never manipulating it to justify war, but always to protect the United States. The contents of the Downing Street Memo undermine this faith and only rigorous Congressional oversight can determine the truth.

We urge the committee to complete the second phase of its investigation with the maximum speed and transparency possible, producing, as it did at the end of Phase I, a comprehensive, unclassified report from which the American people can benefit directly.


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Thank you John Kerry and others.

Thank You Kerry and others! lets hope they start investigating the President and this crooked administration soon!

Lets all Unite in pressuring John Rockefeller to "come out" in this matter.

Thank you John Kerry and all the senators who signed this letter. For those of you who haven't signed yet, please do.

Thank you, Sen. Kerry and all the other brave people who have stood up to the plate. You have restored some hope and courage to the American people. May we truly become honest again and not hated the world over.

John,Now lets move on, have some courage and betray your skull and bones brothers. NO MORE Secrets: Give the world the perverted secrets this sick club has been hiding. Betray your fraternity brothers now and tell the world what this sick little club is really hiding. Right now these secrets are undermining our Republic.

Comments like yours do no one any good. This is a dedicated site to find out the TRUTH, and to get out the message. Childish remarks like yours do not belong here.

I congratulate this site, those members of Congress and the Senate who are diligently working behind the scenes to get the TRUTH out.

FYI. Have posted letters from Sen's:Boxer and Feinstein in appropriate location on site. Patrick Monk.RN. SF. Ca.

A big "thank you" to those Congresspersons who have courageously expressed their wishes for "the committee's" investigation results ASAP, thereby pressuring an administration response to the report of horrendous fraud by this administration re the reason for the illegal Iraqi war. Hope it takes this abhorent administration down in flames.

An impeachable offense has occurred here folks and its hard to find a newspaper that possesses the journalistic qualities we need to get this across. I am sick and tired of arguing with bull-headed republicans who quote Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly all day and pawn the thoughts off as their own. It's time to spread the word with this, we have a "smoking gun" and somehow it isn't relevant as a front-page story. I don't get it. We are in the midst of the most crooked administration ever and their power is so great that they can hide the facts. I beg all of Congress to put aside party lines and realize that in order to preserve our country and its standing in the world, there needs to be a real investigation with some action. I don't want my son to be brought up in such a divided country and that is exactly where we are headed when we have 56 million people vote because of clever ad campaigns and Rove trickery tactics. Wake up America and be responsible citizens before you call yourselves Patriots, because the only true Patriots these days are the ones questioning whats going on and what has gone on!!!

Thank you Senators for your patriotism and courage in standing up to this reprehensible administration. Now if only the other 90% of the Senate would get on board....

BTW friends, a good talking point: From the attack on Pearl Harbor until the absolute and unconditional surrender of the Japanese at total of 1365 days elapsed. Nazi Germany was defeated in even less time. It has been well above that same number of days since the 9/11/2001 attacks on the United States. Why is Osama Bin Ladin still alive and free!!??

Because the Bushites want it that way. Where else are they going to find a bogeyman like him? According to them, this guy is a super villain, able to do from a cave in Afghanistan what the Soviets failed to do from the comfort of the Kremlin, break through the best air defenses in the world., That would include those anti-aircraft batteries around the Pentagon, which were and are all on launch-on- warning computer systems, which read anything other than a military plane transponder, as an enemy, and he has more money than several small countries combined, so who the hell would they replace him with?

Osama may be dead or alive, in reality, but I bet you he is living in Iran, in Bushworld, these days.

Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude that some of our Congress is finally taking this step. But thank you is a start. Keep the pressure up.

While I also am very pleased about a few in Congress FINALLY taking a stand, I do think a simple "Thank You" is quite sufficient. Congress is SUPPOSED to serve "We the people" and it is past time some of them put it in BLACK AND WHITE!

Thank you.
Howard Dean is right...The American people want you to fight this battle.

Thank you Senator Kerry and Senators Johnson, Corzine, Reed, Lautenberg, Boxer, Kennedy, Harkin, Bingaman, and Durbin for your letter to the Select Committee on Intelligence. Please, please keep on, keeping on! How the current administration continually disregards truth and ethics is sickening. America, we the people, deserve better...we deserve to have the truth revealed and the administration held accountable for its actions, period.

