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The Bomb-Bomb-Iran 'Parlor Game'

The Bomb-Bomb-Iran 'Parlor Game'
By Robert Parry | Consortium News

Normally, if two countries with powerful nuclear arsenals were openly musing about attacking a third country over mere suspicions that it might want to join the nuclear club, we’d tend to sympathize with the non-nuclear underdog as the victim of bullying and possible aggression.

You might think that – unless you were told that the two nuclear-armed countries are Israel and the United States and the non-nuclear country is Iran. Then, different rules apply, especially it seems in leading American news outlets like the New York Times.

In what reads like a replay of the run-up to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the Times and other major U.S. news media appear onboard for war, again happy to make the likely aggressors the “victims,” and to turn the prospect of a bloody conflict in a Muslim country into a parlor game.

Indeed, the New York Times on March 28 presented the idea of “imagining a strike on Iran” as “Washington’s grimmest but most urgent parlor game,” assessing how a military strike by Israel, “acting on its fears that Iran threatens its existence,” would play out. Read more.

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The corporate media is in general, completely devoid of morality, truth telling serving the masters, the corporations, and its military NAZIS, FASCISTS,NEOCONS, AND ZIONISTS.

But this is especially true for the whoring Liberal papers, like the NEW YORK TIMES/WASHINGTON POST, which lied us into the illegal wars of aggression against IRAQ, and now IRAN.
The scummy Zionist, fascist, Neocon Liberals......appeasing fascism, militarism, produced the Judith Miller, and now the Zionist whore, NEOCON whore for two criminal rogue states. SCREW THEIR CORRUPT CORPORATE PAPERS, AND SIEG HEIL THEIR HYPOCRITICAL ASSES.

Obama, like Hillary, like Biden, like Rham Emanuel, like the whoring corporate democrats, all appease right wing nationalism, fascist Zionism, criminal foreign policies, Nato criminal policies, in the name of "free world", "free markets" class dogmas that have morphed into CORPORATE FASCISM, MILITARY FASCISM.


Everyone together......say SIEG HEIL TO THE LIBERAL CRIMINALS.

Bomb Iran Game? - Key Zionist and long time 5th Columnist tells US to make the first move . . . ;-)

(clipped headline and aritcle from Raw Story)
"Kristol: ‘Better’ for US to attack Iran than if Israel did - The Obama administration should be seriously considering a strike on Iran, according to neoconservative Fox News contributor Bill Kristol.

An Israeli Deputy Defense Minister said last week that he expected Israel would have to attack Iran within a year. Kristol believes it would be better for the US to attack first."

(full story)

(link to video - approx. 3 minutes)
"Kristol: US strike on Iran better than an Israeli strike"

Now, you kidz all remember that Bill "Mr. PNAC" Kristol has played this "Game" before . . . ;-)

(link to video - approx. 6 minutes)
"CNN: Bill Kristol exposed as Iraq War & neo-con Cheerleader"

(link to video - approx. 2 minutes)
"PNAC, PILGER and Bill Kristol facing the TRUTH"

. . . as have several OTHER 5th Columnist TRAITORS-AMONGST-US . . . ;-)

(clipped headline and link to transcript and video clip)
"'Meet the Press' transcript for April 4, 2010
Christina Romer, Michael Chertoff, Jane Harman, Joe Lieberman, David Remnick, Rick Stengel"

Recognize these names, kidz?

David "Never Ask a Question about 9-11 or Israel" Gregory?

Michael "5 Dancing Israelis" Chertoff?

Jane "Hate Crime Bill" Harman?

Joe "Senior Senator from Israel" LIE-berman?

Now, these Zio-clowns that lied us into these illegal PNAC/AIPAC wars and occupations are trying to convince you that not only must the US attack IRAN for Israel . . .

. . . but that your American Neighbors are really DANGEROUS EXTREMISTS . . . and the NEW threat to "National Security" . . .

. . . especially if they disagree or dare challenge this PNAC/AIPAC Zionist agenda, kidz!! . . . ;-)

Never mind the "reality" . . .

(clipped headline from Prison Planet Dot Com)
"National Polls Shatter Myth Of Tea Party As Right Wing Fringe Group - Average Americans say they have more in common with Tea Party than establishment"

(full story)

Now, what was that ol' Marxist Propaganda axiom? . . . ;-)

"A lie told often enough becomes truth"
- Vladimir Lenin

So, this ol' fool from North Cackilacki's question on this "Bomb Iran Game" . . .

. . . is there a "GO TO JAIL! GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL! DO NOT PASS GO! DO NOT COLLECT ANY MORE OF OUR MONEY!" card that we can serve on these war criminals?

Something like an "ARREST WARRANT", maybe? . . . ;-)

"There's no stoppin' the cretins from hoppin'
You gotta keep it beatin'
For all the hoppin' cretins
Cretin! Cretin!
Cretins wanna hop some more
All good cretins go to heaven"
- "Cretin Hop" by The Ramones


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