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British memos raise questions

South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editorial Board

June 24, 2005

ISSUE: British memos raise questions about the Bush administration's prewar planning and motives.

As the public buzz grows louder over leaked British memoranda on the planning that led to the war in Iraq, one thing must be clearly emphasized: there is no "smoking gun" among the memos. But there is plenty to warrant suspicion, and to prompt Americans and their representatives in Congress to demand answers from the Bush administration.

Why, for instance, did Condoleezza Rice, then U.S. national security adviser, show no interest in discussing Osama bin Laden or al-Qaida when she met with British Prime Minister Tony Blair's chief foreign policy adviser a mere six months after 9-11? The adviser says all Rice wanted to talk about was "regime change" in Iraq.

Why, furthermore, did another official in the British Foreign Office write that the United States was "scrambling to establish a link between Iraq and al-Qaida," that the link was "unconvincing" and that "it sounds like a grudge between Bush and Saddam"?

And why did war planning go forward even after the British foreign secretary was told that "even the best survey of Iraq's WMD programs will not show much advance in recent years"?

There's little doubt that before the war, Saddam Hussein harbored serious malice toward the United States, whether or not he intended to act on it. But it's significant that people in the British government, America's chief ally on Iraq, were raising the same doubts about Bush administration planning and motives that critics of the war were expressing.

While the memos are perhaps more an indictment of the British for joining the war despite their misgivings, they offer enough evidence of an unjustified rush to war that Congress has a duty to investigate. It should start immediately.

BOTTOM LINE: The memos raise suspicions and should be investigated by Congress.


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Rice did not want to talk about al-Quaida because they could not make up enough lies and bogus threats to justify a war with something that does not exist. Rice did not want to talk about al Quaida because the al-Quaida story is a CIA Intelligence Operation.
Rice wanted to talk about Sadam and its alleged WMD to justify a war to create chaos in the Middle East and prepare a third world war opposing US/Israel against muslim countries and Russia.
Americans and the rest of the world are waiting for more brave people in high places to leak crucial documents proving this. Let's expose them NOW! Let's get them out NOW! Let's get the job done NOW!

All governments have secrets that they keep not for National Security reasons but for their own security interests. This revelation is an undeniable opportunity for the United States to show the world (and ourselves) that our glorified Constitution is more than just a romantic historical document, or show that Americans care for no more than being entertained prefer to allow our government to handle it's own affairs without having to be accountable to its citizens.

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