Thank you Senators! It's about time! The way the Republicans went after Bill Clinton, I have been absolutely amazed nothing has been initiated against George Bush since the Downing Street information has been revealed. (Much less the fact that we have found no WMDs, are making terrorism worse and democracy is not happening over there!) What is going on with this administration that they tell us lies, lies, and more lies and keep getting away with it? If Bill Clinton could be impeached by having a fling with an intern, I guess we can definately say this IS AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE! People are being killed for King Bush's power trip!

We all know that Bush and his minions manipulated the election results. Bush didn't win the election. Kerry did. John Kerry IS the rightful president of this country. He is MY president. He is the one I am looking to for leadership against this massive threat to civilization called "The Republican Party". I am COUNTING on John Kerry to be the warrior that I know he is. NOW is the time to take down the criminal Bush regime. If Bush succeeds in riding this out and passing the baton on to yet another unelected "leader", then we can kiss our cowardly, lazy, freedom loving butts goodbye because it won't BE America anymore. John Kerry -- we NEED a hero. Now.

Thanks to all. Now we need to pressure the other 35 Democrats and moderate Republicans to sign Kerry's letter and demand that the Senate Intelligence Committee open televised hearings on the Downing Street Memos. Call your Senators and tell your friends to do the same. Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell is my Senator. Wish me luck.

It takes courage to report this story as it involves criminality at the highest level of government, and all encompassing sweep. The protections are just not there for the MSM journalist to break through the media blackout on the illegal war in Iraq. Case in point Newsweek.

So the chances of getting through to the public are resting on op eds and letters to the editor. From there pressure is put on the media to report because the public demands coverage. From there pressure is put on representatives in government to push forward the issue.

Where is it all going? Well, eventually it will have to land with the Department of Justice where we will be met with Alberto Gonzales' smiling face. That takes a lot of courage, and dedication and slogging hard toil.

Thank you, to Congressman Conyers and all 125 members of Congress who signed the Bush letter. Thank you to Senator Kerry and all 11 Senators for having the courage to sign this letter to the Intelligence Committee. Thank you to RAWSTORY, John Bonifaz, David Swanson and the Coalition for having the courage and chutzpah it takes for the long haul.

Thank you Senator Kerry and Senators Johnson, Corzine, Reed, Lautenberg, Boxer, Kennedy, Harkin, Bingaman, and Durbin. Durbin, you can be sure that I'll support you in the next election. PLEASE do not let this president get away with yet another crime without fighting to the finish.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post wrote a hatchet job piece on the Conyer's Downing Street Memos (and I emphasize the plural as the other ones are equally as damning) hearings-- Milbank called Americans who want an explanation of the DSMs "wing nuts."

Am I the only one who remembers that Dana Milbank is, along with John Kerry, George H.W., and George W. Bush, a member of the notorious Yale secret society Skull & Bones? Kerry being two years ahead of Dubya would have tapped the people into Skull who tapped George Jr.

Hmmmm, I wonder why Kerry conceded before my vote, and many other votes in the West, were counted --- could it be???? Nah...Because Saddam DID seek uranium from Africa, he DID have WMD -- they were just moved to Syria and/or Iran or wherever we plan to attack next, and, despite admitting it in the Knesset, Israel DID NOT feed us false information to get us to invade Iraq, the air around downtown Manhattan was perfectly fit to breathe after 9/11, AND my uncle is the Tooth Fairy!

Wing nut? Conspiracy theorist? Nope, not me :)

BTW: Speaking as a constituient of Madame herself, don't trust Boxer -- she was the cosponsor of the Syria Accountability Act along with Rick Santorum, it was a major coup for the neo-con/Likud/AIPAC crowd. When is AIPAC going to be registered as a foreign agent --after-all they only have spies in the Pentagon? And toadies in Congress.

Little George Stupid will be addressing the nation on tuesday, expect more lies and bullshit, thats all he has, thats all he is. Karl Rove lashes out at liberals, ditto Dick "dont confuse me with the facts" Cheney, ditto Donald Rumsfeld. The rats are getting nervous, they know there crimes all too well, if Democrats win congress in 2006 they know a lot of them are going to jail. They are all running scared!

I certainly hope the Downing Street Memo revelations do not die on the vine. We have seen too many smoking guns on Bush end with Democrats backing down and leaving us deflated. The Democrats have a habit of rushing in like Pit Bulls then whimpering away like Poodles.

You are so disgustingly cruel and misguided sore losers. Sadamm was a WMD. It is so nausiating to hear you keep repeating it over and over to justify your Bush bashing, You really hate Bush because he proved to the people that we can spend our own money better than the Democrats can.
Your right we should not be in War with Terroist. Also 3,000 people on 911 should not have died. If Clinton and his Lawyer friends had declared war on the first bombing. the 3,000 people would still be alive. And the number of Terroist we face today would be next to none.
Clinton administration accomplished in down grading our Military
men and supplies.
Degraded the FBI and CIA, made it more impossible to work together worse than it already was.
They had no back bone or corrage. They win everyone by give away items or buy their votes. And then shoot their mouth off blaming it on Republicans and refuse to carry an intelligent coversation, just screaming out your talking points. Everyone has the same message word for word.
Clinton brought nothing but disgrace to our white house. And Dems
praised him and covered it up.
IF YOU MANAGE to get soldiers out of Iraq, we will be having more bombings here, even more so cause then they will definitely know how weak and stupid you people really are, you just don't get it.
Bush has constantly told you these people hate democacy and they will destroy us for sure. God help us because your working for their success. You can't reason with terroist. AND NOW YOUR DEFENDING TREATMENT OF GUATOMINO BAY (WHAT IS IT WITH YOU, THEY SPIT AND THROW SHIT AT OUR TROOPS AND YOUR CONCERN FOR THE ENEMY. THEY CUT AND TORTTURE OUR TROOPERS EVEN BURN THEM. AND YOUR OMRE CONCERN
And you think you can believe France, Russia and Germany. Look what your friends were doing in UN.WHICH is why they wanted us to stay out OF IRAQ.
JUST FOR ONE MOMENT. What do you think GOD would say to you looking down upon us: Our troopers are over there trying to make a decent life for his children who are living in fear and poverty while Sadamm and his evil sons lived like kings.
The Democrats are as bad as Sadamm, they want power thats what it is all about.

This War in Iraq is legal. Just look it up. The fist war never ended , it paused with an agreement with sadamm, and he broke the agreement so Bush had every right to go in and get him.
Do you people live in lala Land or what. Democrats give this country a dirty name. Except for France. Who means nothing ti us.
United we Stand and DIVIDED we fall.
Your dissent is doing just what you did in the Vietnam War.

Bush is spending tax payers money better? You're right he's bankrupting the nation.

Clinton didn't do his job before 9/11....I recall republicans fighting him on the issue and saying he was wagging the dog.

Clinton was a disgrace. Just so you know the whole world is laughing at us now. We're all wearing the blue dress now dude.

Iraq has become center for terrorism because of Bush. He's made it worse and if you were rational, you'd see that it has not made America safer, only postponed what will be an inevitable series of terror attacks on our soil.

Democrats want power? So does Bush but the difference is he's actually removing freedoms to ensure his control not handing the out.

I love republicans who say they're so patriotic....but not to the country....only to their freaking bizarre party. You implicitly understand that he lied to you, so you are parroting now straight from the mouth of the republican party with additional excuses like Saddam was the WMD.

Trust a liar? How can you trust someone who lies to you? You are the unpatriotic one. You will trust any idiot as long as he's from the republican party.

You are an idiot and a coward anonymous "completely disconnected from reality".

Sounds to me like you, as WELL as Karl Rove, need to be educated about 9/11 in order to understand it. Please read one of the several speeches written by Kristen Breitweiser, a widow of a victim of 9/11 at the age of 30.

You said, "Do you people live in lala Land or what. Democrats give this country a dirty name."

Do you realize that the rest of the world respected the US when Clinton was president... yeah, Clinton, the democrat? Have you seen Clinton visiting foreign nations and their masses of countrymen cheering for him and what he says? Americans returning from foreign countries say foreigners hate us... they hate Bush and verbalize it every chance they get. Do you know that travel agencies advise Americans traveling abroad not to wear shirts, hats, etc., with American symbols on them? They fear Americans will be attacked or at least hasseled. Have you seen the poll of countries favored by the world? The US is behind Communist China! Sounds like you blow a lot of erroneous crap.

As an ex-conservative, I know you blind, mindless followers and Taliban-wannabes well! Keep it up and...


You appear to have an IQ of about 79.

He is still more coherent than Bush

I cannot determine which is the greater atrocity; the lies regarding Iraqi weapons of mass destruction or your grammar. If your command of the English language is any indication, you would be well served to listen to those who can formulate and articulate a clear position on public policy issues.

>cause then they will definitely know how weak and stupid you people really are

This sentence is psychologically very interesting and discloses the probable traumatic origin of the average American attitude towards the pathetic rest of the world: Just don't let anybody believe we wouldn't be the biggest, strongest, boldest etc. Alas, how poor mustn't your self-esteem be, if you can't define your nation but through bloating and brute force?

you are nuts.

I think that, too often, our Democratic representatives are intimidated by the Republican leadership's criticisms. The Republicans in power are masters at taking well-intentioned inquiries by liberals and twisting words in order to intimate, or even outright accuse, liberals of being unpatriotic. The situation of Senator Durbin's (correct) comments about abuse in prisons is a prime example. I propose that for every Republican/conservative allegation of lack of patriotism supposedly committed by Democrats, that our Democratic leadership more aggressively debate and expose the increasing amount of questionable activities perpetrated by the Republicans and their president. There's no room to be polite anymore, particularly when lives are on the line.

That might be an excellent way to challenge the republican spinners.
When an erroneous charge is made by a republican, maybe Democrats should look back to jolly old England. When there was disagreement, one challenged the other to a duel. In the case of the loose-mouthed republicans, democrats should challenge the offending republican to a public debate. The challenge should be made by calling a press conference. If the republican refuses to debate and tries to sluff it off, most Americans will view the republican as a big mouth who won't back up what he says. If the offending republican agrees, the democrat should have a good debate ready.


You have a point, my friend. Rico charges have already been filed, by several people, including a janitor at the WTC who can testify, along with 14 witnesses, to an explosion in the subterranian levels of the North Tower, WTC.

The charges were first filed in Pennsylvania and have now, I believe been filed in New York.

Do you know, if Rico charges can be filed anywhere, even in states where no crimes occured?

We can all sit around and wait for somebody to step into the ring and take this crooked administration on, but the bottom line says: Until Americans demonstrate that they will no longer put up with these cronies, we can expect more of the same.

This is our country... we own the US, not the Bushes! Right now, Bush and the republicans are slashing programs that are helpful to Americans and for what? To fund Bush's war! We are talking about billions to fund this war and it is being paid for with our hard earned tax money and loans from other nations. Understand, the Bush cronies do not fight fair and never have. It is time for Americans to take back this country before it is too late. Talk is cheap. Demonstrations against Bush (the squatter)and HIS war is the only way to have your voices heard. Demonstrations forced our government to end a senseless Vietnamese War.

It all comes down to this folks... the squeaky wheel gets the oil. The future of our country is on the line. If you care about your country and refuse to let it fall into fascism under the neocons, then do something about it! Get over the hope that someone else will step up to the plate and do our bidding.

‘Farmers know bull when they hear it’
Author: Denise Winebrenner Edwards
People's Weekly World Newspaper, 06/23/05 12:32

Conventional wisdom says a conference of 1,400 members of the Future Farmers of America (FAA) at Penn State University in rural State College would be a safe bet for President Bush to sell his plan to privatize Social Security.

But on June 14 hundreds of anti-Bush students and area residents showed up to protest the president’s visit and privatization scheme, including Cara Rosenthal from Williamsport whose sign read, “PA farmers know bull when they hear it.

I'm happy to hear about the farmer protest. Of course, if it was highly publicized, it escaped me. We need protests in masses where the media cannot ignore. However, they have been able to ignore and downplay the protest in NY city and marches on D.C. I detest when the mainstream media writes that [thousands of protestors] when, in fact, the turnout was in the 1 million count. Thousands? That can mean 1 thousand to [one short] of a million!

What I am saying here is that we need mass protests with multitudes of people. Logically speaking, the only time our government has sat up and taken notice was when people marched in huge numbers. They noticed MLK and they noticed Vietnam war protestors. I believe that mass protests are the only effective tools in the drawer.

It won't work until the media covers it. There have been huge Demonstartions in this country since before the war, close to a half-million in NYC last August. It's old hat. The media doesn't think that marches and Demos are news worthy anymore, especially if we all politiely ask persmmission to execise our first amendment rights, often from a kennel and wear silly contumes like we are the circus coming to town. This situation is far too serious for that!

If we want to get their attention we might have to show up at their Washington and NYC studios, to the tune of several hundred thousand, un-anounced, pissed off people.

It is way past time to get serious about this, and leave no doubt in anyone's mind that we mean it!

I whole heartedly agree with your premise.

The numbers of people in this country who are fed up are increasing daily. When we can turn out 1/2 million in NYC and close to 1 million in DC, just think of the protest size with the increasingly disgruntled people. I think many are ready to march and the only thing lacking is a hot-shot organizer. Picture half a million protestors marching in DC every weekend through Christmas. Just remember, more and more Americans are beginning to see it our way. The numbers of disgruntled Americans are growing every day. Picture all of the Blogs insisting that the media cover the protests. Picture the Blogs insisting that House and Senate members address the protests. To the nay-sayers: The Downing Street Memos were revealed by most Blogs in early May. Through their harrassing and demands, the memos finally hit the mainstream media. The Blogs asked readers to support their efforts by letter writing campaigns to the mainstream media and to our representatives. Then Conyers stepped up and pushed the buttons harder. Now we have Kerry and Kennedy pushing buttons. Believe me, all that they have done is how it happens. Today we have the internet for communicating and organizing. If the Vietnam protestors could organize in the 60's and 70's without computers, what's our excuse?

Thank you Senators Kerry, Johnson, Corzine, Reed, Lautenberg, Boxer, Kennedy, Harkin, Bingaman, and Durbin for fighting for answers regarding how intelligence was used as a pretext for the war in Iraq. We cannot sit back and let the corruption get worse. It seems the crooks in the current administration will do anything to stay in power. Therefore, we need to speak up and fight for our country. There are some people who are mesmerized by the corporate-driven media. But, I want to believe that essentially all Americans want to see our democracy protected.

I want to thank the senators who have already signed onto the letter and wonder when the other senators, (Democratic, Republican and Independent) will face up to the truth that needs to be told and sign on to the letter also.
If there is nothing to hide by Bush and his neo-conservative gang, as they all state over and over again, then why not complete the inquiry that was promised to the American people. And if there is something to hide, some lies perhaps, some hidden agendas perhaps, I think it is time that all of it be brought to light and exposed so that we, the American people can make the choices that we need to make in how we are going to del with these lies and misconceptions that were hand fed to us by those who are now in power.
We deserve an open government, a government that seeks to serve the people it was elected to represent. Millions have died in wars to preserve these freedoms that we love to claim. It is time for the dying to stop. It is time for the lying to stop. It is time for the suffering of the people of Iraq to stop. We the people of the United States of America must insist that our nation acts in a responsible way. Let's find out who is guilty of lies and deceit, indict them, try them and punish then. That will put a stop to the abuse of power and give a message to all those who think that they are immune from justice.

C'mon John...put your big pants on and take these guys out! Cheney lied through his teeth the other day when he said the insurgency was in its "last throes." Bush lied through his teeth last weekend when he inferred that we attacked Iraq because they attacked us first.

CALL THEM LIARS. Come right out and say it. They are lying now just like they have been throughout. End it. Call them on it. Every time. Don't parse it and let the conversation be interpreted by a lie, a lie, every time. Get used to saying: "that's a lie!"

Screw protocol and decorum. Our country is under occupation by a foreign power following a successful coup. We want our country back! If you're not willing to take huge risks to take our country back for us, you'll not be invited to keep your job. Do your job. Expose the ENTIRE TRUTH - ALL OF IT.

SENATORS: DO SOMETHING SUBSTANTIVE NOW - instead of more of the usual talking, walking, commenting, and sound-bite hand wringing. Frankly, we don't give a heck about what you say or are 'seen' to be saying anymore, that's mostly all we ever get anyway. DEEDS: DO something substantive and effective for all of US for a change, instead of for all those money/power/privilege denominated special, preferred, and other private or elitist 'interests'. Then you'll have a Name. For a starting perspective on our troubles do some basic math:

(i) DO THE MATH-1: There are more months to the end of Bush's present term ("present" stressed) in office, than there are months since the beginning of the Iraq war. Given the rate of US deaths in Iraq; its presently 'hot' low-grade, but slowly warming civil war; and given the present priorities of Bush/Cheney & Co.; on present course MORE Americans are going to die in Iraq and Afghanistan than died on 9/11.

Say that again. O.K.: On present course MORE Americans are going to die in Iraq and Afghanistan, than died on 9/11.

Now hit me if I'm stupid, but since Iraq had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with 9/11; and as there were and are apparently more significant "threats" (can anyone spell a scared, pissed off and frustrated N. Korea?); and certainly there are more regimes with worse human rights and no-democracy records than Iraq [a lot of whom are 'our friends'] - are these numbers going to make any sense to YOU, as and when they occur? And on present course, THEY WILL.

Hee's a Prediction you can, unfortunately, take to the bank: PRINT THIS MESSAGE OUT AND PUT IT IN A DRAW UNTIL THE DAY THE HEADLINES (WILL) READ As FOLLOWS: "2,900 Americans have now died in Iraq"; or, until the day, long before, that we decisively change course.

TODAY we're some 1,200 (in round numbers) SHORT of having GIVEN another life for EACH life lost on 9/11. We KNOW that right now! and We KNOW now and knew then that Iraq had nothing to do with it. Who the heck knew? - that Americans are so rich in fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters - that our present political focus and action is not on them and their needless dying, but on knee jerking on 'Rove', or, on our reputations, perks, and powers - so much so - that we need months to muster WhateverYouWantToCallIt to even make their loss of life and the reasons for it an issue at a senatorial representative level [that's you, folks].

That's 1700 gone, and 1700 yet to be gone sons and daughters on present course, in an unnecessary, illegal, and immoral war. If that doesn't get you doing something substantive, then I do apologise for not understanding that there must be some awesome set of perks involved in representative office in America to be worth the foot dragging, hand wringing, let's talk about it at the NEXT whatever meeting, view that's been on show to date.

(ii) DO THE MATH-2: If our sons and daughters don't get your attention or motivate your concerns, perhaps large amounts of money does. As in (Y)OUR money. The months from the start of the Iraq war until now (actually to the end of fiscal 2005), have and will cost us (in round numbers) at least $300 BILLION dollars (public numbers, and there's more). I Say again and more plainly: $300,000,000,000.00.

Yet, everything Bush/Cheney (and so far, you fellas as well) "say" to us is that they/you are going to stay the course and stay stuck-in in Iraq [for xyz reasons]. If so, by the end of Bush's present term ("present" emphasised), are we going to have spent ANOTHER $300 BILLION dollars??? Put it differently, if we stay until Bush/Cheney leave office, how are we going to avoid paying another $300,000,000,000.00, since, as we are led to believe, Halibruton aside, these are real costs for some 139,000 troops??

Have YOU got enough of our schools, fire-stations, police officers, veteran's benefits, hospitals, roads, teachers, jobs, et al, to TRADE AWAY for the NEXT $300 BN??? As well as fund a trillion dollar tax cut for YOU and your 'bases'? Who knew Americans were so rich, so generous, so READY to sell off their blood and their culture?? Sons and Daughters, AND REAL Money too? - not just that cookie jar stuff?, but real jobs/health/schools currency?!

And keep in mind, we are two years out, $300 Bn down, and we still have not dented the job of armouring HumVees for Iraq, providing adequate or sufficient Body Armor for those for whom honor is spelled out in daily breath and blood; or, even enough weapons and rounds for all the men and women duty-bound to follow stupidity's immoral and illegal bidding (as the Downing Street Memos and a dozen other public sources and records tell us.

(iii) Finally, DO THE MATH-3: Today (y)our sons and daughters are dying in Iraq at a pretty amazing clip. But perhaps it isn't personal yet. As they are, so far, all OUR sons and daughters. If you are 1 of 100 senators, or 1 of 435 members of congress, then your personal exposure in terms of your own children serving harm's hard time in Iraq, is a vanishingly small and unrepresentative headcount (it can in fact be calculated using the digits of one human body).

Now that GWB/DC aren't having to count on elections to stay in office, or keep their election promise of NO DRAFT, everyone, except the media barons and mainstream media heard the culture-shaking 'thud' of the draft bill about THE DRAFT hitting committee tables in the last week or so. DO THE MATH. GET PERSONAL. THIS COULD BE YOUR TIME IN HISTORY - because people are going to be watching (everywhere), and acting (locally) like they haven't since Vietnam. And if, as, and when that Bill publicly attempts to, or actually comes into force, there'll be a political and personal hell to pay that no campaign coffer is going to patch over.

The point is, this: This is not the Good War (WWII), and on present course, there's absolutely NO POSITIVE PAYOFF from these mis-adventures that anybody on our streets is going to recognise as worth it. Not at the prices you have paid, are paying, and will have paid: (that is, past total/future total, some 1700/3400 lives; 20,000/40,000 wounded; and if Gulf I is anything to go by in terms of depleted uranium associated disabled veterans (250,000 (!) so far), then at least for Iraq, another 250/300 THOUSAND disabled veterans; and, oh, of course, the money: $300Bn/$600Bn at least - which will certainly become a lot MORE if there is a draft, and troop numbers climb from some (presently) 139,000 US men and women, to a rumoured 400-to-500,000. That will cost some serious dinero). And for what?

For 14(17) Military Bases? (they're waaaay cheaper than this). For oil? At $60.00/barrel today? With China industrially steaming on, and bidding up UNOCAL? With a pissed off passed over populace? Get serious! We'll all laugh on that one! For Democracy in Iraq? Do the words "accelerating civil war" or "we want an Islamic State" - (2005 Gallup Poll in Iraq) [unfortunately not YOUR 'we'] mean anything to you Senators? [- nothing wrong with that is there, if that's the case? if it's a free choice right? 'Cause we're not actually "buying" these people are we? That would be so un-American]; For Democracy in the Middle East? Not until AIPAC is registered as a foreign agent in the US (that might, just might, reflect folks were beginning to get real and serious about an on the ground Palestine-Israel settlement, instead of aiding and abetting waves of ethnic cleansing).

Senators, I can't think of anything, on the present course, worth the price we're paying, that we actually get to go home with! Can you? And if so, please identify it, and will you actually serve in Iraq to pay for somethng so precious? (why not? even Elvis did! I'm not guessing your response because at last look you're not there, you're here ); or, as you're going to stay home and represent us, will you send your sons or daugters to serve in Iraq (yes, getting kidnapped by burly insurgents might sour that idea (as happened to three missing US marines and a US sailor two days ago in Fallujah, (some of whom are women); or, if there's anything THAT precious for us there, why not encourage your best buddy's sons and daughters to serve in Iraq? As Iraq neither threatened nor attacked us, what is it you think is worth it over there that might reasonably justify any of the last three suggestions?

Okay, you're not so motivated, and you have your reasons. Then why should we be? Take the Vietnam Field (not political) Leadership pill so many of the present administration were and are so plainly allergic to: "We'll go wherever you lead us sir, but you've got to go first." If not, follow up on this darn letter and get us the hell out with honor (bring back our blood, and quit spending our butter for such foolishness and for such hubris). Make a "Name" for yourself for constructing value, before both contemporary accounts and political history write you in (and out) as a permanent unthinking footnote that was part of a mob that contributed to so much illegal and immoral destruction of value both at home and abroad.

But now we have our work cut out for us; we have approximately 150 Congresspeople and 39 Senators to convince to at least get this investigatation underway full speed.

But I'm not worried.

123 Congresspeople and 10 Senators so far?

Ken Starr had LESS than that to work with when the Clinton Scandal hit. :-)

We WILL prevail.

Remember that saying way back when Russia was a threat? Perhaps we should bring that saying back, but with a different meaning. The red states seem to be poorer than the blue state with lower paying jobs. With that said, wake up red states and realize that when you vote RED, you are voting against yourselves. What you are really voting for is corporate give a aways, less health care, poorer paying jobs, a good sounding but failed, no child left behind act. Abortion, gays having civil unions, are things that people on both sides agree and disagree with. But those issues do nothing to address our economy,health care issues, good jobs, good schools, and our infrastucture. These are the issues that should be of concern to all Americans regardless of your religious beliefs. If you don't believe in abortion, then don't have one. That is your right. If you don't believe in gays partnerships, don't enter into one. That is also your right. But, hey, Newt and Cheney both have gay daughters. So if you believe that life style to be wrong, why vote for parent of gay children who are running for public office? You have to know that THEY don't abandon their children for being gay. A person can no more help being born gay than a retarded child can help being retarded. Yet we take care of the retarded and don't want to make them feel different. We are all children of God, and God loves us all regardless of our short comings. Wake up red states and vote for what matters to all Americans and keep America a great country that is united and not divided. I will end with another saying. "United we stand, divided we fall." And we are falling in the world view.

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